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19 Mar 2019 21:31:30
Right before anyone says anything, I've no idea what this guy done and don't condone his behaviour but has anyone seen the guy in a tenement flat surrounded by armed polis, it's the best video I've seen in ages, he summons the sergeant over by shouting, you with the hat c'mere n talk tae me, a want a bag ae cans n a want brendan Rodgers back. 😂 😂 😂 😂.

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19 Mar 2019 21:36:48
Seen it did he get his cans 😂😂😂.

19 Mar 2019 21:44:43
Haha a don't know, hope so or it was all for nothin.

19 Mar 2019 23:32:58
Did Paul Gascoigne appear?

20 Mar 2019 01:18:35
Could the GB not do a special can collection for him at the zombies game?

20 Mar 2019 07:17:20
Phil that was the first thing that came to ma mind.

20 Mar 2019 07:21:29
He wants to work the man he said he’s worked since he was 16 so credit to the guy wanting a job.

20 Mar 2019 08:42:56
God love him it sounds like lifes all just got too much for the guy and BRexit just pushed him over the edge.

20 Mar 2019 09:20:59
LMAO JFP1888 liked that one lol.

20 Mar 2019 13:26:47
The guy had been left with two kids and trying to work two jobs in between their school. he had also that day been at his best pals funeral. the guy just crumbled. do you now understand his behaviour?

20 Mar 2019 13:39:53
I'd like to see that!

20 Mar 2019 15:38:20
Bigp I wasn't aware of his situation, that's tragic. Hope the courts take it into account. U can't say his demands weren't funny tho.

20 Mar 2019 18:24:40
Steph I just saw today my pals son state the facts of why he was the way he was on fb. Guy just cracked too much going on in his life? You never know how stress affects you? I split with my mrs last September have seen my daughter for 30 mins in 7 weeks even though I want to see her. My ex is saying if I don’t agree to a Wednesday and Sunday every week I don’t get her. I work as a manager in retail I can’t get that and she knows that? I can sympathise how stress affects you!

20 Mar 2019 18:59:58
Big P that video got less funny and was sadder the more I watched it today but nobody was laughing at him. I’m old and ugly enough to know that life can just get too much at times. The guys comments about the cans and wanting Rodgers back were flippantl and the last thing on his mind. What he really wanted was a job to be able to look after his weans. God love him as I said. You and him will both be in my prayers. God Bless my friend nobody meant any offence I’m sure. In fact it would be great if we could find a way of helping the guy out. 👍☘️.

20 Mar 2019 19:08:12
I get it completely bigp. I went through marriage break up 4 years ago and I lost a ton of weight in the space of a few months through stress. What is most frustrating for most people in desperate situations like this is that no matter how hard they try to make things better, they’re continually facing ridiculous hurdles that, in a fair world, just shouldn’t be there. I hope you get things sorted out with your daughter because that must be really hard to deal with. Don’t give up cos you will sort it out in the end. I hope the courts give the guy a bit of leaway as well cos it sounds like he needs it.

20 Mar 2019 19:21:53
Mate get yourself some legal advice, women don't hold all the cards anymore. I don't know your financial situation but if a lawyer is out the question then at least try citizens advice. She shouldn't be able to dictate your days, she must be a peice of work to use your kids as pawns. I'd end up in the hospital or jail, hopefully your coping awrite with it bud.

20 Mar 2019 20:01:44
Get yourself a lawyer and go for parental rights. Saves you dragging kids through court and puts you on equal footing. I did it with my son years ago as I couldn't even take him on holiday without her ok. Wasnt willing to be at her beck and call using our son to control me. Best thing I ever did. Good luck.



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