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04 Apr 2019 12:08:54
I know this will not go down well with a sizable minority on here but it is time to weed out these clowns who bring smokebombs and other pyrotechnics to the game. Grounds like St Mirrens which is small and very close to the pitch is NO PLACE to throw these things, everyone is packed together with no room to get away.
Sadly, the Green Brigade seem to be a law unto themselves and refuse to acknowlege the potential danger they cause by their use of these devices ( I realise last night may not have been the actions of any GB member) but their general attitude is poor.
I want EVERYONE searched going into a match either by police, stewards, sniffer dogs etc and anyone found carrying them charged and hopefully jailed and banned from all grounds.
These pyrotechnics hurt everyone and damage our great fans reputation also.

{Ed007's Note - I want everyone entering the stadium breathalysed and if they are over the legal limit for driving then they shouldn't be allowed to enter the stadium.}

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04 Apr 2019 12:39:13
Love the way people on here blame the green brigade for everything they don’t like yet look to them when they’re not happy with the club.
I know you acknowledge it may not be a member but your quick to bring them into it. (Waiting for broony to get the blame 👀)
You do know the green brigade aren’t the only group in attendance at matches?
Don’t get me wrong I’m not condoning throwing on to the pitch but some of the reactions is a bit ott.

04 Apr 2019 12:39:44
Meant to add can’t do that ed I’ll never get in again 😂.

04 Apr 2019 12:47:43
Ed what is the exact law on that because Celtic serve alcohol in the ground before games.
As far as I can see you can't drink alcohol with in view of the pitch or bring any in?

{Ed007's Note - The old one rule for them and one rule for the plebs mate. They seem to think that the richer you are the more capable you are of handling your drink.}

04 Apr 2019 13:05:18
I remember going to the Ron Yeats testimonial at Anfield in the 70's and there were two police lines to pass through, where items were confiscated and every fan was searched and it was very degrading as the polis were obviously fired-up for our arrival.
I even had my asthma inhaler taken off me an thrown in a large bin.
I would hope we never see this sort of practice carried out on every man, woman and child entering a ground; however, these incidents are on the increase and it reflects badly on us and the club. So as I keep repeating - what are the army of stewards/ police watching when these things happen and was there not talk of cctv of sorts focussed on fans?

04 Apr 2019 13:15:40
Though I think the GB have their problematic element in them, they seem to get tarred because there is people who are not members that gravitate to them and cause things like last night.
The GB though use flares and that stuff usually do it under an organised display. ( Though I still don't agree with it)

04 Apr 2019 14:40:57
Put up portable horizontal nets or some other kind of barrier, as the have in the Bundasliga. If some moron wants to throw a flare or other pyrotechnic then it won't land on the park but amongst their own supporters. It wouldn't take long for decent supporters to weed out these rancid **** bags. Would also stop them jumping onto the field of play to celebrate.

{Ed007's Note - Have you seen the pyro in the Bundesliga?

04 Apr 2019 14:49:21
Kev have you been into the kerrydale for a pint before a game it's extortionate £4.20 a pint no chance of pooor people like me getting too drunk in there 😂😂.

04 Apr 2019 15:25:38
“In 2018, football supporters in Scotland secured a historic victory as the reprehensible Offensive Behaviour at Football Act was finally repealed, following a hard-fought campaign which had lasted over seven years. This represented a significant blow to the establishment, as the Scottish Government, the Police Service of Scotland and our entire judicial system struggled to accept that they had been so comprehensively beaten by a section of society whom they had spent years demonising and criminalising; ordinary football fans.

They were not however likely to accept this result meekly and have since sought to build support for yet another assault on the rights of football supporters. Over the last few months, these figures have cynically sought to feed a sense of moral panic around football, casting fans as villains for their own gain. The mainstream media have fuelled this fire with sensationalist headlines, disproportionate coverage and click-bait journalism. With this in mind, it is imperative that the victory against the OBFA does not become hollow and it is clear that all fans share the responsibility to counter any attempts to replace it - which includes being responsible for your own actions and behaviour.

Whilst there must be a sense of perspective regarding the recent media furore, fans must also realise the potential damage that they are inflicting on themselves and other fans by feeding this frenzy. As an ultras group we support the safe, sensible use of pyrotechnics, however the launching of pyrotechnics on to the park or in the direction of people is both unnecessary and counterproductive to any aspirations of normalising its use.

Similarly, small-scale pitch invasions - whilst largely harmless - are simply giving our detractors further ammunition at this time. We take particular exception to anyone who uses our name, banner or numbers as cover to indulge in behaviour which will ultimately cause our group and the Celtic support harm. We have made various attempts to engage with fans around us and will continue to do so in order to make them aware of the potential ramifications of their behaviour. We have also engaged with the club in attempts to counter other contributory factors such as mass migration to, and overcrowding of, our area at Celtic Park.

It should be noted that there is a direct correlation between the treatment of football fans and the conduct of football fans. The OBFA caused a severe breakdown in trust between fans and police and it is frustrating that it appears as though lessons have not been learned by those in positions of authority. So long as football fans are being continually harassed, intimidated and criminalised by the police, and demonised by the media, genuine fan engagement is made impossible and trust will remain non-existent. In order for there to be a de-escalation, fans must be treated like human beings.

From our own perspective, the ultras scene is overwhelmingly positive and should be encouraged, not eradicated. Scottish football is not blessed in many areas but where it does thrive is with the number of fans who continually attend games, keeping clubs afloat and doing so despite ridiculous pricing, ill treatment and often a poor product on the park. At most clubs in Scotland you have active fan groups committed to injecting much needed life into the stands: it is of no surprise that the majority of young fans attending matches are doing so with this priority. It is unhealthy for these fans to be marginalised and instead a sensible, mature approach is required.


Good statement imo.

04 Apr 2019 18:16:39
Was waiting on somebody casting up about green brigade.

Seems to be a culture with a few on this, they have to seek guidance from the bible of green brigade policies and procedures.

Was not so long ago they were being highlighted for their behaviour at games, so I for one take everything they say and do with a pinch of salt.

04 Apr 2019 22:31:27
Anyone with the attitude of £4.20'a pint too exorbitant is very unlikely ever to throw anything on the pitch. If he did he would probably try to get on to pitch to retrieve.



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