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12 Apr 2019 12:38:57
Let's look at the next manager from a different viewpoint.
What is more important to the vast majority of Celtic fans
For this Tim, it is 10iar, having lived through all the EBT cheating years getting to TEN would be so satisfying. To throw all the gloating back in their faces.
So next question is who to lead us the Holy Grail.
Lennon "Gets" 10iar, would a continental manager buy into how important this is for us Celtic fans.
Also to my mind just now, we are a Europa league team at best, to do ourselves justice in CL we would need SIGNIFICANT investment in team.
I am undecided on what Lennon can achieve, yes he will get SOME money, my best guess is most of the £9m we got from Rodgers leaving, £9m sounds a lot but is about as much as any team in Scotland would risk. With several players out of contract or loans ending, our wage bill will be reduced also so there is some leeway there also.
Again guessing 3/ 4 permanent signings and a couple of loans again, good enough for Scotland but NOT CL.
Over to all you guys now
Lennon and 10iar or
Continental manager going further in CL.

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12 Apr 2019 13:24:38
Good point Tim that Lenny "gets"10 in a row and if not him then someone who also does. What I like about Lenny is he will have the players running through brick walls for our cause. To be fair most of the present players would do that now anyway but the next manager needs new players who will buy into what needs to be achieved.
I think now is the time to go all out and splash the cash and if we don't get 10 then at least we gave it our best shot. Spending cash dosent guarantee success but the chances of blowing this great opportunity are slim with us already streets ahead and also spending money to make sure we stay there. If that happens then we should have a good team and success in europe might come as an automatic bonus.

12 Apr 2019 13:44:13
I don’t understand why it matters if a manager “gets 10IAR”. I want it as much as anyone but that wouldn’t make me a suitable candidate for the job. Surely bringing in the best coach we can afford should be the aim. Whether he buys into Celtic or not is irrelevant, if the are a good coach they will reach that objective.

I’m fed up of us chasing “Celtic men”. It’s been holding us back for years. We should be looking at the credentials of a coach not their nationality or favourite club. If it was not Neil Lennon, would anybody realistically be happy with a manager that Hibs were happy to get rid of?

Unfortunately it will more than likely be Lennon, the only times we’ve really pushed the boat out has been for an Irishman, which is when Desmond seems to be interested, but there aren’t any of those out there who excite me. Hope I’m proved wrong. Lennon will be a very underwhelming choice after Rodgers.

12 Apr 2019 15:51:54
I would have thought that becoming better in the Champions league woukd be the best way to get 10 in a row. If we make progress in Europe it should mean that we have a higher calibre of player which can only benefit our league form.
Andy makes a good point about getting the best coach available no matter where they come from.
Lennon has kept us ticking over but I honestly don't believe he is the best coach we could get.
I think we should be ambitious and try to improve, too often it looks to me that we are happy with being the best of a bad bunch. To me that is complacent and complacency is the real threat to us doing 10 in a row.

12 Apr 2019 16:33:31
He who ever gets the manager's job should be able to get us 10iar still don't think NL is the one to take us forward as much as I like him the performance isn't any where as good as it should be under his reign this term and that is what we should look at not his performance last time he was here. Heart can't rule our heads in this He can't even have an excuse about not knowing the players we have.

12 Apr 2019 16:57:18
I am glad the decision on who should be the new manager is not mine to make and I will support whoever it is. I agree with Timalloy in the sense that the 10iar is a more realistic and achievable trget as I cannot see us winning the Champions League although I love European footbal and want us to improve on the last 32 of the EL. It seems to me that many of the big name managers around have a very short lifespan at any given club before moving on as they either run out of ideas or don't get sufficient funds to buy the players they want.

12 Apr 2019 16:57:29
I think a lot of you seriously underestimate Neil Lennon. He won 3 titles for us and a Scottish Cup, or was it 2 cups? He also got us to the last 16 of the CL, twice. Despite my disappointment at Rogers behaviour, he was an outstanding manager and it’s unlikely we’ll see that calibre of manager again for a long time. We should be more than happy to have someone of NL’s ability and commitment in charge and let’s remember, he’ll stick by us through tho and thin.

12 Apr 2019 18:30:52
COYBIG If we had another intrim manager in place just now not NL until the end of the season would you still think this guy should be offered the job for next year? given the performance so far that he has since taken over form BR And doesn't have an excuse about not knowing the players we have. Not saying your wrong about him just IMO he would be wrong for us going forward.

{Ed007's Note - That's a great point, Tony. Would people want Lennon as manager if he was still at Hibs? I mean what's he learnt from managing Bolton and Hibs that will make him do things differently this time, has he improved as a manager since he left?
I don't think he has and it'll be the same turgid football we were all moaning about in 2014 if he is appointed.}

12 Apr 2019 18:37:00
COYBIG I’m basing that on his time here previously and everywhere else he has been. Also Lennon qualified for the CL twice I believe and the second time we only had 1 win, certainly didn’t reach the last 16 twice.

He was never really qualified for the job, and would we even be considering him now if he hadn’t played for us? As much as I appreciate him seeing us through the season he is an average coach, who is only being considered as he is a Celtic man. Would you not rather have a quality manager in charge who may leave in a couple of years than an average one who would stay for the next 25?

We have the finances to bring in another Rodgers. From what AVB’s agent came out and said today it sounds like something he’d consider. Whether we’ll ask the question, I doubt it. The board will continue underwhelming appointments as long as fans are happy with “Celtic men” in charge.

12 Apr 2019 18:45:32
In the log run, someone who can get us further in Europe benefits the club and supporters more than 10iar. More money coming in to the club and a higher calibre of player for us fans to enjoy watching.

12 Apr 2019 18:53:35
What's he done since

12 Apr 2019 19:16:40
What had Rodgers done hee haw . still waiting on someone coming up with a viable name for the job btw.

12 Apr 2019 19:53:07
I don't see where the Lenny bashing is coming from.
Bolton had no money and no manager would have done any better.
He maintained stability in hibs and once again done a good job.
I have maintained that Celtic will get better as the season unfolds.
Our best players are getting fitter and I think we will go from strength to strength.
At times this season we have struggled without our key players KT, Rogic Christie, Edouard and McGregor.
Now they are back I expect to get the 3treble easily.
The one thing Lenny has over Brendan is we always look as if we are going to score and win, no matter how long it takes. At times under Brendan we could have played all night and not scored because he would never go route one.
Even on Saturday when the board went up, I still believed we would have scored in those 3 minutes, the players have proved they are with Lenny until the last kick.

{Ed007's Note - Have you ever thought about writing they wee verses you get inside cards? 🤢🤢

12 Apr 2019 21:15:38

{Ed007's Note - 😋😉

12 Apr 2019 21:15:40
It's not Lenny bashing but for me that's his limit Hibs and Bolton no disrespect to them and as far as Bolton was concerned he knew what he was getting into before hand. Tactically for me he isn't Celtic class NOW just look at the games he has taken this time around we have just squeezed wins last gasp where most of the time we should be hammering them But this is a rumour page and good that we all have our own opinion.

12 Apr 2019 22:07:56
Lennon isn't my choice of manager but people always judge a manager on what they achieve and never seem to look at their circumstances.

Lennon came in after mowbray and zombies had won titles since strachans last year. After mowbray he had an entire squad to replace and had very little money to do so.

Ok they went bust but we were still ahead that season before a deduction. He managed on a budget to turn mowbray side into a CL group side again.

2. Bolton - hardly worth mentioning as their finances were so bad he had to ask likes of Heskey to play.

3. Hibs - in the lower division. Gets them up and mid table. On their day playing nice football. Not as if he walked into a golden Hibs side.

4. Comes into Celtic interim the first ever time a manager has left us the way he did. Players playing a system very different to his and without a transfer window to change it.

Yet he's got us key results and secured the league, which could have went the other way had we messed those games up.

I'm not saying he's my choice for manager but just that some of the abuse he's got from his time now and his time before is nothing but revisionist nonsense tbh.

He achieved more in Europe with Celtic than Brendan Rodgers ever did between both his Celtic and Liverpool jobs

Yet Rodgers got his haw maws licked at every turn, even excuses made for him when we get humiliated 7-0 etc.

12 Apr 2019 22:33:54
Tony, Lenny won at St. Mirren, Hearts and Hibs,3 grounds Brendan didn't win at this season, never mind hammer them. In fact Brendan has never won at Hibs against Lenny. Fair enough his team couldn't get past a defensive Livingston team but then again neither did Brendans team.

12 Apr 2019 23:21:33
Those who prefer better than Lennon should be careful for what they wish for .
It's easy to thing there are many Managers who would have a better reputation than Lennon . Board could sign him and he could bring in many talented players . Everything would appear great and we wouldn't be able to wait until start of season . Then it all could go wrong and our marvellous manager and great players could flounder in the rough and tumble SPL.

Many fans could panic and suddenly early season nerves and adjusting to SPL football could become more permanent due to rumbles of abuse from fans and lose their confidence . Does the board stick with their " big name " manager and expensive squad, or do they panic and get rid of manager before number 9 goes awry. Stick& lose it, change and also lose .
Couldn't happen remember Rangers 1872 and Paul le Guen?

13 Apr 2019 00:04:18
On the original choices offered.
To do better in Europe I am assuming you mean the Champions League.
To do that, we have to win the league which means 10 in a row.
So Continental or otherwise, they have to deliver the 10 iar.

13 Apr 2019 00:35:33
Tony, if he was still at Hibs I probably wouldn’t want him but only because I don’t like the idea of poaching managers from other clubs, especially Scottish ones. I actually thought for a while Hibs under NL were a fantastic side, probably second best in the country on their day.

Andy, I stand corrected, he only made the last 16 once, although neither Rogers or MON managed that and they both had far bigger budgets. He also got us our first victory away from home in the group stages. I believe the team isn’t currently firing on all cylinders because Neil is reluctant to change the style of play so late in the season when we have so much to play for.

I think if he’s the manager next year he’ll change it totally and that’s maybe what he should be judged on. The big problem with the high profile managers is that they’re only around for a couple of years and then they move on. Every time that happens, you have to clear out the players and bring new ones in and you rarely show a profit in these situations. I’d prefer stability where we develop the squad and make a profit in the transfer market at the same time.

13 Apr 2019 01:33:23
Tesla I agree that in a very unusual situation where a manager has been brought in as interm manager for a team that is looking a certainty to win league, it can be difficult. But any manager going into such a position will have done his homework and for Lennon not to see that Edouard is a one position player (a striker and not a 10) raises alarm bells.

Ollie Burke is not a striker, he is extremely overrated. Weah offers a lot more and is A game changer yet seems to feature less.

13 Apr 2019 11:12:21
Phil. Lennon has to play players the way Rodgers has been playing them.

It's far too late in the season to be making changes.

If Lennon comes in I'd expect a tougher midfield in central areas. That's what we are desperate for.

I've had enough watching our tippy tappy team get bullied when our plan A doesn't work.

Lesley, Wanyama, Brown was the last time we had that in the midfield and it was perfect to let the creative guys play up top.

That's why Rodgers sides get gubbed. Even at Leicester he's played 2 decent sides in Watford and Newcastle and Newcastle have an average squad but an experienced manager.

Lost both.

13 Apr 2019 14:38:39
10 in a row. Europes a bonus.

13 Apr 2019 14:40:52
Didn’t wim Jansen appreciate stopping the 10IAR in the 90’s we’re all glad (and relieved) when he did, but it would have been magical if tommy burns achieved it.

Lennon loves Celtic and although i would like to see us being more ambitious (and having CL progress and 10IAR) I will not be disappointed to have Lenny deliver the 10IAR and worry about Europe later.

Although the money is great, club recognition and attraction for players, 10IAR is my personal holy grail. Growing up in the 90’s in the north east of Scotland all the football fans support rangers (glory hunters) or the sheep (living in hope of a fergie return) , Celtic were considered so inconsequential that I couldn’t even get involved in a playground scuffle for supporting the tic.

I remember the arrogance of the oldco and can’t wait for the history books to return us to the top of the ‘in a row’ bragging rights.

You may think that’s a bit desperate but that’s my belief.

Just imagine Lenny doing the press after 10IAR
Here we go.

13 Apr 2019 14:43:39
I don't understand this obsession with 10iar, without any progress in Europe,10 iar, just underlines how poor the opposition in Scotland is, if Celtic don't become a team to be feared in Europe, a team, other teams want to avoid in the draw,10 iar is meaningless, winning a treble treble has much more meaning, it shows a consistently, a concentration of purpose, an unbelievable intent, which is amazing, even playing weaker teams is hard to win knock out competitions, I say give Lenny the job, let him bring back the thunder.

13 Apr 2019 15:46:56
Kill two birds with one stone. Aim for Europe and we will walk Scotland anyway.



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