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04 Apr 2019 22:05:55
See the Feyenoord fans banned for pyro fired a flare into the ground ๐Ÿ˜‚.

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04 Apr 2019 22:24:44
My 8 year old daughter, who loves going to Sat afternoon games, told me after the Saltzburg game that she doesnโ€™t want to go back to any European games because she didnโ€™t like the noise. She was referring to the light display before the game. If she was in the stadium close to a firework going off, itโ€™s quite possible sheโ€™d be scared to ever go back to a game. Itโ€™s completely unfair to subject other supporters or players, coaches etc. to the experience of a firework going off unexpectedly. Iโ€™m not mad on the fireworks used in the official club celebrations either but at least theyโ€™re controlled and supporters have the choice to leave if they want to avoid them.

04 Apr 2019 22:44:13
People possibly under the influence of alcohol in a crowded area with children letting off fire works is just beyond stupid. Absolutely no need for it. Is it going to take someone getting seriously hurt before its stops?

04 Apr 2019 23:18:07
Get a grip fireworks ๐Ÿ™ˆ coybig scared of bangs and noise? Did you take her to the huns game? Rather subject my kids to bangs and noise than bile. I love this site but today shows a huge gap between our own fans I love my club I travel 100s of miles each week to show my support I love pyro in the section I love seeing the green smoke cover us all the when it goes off I love jumping up and down like like Iโ€™m 12 again agree or disagree Iโ€™m not in a minority and I never want to shame the club I love but I ever will change the way I support it.

05 Apr 2019 01:12:31
Your kid scared of the dark too? Maybe we should ban 19:45 kick offs.

Remove the lightshow, maybe there is an epileptic fan.

Ban chants and songs as it may create too much noise for some

Ban goals because a sudden cheer may cause unexpected heart attacks.

Rebuild the stadium with lifts because stairs are dangerous, oh wait are lifts too?

Ban players shooting as the ball may hit a Spectator!

Ban shooting, studs and heading the ball as all 3 are more dangerous to players than a loud bang or smoke bomb.

05 Apr 2019 07:58:55
Celtic is a club open to all so we as supporters should be open to all too. I know if my little girl was at the game with me and was next to that flash bang and it scared her. The next flash bang would have been in the guy that threw it balls. I want my kids to goto the game and enjoy the game and atmosphere not be worried about if some arsehole is going to throw a flash bang. These guys are morons and deserve everything hey get. I hope celtic seek out this moron and ban him perm.

05 Apr 2019 08:10:02
@Tesla you are BANG out of order (pun intended) we are talking about an 8 year old girl scared of fireworks, my girls are a lot older and hate them as well.
Welshbhoy sorry I cannot disagree with you more in a packed stadium, with people crowded together, it is a disaster waiting to happen. Me? I would BAN all pyrotechnics from grounds and JAIL anybody bringing them in.

05 Apr 2019 08:31:06
Tesla369, imo that reply was beyond silly.
The man has raised a genuine concern and all you can do is mock.

05 Apr 2019 09:43:22
Ma wee dug is feart if fireworks do you think the government will ban guy Fawkes oh wait ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.

05 Apr 2019 10:05:51
guys go to any accident emergency unit on bonfire night and see the poor people who have been blinded or burnt. i love the atmosphere we create but we can do it with out risking the club being banned not by the corrupt SFA but its governing body. we can't be having our stadium partially closed or even worse playing behind closed doors. so come on guys stop the UNNECESSARY pyrotechnics and find other ways of celebrating goals.

{Ed007's Note - And who's going to close our stadium or even part of it?}

05 Apr 2019 11:13:58
ed you are an intelligent person, do you think this behavior is going to be allowed to continue? i dont, and sooner or later the club will be punished for it. the green smoke bombs are not a problem but when things explode on the field of play like on Wednesday night then we do have a problem. and i for one can't condone it.

{Ed007's Note - Throwing things onto the pitch, pyro, coins or bottles is a totally different argument to having flares and smoke bombs in the stands. Why should the Club be punished for ONE idiot in the support, surely it's the police's job to deal with isolated incidents like that?
There's already laws in place to cover any and all misbehaviour at football so there's no need for nonsense like the OBFA as we have seen, Strict Liability or even the bastardised version of it that the SNP are trying to push through which is just a rehashed OBFA and is just as stupid.
There are laws in place to cover being drunk and disorderly at football matches so why do we need a new law that will see clubs punished for a single fan being arrested, even outside the ground?}

05 Apr 2019 11:29:41
Man talks about his kid being scared and you have a go? Shameful.

{Ed007's Note - It's really nothing to do with the debate though is it? It was Celtic's light show that scared COYBIG's daughter and that has nothing at all to do with the fans. The crowd singing YNWA before a Euro game is probably louder and a more sustained noise than a firecracker like at St Mirren.
It's like me saying my wee 6-year old nephew doesn't like the swarming crowds when leaving Celtic Park but if anyone set of a loud firecracker next to him he'd probably sh!t himself, is that relevant?}

05 Apr 2019 11:31:07
This argument all boils down to modern day. The snowflake generation is in full flow. Makes me laugh when I think back to when I was 8 and my dad used to take a couple of beer crates into the ground for me to stand on so I could see. Remember dodging Beer cans and bottles full of pish that were regularly thrown, , then there was the crushing walking out the ground, I was the same height as everyone's arses, no fun your face being pressed up against a blokes arse that's just consumed 8 cans and a half bottle ๐Ÿ˜ญ. But we survived and we went back the next week. A couple of bangers would of been the least of my worries back then ๐Ÿ˜.

05 Apr 2019 11:32:39
Am no a panty wetter but that thing the other night would have woken the dead and al say it again what if some old bhoy took a heart attack way the shock . they're a waste of time.

05 Apr 2019 12:11:31
Ed it could ed up affecting safety certificates.

{Ed007's Note - You could have been born a girl.}

05 Apr 2019 12:33:18
Honestly? It's no wonder the new generations are all stuck up wee rats.

Are you being serious about changing things at an event because of an 8 year old being scared of noise?

How overprotected are kids nowadays. Literally scared to take them outside in case their is noise hahaha

Keep them away from roads in case someone beeps a horn lol

The soft generation.

05 Apr 2019 12:36:59
What's to say the load bang could be interpreted by fans in a public confined space thinking it's a gun shot. There would be mass panic, fans could get crushed. Why is it worth the risk to fans safety. Everything has its risk but it's about lessening the risk. We've all seen video of drunk idiots with fire works, add in a 60000 crowd to that equation.

{Ed007's Note - A gunshot! Mass Panic! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


And you shouldn't be at the football if you're drunk, that's breaking the law, the SFA's and the Club's own regulations. Alcohol kills more people in Scotland than flares and smokebombs and is far more likely to cause problems at football than a flare.}

05 Apr 2019 14:24:54
Consider yourself lucky your daughter wasn't born into an illegal war like the Syrian kids or the kids in Palestine. Ah someone had to bring politics into it, this is getting mighty boring. All the moaning and batching on here will change nothing.

05 Apr 2019 15:16:33
Well Ed, I have sat there with the smoke wafting over and I do not believe it is correct. You did comment that the club is not responsible but you know that security in and around the ground comes under the Club's responsibilities.
I agree this is not a football problem it is a social/ police issue but as it stands, it's easier to hold the club responsible than deal with the real issue (cop-out pardon the pun)

05 Apr 2019 16:45:07
They should give a section for pyromaniacs only. Easy job done!

05 Apr 2019 16:56:04
When you're pissed or smoking a joint or whatever, you are doing it to yourself, when you are letting of smoke bombs or flares and forcing other people to breathe in the fumes that is the difference, what if research comes out saying that the fumes contain micro particles that are a health hazard, would that make a difference to the pyro junkies or would they carry on regardless? .

{Ed007's Note - Smoking is banned inside the stadium and you should Google passive smoking - without any ifs and buts about research second-hand smoke contains more than 7000 chemicals, with around 70 of them KNOWN to cause cancer and further research would probably find more.Diseases related to smoking and alcohol abuse are a lot higher than people that have been injured by any flare or smoke bomb.
I wonder if anyone's went home sober and battered their wife because somebody let a flare off at the football?}

05 Apr 2019 19:47:42
Smoking is banned, so you don't have to passive smoke the tobacco fumes and the contained carcinogens, but you can fill your lungs with flare fumes and whatever chemicals that smoke contains, if your unlucky enough to be standing near enough.

{Ed007's Note - People still smoke in the stadium.... and the daft thing is they need to do it in enclosed spaces like the toilets instead of in the fresh air where the smoke will be more diluted.}



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