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21 Feb 2019 21:19:51
Unlucky form the lads tonight. Big improvement from the first leg. Some big performances especially from Hayes and big Jozo (best game I've seen him play in 2 years) . Without wanting to slag the guy off I'm really disappointed with the performances of Edouard of late. Whilst I think he has some great attributes as a striker for me he rarely delivers. Not got a great work rate and to be quite honest he doesn't look overly interested. Let me ask you this Bhoys when big Eddie is either in the starting 11 or coming off the bench, are you confident he's going to make a difference or like me just hopeful. I hope the big man kicks on in the last part of the season. Anyway our European journey is over for another year and like most years it's been a rollercoaster. On now to the domestic run in and the opportunity of a treble treble. This is how it feels to be Celtic 🍀. God bless lads.

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21 Feb 2019 22:09:55
It's been a hard time for Edouard since injury trying to get into the squad while our loan players were doing well.

He's still young and plenty to learn.

Better performance tonight but clear we still need quality added.

Also clear is that we can compete in Europe it we get our gameplan correct.

21 Feb 2019 22:42:37
You would think our most expensive signing would be a dead-cert start and I know he has been injured before the break and has found it difficult to get back into a winning team. However, when he has come on recently we haven't seen any of his attributes and especially goals, we know he is capable of; probably because he has zero confidence and momentum to build on.

I think BR is struggling to fit him into the team at present because he isn't an out and out striker as such and Burke has caught the managers eye with his pace/ directness; but competition is good and
I am sure his time will come and a wee run in the side will help.

21 Feb 2019 23:51:04
I think the problem is he is thought of as Dembele's replacement and he's not that type of player. The plan was to play Dembele and Edouard together but Dembele ruined that.

22 Feb 2019 00:54:30
People forget we buy young guys with potential. £9 mil for a 20 year old is nothing in todays football.

He will come good. He has lots to learn and will be inconsistent.

As will most young guys we sign regardless of price.

That's why we need experience.

22 Feb 2019 01:09:33
He's the black samaras.

22 Feb 2019 01:22:24
Samaras is our highest goalscorer in champions League proper along with Sutton.

22 Feb 2019 01:52:53
Edouard is more effective playing on the left for me.

22 Feb 2019 07:13:26
Telsa it's not often we sing far the same hymn sheet but I think your spot on here.

22 Feb 2019 07:42:15
At least Edouard does not smell of fags tho.

22 Feb 2019 09:58:05
I think Edouard as looked good and sharp when he has come of the bench.
He will get better with more game time. The potential is there and if think he will get better with age and experience.

22 Feb 2019 11:01:11
As I say kev, I'm always just realistic. Say it as I see it even if it's no all positive about Celtic.

Like people say we can't attract ready made players anymore but then expect young projects we sign to play well every week, it's ridiculous.

You can't have your cake and eat it by signing guys who only recently turn professional basically and give them the same expectations as the guys we used to have here at Celtic.

Consistency at higher levels will always drop here under this method.

Financially we pay 62 mil a year on wages. We could easily with a smaller squad give 30-50k a year wages on more experienced players.

Right now we mostly give between 10-20k wages apart from a few players.

We are hoarding players and projects most of which won't work and wasting money.

People think to bring in better players will cost us more. It actually will cost us the same when we stop paying 3 squads worth of players.

At no extra cost we could have a better squad altogether. The reason this doesn't happen?

Because we want a revolving door of buy and sell here and decent players like say Ajer would take years to break into a first team with 2 quality CBs. Which would be good for his development.

But the board can't sell them if they don't break in and build a reputation.

Crazy imo because if we work with a better squad we can make champions League 40mil instead of gambling on it so often and losing it like this year.



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