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22 Feb 2019 13:52:59
The sfa come out and condemn coin throwing good on them
The sfa come out and condemn sectarian singing good on them but where the he'll have they been for the last 100 odd years with the oldcos policy of not signing Catholics and although some of our away support can be questionable at home there's virtually no sectarian singing at all, on the other hand sevco home and away are a poison that should have been delt with years ago.

{Ed007's Note - Let's be clear here, singing songs about Irish Republicanism is NOT sectarian. So apart from the "Cheer up...." to the Monkees tune and the odd added on line to songs there is very little sectarianism if any in anything our support sing. I have said it before, Celtic fans sing about things they love whereas the Klan sing about things they hate, they actually sing more songs about the IRA than we do!}

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22 Feb 2019 14:30:32
Spot on ed am fed up our home support getting dragged down with the klan. quick example a guy at my work a few years ago was looking to take his kid to games he wasn't a football man but asked me about parkhead but he said he'd try ibrokes as well about a month later after hed been at both grounds he came up and said it'd be parkhead as the atmosphere and the general feeling compared to ibrokes his words was night and day and he felt more comfortable and so did his boy . says it all for me.

{Ed007's Note - You'll find that most people that say one side is as bad as the other are either a moron or have never lived here. It wouldn't take much to get rid of the Cheer up and the add ons so why don't the support try it and then see what happens when others want to play whataboutery?}

22 Feb 2019 15:30:24
Spot on Ed. Breath of fresh air here. I don't care one bit about what outsiders think of us.

However so many of our own support have bought into the idea they songs are sectarian when they are not.

That's what disappoints me. Our own target and criticise their own support and wrongly so. simply to appease the idiotic opinions of the uneducated on the other side.

22 Feb 2019 15:59:15
1 man's freedom fighter is another mans terrorist. As you said Ed that lot sing more about the IRA The Pope and than any rangers song. They think even folk songs are sectarian. We don't sing about being up to our knees in protestant blood. SG is puzzled that Clarke was offered the job. Its not that hard to work out You are Sloppy Seconds! Just like your club/ company. 🍀.

{Ed007's Note - Does anyone remember the nutcase that phoned Radio Snyde saying the Irish national anthem and flag were sectarian? 😂😂😂😂😂

22 Feb 2019 16:28:20
I was going to post something similar about this issue.
What I am annoyed about is the moron on our side who threw the coin at Boyd and the damaged seats, however the damage was caused. All it has done is allow the mainstream press and all the sevco apologists on snyde and bbc shortbread/ EBT to lump us with them under the "Old Firm" banner.
The SFA have kept quiet about the singing at Ibrokes because they did not want to upset the Klan, but our idiots have allowed them to beat us with the same brush.
Now we have King and Stevie Gee, suddenly being all moral and taking the high ground. Hypocrites.

22 Feb 2019 16:33:53
Remember it well thick as mince remever a person in pub saying that and when I pointed out it the Irish national anthem he was shocked he thought it was a rebel song 😆😆.

22 Feb 2019 20:03:23
It's the missing chromosome in them all which causes them to be abhorrent too the colour Green. No Green boots, Smash Green lights, Won't eat green beans, cucumber, green apples, Green grapes, sit on Green seats. Won't Have any green and white clothing or furnishings. Boycotts Asda Paddy Power, Starbucks, Carlsberg, Heineken, BP Subway, Lacoste and Tic Tacs!

22 Feb 2019 22:05:47
Ed without any "tangerine" references from our fans we all know exactly which route their whataboutery would take.

22 Feb 2019 22:13:36
I always thought the line 'no-one likes us. We don't care' was pretty gallus if I'm honest.

{Ed007's Note - It would be if it was true but like everything else in their sad and pathetic lives it's a total contradiction because they do care and care sssooo much, it's what makes their pain and rage even more enjoyable.}

22 Feb 2019 22:25:50
Its the heavy pause in the middle that does it. LOL. Captures the current mood of perennial victimhood and petulance. Stevie could've written it himself.

{Ed007's Note - James Forrest didn't miss Gerrard today: https://goo.gl/tFLcH8
Once again the TRIFC manager has proven what I've said for years - he's as dumb as a box of rocks and he still needs his hand held and to be told what to say in press conferences.}

22 Feb 2019 22:40:38
And were still discussing THEM 🙈.

{Ed007's Note - Blame Steve Clarke - he brought it up!}

22 Feb 2019 23:56:42
Been saying that for decades Ed; there's nothing sectarian about most 'rebel songs' - although some find them offensive or in bad taste - depending on opinions; they don't target religion as such.
Although there may be references to British/ English occupation.
Their is a partisan Irish element within our support and it is no different to Scotland fans singing 'Flower of Scotland' etc.
There are abusive songs that target a religious community or ethnic group, with hateful and insulting lyrics are very precisely sectarian and they form 90% of one club's repertoire.
The broadcasters, politicians and football authorities do nothing.

Personally I think we have more than enough Celtic songs and anthems to 'belt out' every game and there have always been very imaginative and humorous Celtic 'composers' over the years to keep adding more chants and chorus's to our song-sheet.

22 Feb 2019 23:04:10
Gonna put the favourite cheese clip up again for old times sake Ed?

{Ed007's Note - You've lost me.....}

22 Feb 2019 23:20:58
Thanks for the link Ed. Very thorough.

On the songs we hurl back and forth at each other and at ourselves, I sometimes wish we could look at them just as songs. Burns himself wrote Jacobite and anti-Jacobite songs. These are a testament to both groups of fans, to our inventiveness, humour (sometimes black) , prejudice and venality. Mostly I think to our humour. Some, certainly, are incitements, and provoke.
But then we have a long tradition of that too And it is a credit to society that we rarely rise to the incitement. I guess I know that when they sing 'surrender or you'll die' that I don't have to surrender, and I probably won't die as a result.

This is dangerously close to the 'banter' defence--which I don't accept. But there is something to be said for our glorious, belligerent, song culture.

{Ed007's Note - At one point though the 'surrender or you die' did mean that you were getting your face taken off with an open razor whether you surrendered or not - and what about Mark Scott that had his throat cut in Bridgeton simply for wearing Celtic colours?}



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