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05 Feb 2019 19:37:23
Most of the older Celtic fans have always felt that the vast majority of referees were against us over the years, but we were always ridiculed and told we we paranoid.
Now I think it has got to a stage with Celtic dominating scottish football, something drastic had to be done because the decisions this season alone are on a different level and it too obvious now to just us being paranoid.
I hope the Lanarkshire referees association will get dismantled eventually but I can't see them replacing John Fleming while there is still a chance Of Celtic winning 10 in a row.
He has been given a mission and he will be allowed to see if he can help prevent us from making history.
We all know there has been very few Celtic fans who have made top grade referees in scotland. The one I could never get my head round is Wullie Collum, an RE teacher in a roman catholic school. It dosent add up with what has went before us in the last 50 and more years.
It turns out Fleming has known Collum since he was 14 years old. Fleming was then the developing officer for the famous Lanarkshire refs. So you could say Fleming has groomed Collum over the years and turned him into the referee he is today which would helps me understand why Collum was the exception to the rule.

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05 Feb 2019 22:36:40
I am one of those more-mature supporters who could rhyme off many suspects over the past five decades. However, I don't think I have seen such a concentrated and concerted effort to influence games.
This has been done by allocating 'teams' of known Sevco sympathizers with a referee. linesman and fourth official at most of our away games, who have an agenda and mission of disruption - the video evidence of violent tackles, off-the-ball incidents and dubious decisions are there for all to see.
However; The amount of questionable decisions are not limited to major incidents and are consistently applied to almost every 50/ 50 decision, especially free kicks that are waved play-on.
The four penalty game at Ibrox could also be seen as a helping hand in goal-difference to a team struggling to score against bottom side and the Defoe dive has since been admonished, proving also that even when video evidence of any infringement, simulation, or violenct act conveniently missed by a referee, is passed for review with a view to rectify mistakes, it is totally admonished and condoned by a panel of said-same dishonest cheats.

05 Feb 2019 23:30:09
A bit of a weird comment here, and goes against everything that most folks believe, so please take it easy with the responses.

Is there proof that John Fleming’s a Rangers fan like most people are insinuating? I only ask because i think I used to deliver his papers and always got the opposite impression. Maybe it’s a different John Fleming, but he was a referee too, and that just seems uncannot.

05 Feb 2019 23:42:06
Are you saying Collum should be biased towards us? Surely that undermines your ramblings?

06 Feb 2019 04:56:45
You say I am rambling on about referees yet you want Celtic to release a statement about conspiracies regarding those same refs.
Celtic don't need help from referees and it's embarrassing when the odd decision does go in our favour, but its obvious to me just now scottish football chiefs are desperate to have a title race and make scottish football more of a spectacle than a showjumping sport.

06 Feb 2019 07:17:55
No Leon I don't want Celtic to release a statement saying there is a conspiracy! I said Celtic won't release a statement saying there is a conspiracy.

06 Feb 2019 10:04:20
This season has been the worst i can remember for poor decisions against us and decisions not given to us just recently you've had the nonsense from el buffalo there was a good goal against Airdrie there was a blatant hand ball last wed there was Sundays 3 pen claim none given, and sevco have had all that's going this isn't a level playing field but the sfa are sweeping it under the carpet the evidence is right in front of them.

06 Feb 2019 12:47:04
The whole referee saga is tedious.

Regardless of ‘rangers supporting’ refs and Masonic conspiracy theories, Celtic should have more than enough to beat what’s in front (or below) us.

Don’t waste you energy worrying about dated old relics and their secret societies. Who cares?

06 Feb 2019 13:37:38
Island Celt . I am sorry your post is pure nonsense see.

06 Feb 2019 16:06:33
Island Celt it’s those rangers supporting refs that will be in charge of our games that will be the problem. oldkilly.



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