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03 Apr 2019 23:14:59
The person / persons that use the pyrotechnics should be grassed on AND arrested IMO they do nothing but give us all a bad name they do nothing for the club the supporters or the team. Some one at some time will get hurt We don't need this.

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03 Apr 2019 23:54:22
Couldn’t agree more Tony. This season has been a nightmare for things being thrown onto the pitch and every time it happens, there are Celtic fans who know who is responsible. In my opinion they should either 1. Grass them up to the club or police or 2. Wait till they’re out of sight of the police and give them a good hiding.

04 Apr 2019 01:45:02
Create a safe proper way to use pyro instead of alienating it which leads to pyro only being used by those sneaking it in.

Although tonight's reaction is way over the top.

Old firm game last year they were getting thrown everywhere on route to the stadium.

One landed at my foot which I never noticed and bang! - I jumped like that keeper and my ears ringing a little.

Was like a grenade going off, however I was not injured, not in pain or any danger.

Throwing a coin is more harmful it's just that a loud bang seems more dramatic.

Idiot throwing it on the park is stupid as it serves no purpose.

I'm all for a bit of smoke and colour in the stands though in designated areas or whatever.

Need to make a middle ground with this just like they did with the standing situation.

04 Apr 2019 06:38:38
Maybe the club could provide a safe pyrotechnic area outside the ground, where the morons could let off their flares and bangers to their hearts content, maybe the club could even supply sparklers for them, so they could run up and down, as the Queens "Having a good time", played non stop in the background.

04 Apr 2019 06:41:46
Na I’m sorry Tesla, for me there’s absolutely no place for pyros in the game. Fair enough no one was injured but the noise off that last night no wonder the keeper sh#t himself as did ajer and Christie but is it going to take an injury to a player before fans rethink on using them? If an opposition fan launches a pyro on the park and it affected or damaged our player everyone would be up in arms about it. Just let our players go about their business gathering 3 points. You had Kearney last night saying if their keep had been injured he’d have taken his team off the park due to having used all his substitutions, if that had happened what do you think the consequences for the club would have been?

04 Apr 2019 07:24:57
Yes great fun when you are watching the football and someone let's of a smoke flare. The pleasure in breathing that lot in and even better if the person next to you is asthmatic
The kids being frightened like it's Halloween.
. what a laugh we can all have!

It's a football ground NOT a military assault course for goodness sake!

04 Apr 2019 08:55:40
There must have been some bang off it wee Ryan nearly jumped out his skin and he was 30 yards away. smoke flares in the stands looks ok but av no time for that one last night.

04 Apr 2019 09:59:54
Tbh sounds like most people haven't ever stood next to one.

As I said I have and absolutely nobody is going to get injured by a loud bang. Nor a smoke bomb.

The only dangerous one is a flare.

Anyone moaning about smoke bombs is just being petty.

Tbh celtic fans just moan like Fk. The reaction to a big loud noise, oh so dangerous.

Then same people moaning will be letting off louder fireworks in November next to their kids.

Or letting their kids wear heard louder bangs on their PS4 headset.

04 Apr 2019 11:00:40
Tesla a get you but what's the point what if some old buddy took a heart attack through fright it's possible. instead of grabbing the pyros as you leave the house for the game just grab your hat and scarf you know like the old days.

04 Apr 2019 11:45:44
Tesla they smoke bombs can set off asthma attacks and can affect anyone with breathing difficulties.

There is only one thing that really matters here though.
It is ILLEGAL to bring them in to a Scottish football ground.
It is also against the rules of Scottish football

Will you still think they are ok when they start docking points for it and it costs us the league?

{Ed007's Note - That's it - BINGO! BINGO! Kev takes its with a full house for the AsthmaticCSC. Here's your PRIZE.
It's also illegal to enter a stadium under the influence of alcohol - alcohol kills over 3,700 people in Scotland alone every year - so a blanket ban on anyone drinking before entering the stadium would be more helpful. Me personally, I don't want to go to a game and sit next to someone half cut and stinking of booze
It's also against the rules of Scottish football and the Club itself prints it on ALL tickets that tickets are non transferable and anyone passing on or reselling tickets will be prohibited from receiving tickets from Celtic.
So that's it then, if you see anyone drunk get them reported, if anyone's borrowed a mate's ticket, get them reported, smoking in the toilets (asthma again), guys smoking a joint or a couple of lines should be reported too the nearest police officer.
Is it still OK to swear, Kev or should people be worried some snide snowflake reports them because there's kids around?
So who exactly is going to dock us points and cost us the league and under what rule or regulation will they be able to do that?}

04 Apr 2019 12:27:20
As just being just diagnosed with asthma and having family die with several different breathing related illness, it's always a the front of my mind ed.

Ed what happened if your caught with a bottle of bucky in the ground?

People justifying that it never hit the keeper like that's Ok, well neither the griff or Sinclair got hit with the bottle thrown at them but we were up in arms.

If anyone thinks it's ok to do this while the club and our manager are PLEADING with them to stop as it's harming the club then I really shake my head.

{Ed007's Note - I myself have OPCD as has my mum who has twice beaten cancer, I don't think smoke on the TV can affect either of us or you & your family, Kev.
If you get caught with a bottle of Bucky you'll be ejected and probably arrested.

Please note it is an offence punishable by law for any person to enter or attempt to enter the Stadium:
Whilst in possession of a prohibited container which is capable of containing liquid and which if thrown would be capable of causing injury to another person.
Whilst in possession of alcohol.
Whilst drunk.
Whilst in possession of any article or substance whose main purpose is the emission of a flare for purposes of illuminating or signalling or the emission of smoke or a visible gas.
Any article which is a firework.

Note the "Whilst drunk"..... the Club have put that as the same punishable offence as using pyro so why is nobody up in arms about the amount of people who turn up drunk? If you're playing the Club are pleading card etc then are you saying Welshy shouldn't be allowed a bottle of bleach before the game?
Rules are rules after all......

04 Apr 2019 12:49:41
Ed also the docking points thing we covered last night but didn't agree. Strict liability rules are coming if this rubbish doesn't stop IMO.

{Ed007's Note - Kev, there's nothing for us to agree or disagree on. The facts of the matter are that the clubs need to agree to bring in Strict Liability and that's never going to happen considering the last time it was voted down 41-1. Neither the police nor the government can force it onto clubs unless the clubs agree to it's implementation no matter how many MPs are championing it, the final decision is down to the member clubs.}

04 Apr 2019 12:50:50
If the club condemn the use of these pyros that should be that. These guys who continually do it run the risk of getting a ban. We can argue all day long about smoking, drinking pyros etc etc but at the end of the day Lennon last night himself says it must stop.

{Ed007's Note - Oh well then, if Neil Lennon himself has said it that's it, he's a cracker to be telling people how to behave isn't he?}

04 Apr 2019 13:11:32
Ed if you can't get into a ground with a drink in you how come the club can sell alcohol on the premises?

But if you mean absolutely blootered by drunk if agree don't let them in.

Also I did said people can be affected by the smoke bomb and I am pretty sure you knew that I meant people in the vicinity of them not people sat at home.

{Ed007's Note - No, I don't meant blootered, I mean drunk, happy, merry whatever you want to call it. The rules clearly state "whilst drunk" so how many people at St Mirren last night were technically drunk compared to one idiot with a firecracker?


So if you've had more than one drink in the previous hour you're under the influence of alcohol - so technically drunk and breaking the law, the rules of the SFA and the Club itself.}

04 Apr 2019 13:17:44
The government can force it on them ed. They've already came out and said it.

{Ed007's Note - Well they're lying. This is from February this year....


"The problem with strict liability, though, is that it cannot be imposed upon Scottish football. A vote would have to take place between all 42 SPFL clubs, and would require a majority to become enshrined in Scottish football law. But the last time clubs voted on the implementation of strict liability, the result was a landslide 41 to one against."

04 Apr 2019 13:24:30
But if they do the SFA could be hammered by fifa.

04 Apr 2019 21:59:43
Let's face facts nobody is going to be injured by a loud bang or a smoke bomb

Having designated areas for it solves all your exaggerated athsma problems also.

Only one that is more dangerous is a flare due to burning temperature.

The problem last night was the stupidity of throwing it on the park. It was stupid and pointless.

Danger to life? Absolutely not lol. Over exaggerations by the panic brigade.

{Ed007's Note -




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