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30 Mar 2019 11:53:02
So what's the prediction for tomorrow? Was the last game at the Bronx just a one off or has the gap narrowed? Are they capable of coming and taking something away from Celtic Park apart from the ceiling tiles in the toilets? I think they are deluded enough and believe they are better than they are and will come and have a go as apparently we don't like a team pressing us high. That should leave space at the back and suit us. A game then for Big OIllie Lugs for me he's got pace to burn plus the physicality for the game. PS: could do without that walloper BR wishing us well that just brought the trauma all back and upset me.

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30 Mar 2019 13:20:40
I think they are better than they were under agents Pedro and Murty but I’m hopeful we can do the business tomorrow. As for the walloper, he really doesn’t get it. He thinks we’re all going to think, ‘Oh that’s nice, Brendan’s wishing us well’. Well we don’t, Brendan and we never will! Just you concentrate on your Mickey Mouse pub team and your bank balance and stay well away from us.

30 Mar 2019 13:59:45
I personally haven't got a problem with Rodgers wishing us well. I am in no way sticking up for him or the way he left us but I'd far rather an ex employee saying something positive about us than listening to ex players who made their names with us then run us into the ground.
The media is filled with ex sevco players, in England as well as Scotland, who constantly talk up Sevco and criticize us, so if anybody wants to say anything positive about us then I don't care.

30 Mar 2019 14:13:39
If we lose kt and it's looking likely and if lustig doesn't make it then it'll be a makeshift lb and an untried rb so that's a worry the boy kent is quick and has a trick so tohjlan better be ready. but from Midfield up we are superior and that should win the game 🤞🤞.

30 Mar 2019 14:16:31
I still feel a bit 'raw' regarding BR; but I get what you're saying Gerry. SLY are full of ex-Celts who are a disgrace to the club that paid their wages and gave them success, medals and fame.
On the subject of Sevco, there's no doubt they are better than 'Muttley's' team of last year, but they are still full of rejects, journeymen and nobody's - and as long as we are near top form, we should have no trouble opening up a 13 point gap.

30 Mar 2019 14:23:40
I have a problem with the **** bag Rodgers wishing us good luck .
B R is a complete hyprocrite, from the hour he came, he told us he bled green and white since he was a child . Insets he couldn't wait to become a blue top.

30 Mar 2019 14:57:17
And leave for the mighty Leicester.

30 Mar 2019 15:04:36
I have not got a problem with Brendan, he done a brilliant job, I wish him well and we as a club move on.
Tomorrow will be a tough game because slippy has built a decent team.
Celtic will still win and I am expecting a good hard match.
Even with a makeshift team I still expect us to be too strong.
3-1 Celtic McGregor, Sinclair and Tim Weah.

30 Mar 2019 15:55:40
Chris and Mally. I don't know if Rodgers is a Celtic fan or not, but it is naive to think that players and managers won't chase the money. There are no end of players at lots of clubs who kiss the badge and pledge allegiance to their teams then move on at the first sniff of more money. you just have to take all of it with a pinch of salt.
The way Rodgers left us at a vital part of the season was why we all felt so betrayed, but if he had waited until the end of the season would we have have felt any less betrayed? .
Players and managers saying they are fans and have been all their lives is not the same as committing themselves to that club forever. I find it's better to assume everybody in football is just out for themselves, that way it doesn't come as such a big disappointment when it proves correct.

30 Mar 2019 16:54:31
I’m with COYBIG BR please don’t patronise us. You’re baw is well burst in Glasgow and your best wishes aren’t welcomed. He’s a walloper and always was a walloper that pledged false allegiance and fooled us. I personal was taken in and their is nothing worse and he will always be a remembered as a walloper. He’d been in England sine he was 16 and he longer than he was in the North of Ireland. As an Irish friend said that makes him more ‘West Brit’ than ‘East Antrim’. The fond memories expressed about him make me sick. A rodent with snake like qualities. Brendan you shat all over your legacy on the way out the door.

30 Mar 2019 17:52:09
Gerry, you’re entitled to your opinion just like the rest of us but I do have one question ‘What can Rogers buy now that he couldn’t afford when he was in his ‘dream job’? Unfortunately, Rogers is the only one that can answer that.

30 Mar 2019 18:22:56
Not any excuses for that game at ipox but for fact we had half our first team squad out injured and some that played that day had a sickness bug We still don't have nearly a full squad to choose from for this game but I am confident we have enough to get us a win IN THE LIONS DEN.

30 Mar 2019 19:28:56
JFP. that’s an absolute insult to the Bronx and the CSC bhoys in the whistlin donkey tomorrow. It’s a huge step up from that place!

30 Mar 2019 19:31:40
COYBIG. I am not saying he's gone to a bigger club, he hasn't. But I've no doubt he'll be on a higher salary there than he was here, that unfortunately is the motivation in football these days.
I am in no way sticking up for Rodgers, He's given up winning trophies and possibly Champions league football, not to mention 60.000 crowds in return for mid table mediocrity at a far smaller club than us.
My point is though that money is the motivating factor in football, look at the teams in England who put out weakened teams in cup ties, they give up the chance of silverware in the hope that they might finish ninth instead of eleventh and all because of money.
I read last week that Jimmy McGrory turned down a move to Arsenal and was rewarded by Celtic cutting his salary by a tenth. His reaction was along the lines of "putting on an Arsenal shirt wouldn't have been the same as pulling on the hoops".
I'd love it if players and managers had the same attitude today, but they haven't, and Brendan Rodgers isn't the first and won't be the last person to put personal gain ahead of devotion to a club.

30 Mar 2019 20:50:33
Gerryc I am sure there is one flaw in your argument . When a gentleman of his own free -. will signs a fixed term contract to do a job . He may be able to satisfy himself that some people feels he can go else where and sign a new contact but surely he can't remai a gentleman . There are probably a dozen of our better players who could earn better money, if they turned their back on us and went to England . However they are decent honest footballer's who pledged their future to us &? are prepared by and large to do so . Even if their manager who they should look up to doesn't process necessary honesty and decency.

30 Mar 2019 22:58:55
Gerry, I get what you’re saying and I don’t disagree with you. My point though is that there is no logical thinking that says ‘I will give up my ‘dream job’ and prostitute myself because I need more than £3M a year’.

31 Mar 2019 16:21:54
They have improved but if we perform to our capabilities we will pump them.

31 Mar 2019 16:29:13
Hard to disagree with anything on this thread as there are moments when I'm still raw and others when I think ok he's gone, good riddance and let's get on with winning the treble. When I think of his hypocricy though for me it is not so much Lifelong fan walking away as much as how he treated others. Being an irish catholic I was brought with the saying "do onto others what you would like them to do onto you" He blocked a move for Boyata (Im glad as he has been professional and served us this year) which means that now when he goes Celtic won't get a penny and also would love to know what went on with Dembele as something tells me he may have been promised a move and then BResxit tried to go back on his word etc. He was a good manager who brought us a lot of success and I wish him success wherever he is but I will never believe another word that comes out of his mouth (including his wishing us good luck)



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