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05 Feb 2019 00:55:35
I see ex referee Steve Conroy is saying that he was the only top flight ref that supported Celtic and all the rest were Rangers' fans.

The people responsible for this need the boot and we need to start the whole process again and introduce full transparency if we are going to get rid of this bias in future.

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05 Feb 2019 07:20:38
My Celtic supporting brother in law was a low grade referee who trained with the lanarkshire refs. He mentioned there was plenty of young refs in the system good enough to make the top grade but were stopped getting to the top because they supported Celtic.
This was a guy who always sticks up for refs, he would have said baby D got all the decisions correct on Saturday.
I wasnt surprised about what he was saying many years ago, only surprised it was coming from him. that's when I knew it was a really bad situation which won't get better as it stands.
RAW I agree with you, we need a change from the top, so I would replace John Fleming because the standard is really bad under his watch.
They could change the way they run the Lanarkshire referee association which received bad reviews on the Paul Larkin Anyone But Celtic documentary.

05 Feb 2019 09:18:29
My old man worked with Steve craven. He was the lines man that along with dougie McDonald changed thier minds on giving us a penalty then lied about why.
He told the truth about it and was the only one every punished. Banned from running the line at ANY level of football.
He was a Celtic fan. He told my dad that there is a glass ceiling for anyone that is a Celtic fan in that job.

05 Feb 2019 10:00:51
Kev83 celtic fans who are officials only get to run the line or referee lower league matches, whatever system the Lanarkshire referees association are applying needs changed forever.
They could do a lot worse than employing Craven and Conroy to help start from scratch.

05 Feb 2019 10:39:05
When you have the heads of the SFA (Campbell Ogilvie, Jim Farry, Stuart Regan, et al) blatently helping Rangers or hindering Celtic. Then this only proves that this bias/ corruption goes right to the top of our game and we need the clear out to start at the top and filter down.

05 Feb 2019 11:16:56
With regards to the refereeing topic I am of an age (70) where over the years I have witnessed some obscene decisions against Celtic too many to detail, all by let’s say not Celtic minded officials. On the other side of the coin decisions by Celtic minded officials in favour of Celtic were hounded out.1965 league cup final v rangers Hugh Phillips awarded Celtic two penalties in a 2-1 victory never saw him again. 1967 match v rangers at Celtic Park when Jim Callaghan never ordered John Hughes off sacked.

In the 1980s Kevin O’Donnell allowed a controversial late Celtic winner v Hearts sacked and only found out when my nephew who he taught informed him that it was in the press. James O’Hare a linesman who lives a few doors from me sacked after flagging for a decision that didn’t suit his bosses, sacked. Well done to Steve Conroy for his comments, and have you noticed Willie Collum hasn’t been in charge of a rangers game since they complained about him. don't build your hopes up of it ever changing, after all those years of hoping it would it won’t. oldkilly.

05 Feb 2019 12:10:58
I agree that things won't change if there is no pressure applied. The only way we will see change if there is a fan movement, comprising of fans from a wide range of clubs. This movement have to put pressure on their clubs, like we saw when they tried to shoe horn newco into the spfl and the issue has to be politicised. It won't be a quick process but it can be done if there are enough motivated people.

05 Feb 2019 15:21:44
RAW what is needed is someone like Fergus who if still at the club would have those at the top hiding under their desks. oldkilly.

05 Feb 2019 16:31:24
If I was in charge of Celtic I would hire private investigators to get all the dirt on the sfa and current crop of refs and use it to bring down this house of cards. Then I would use our clubs influence to sway the other clubs to help introduce transparency and put measures in place to ensure this corruption never comes back.



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