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17 Dec 2018 09:53:43
Reading all the moaners on here after one bad result, yes we were garbage and it was hard to take anything positive from game and Rodgers too was at fault for setting up team wrong. Not an excuse but Europe takes it out the players, especially when we play top teams like Salzburg when players expend more energy and yes the Thursday/ Sunday thing has an effect also, but come on get behind the team guys.
A word to all the new posters on here, get a life, almost to a man you only come on here and to post negative comments, if you cannot be more positive and support Celtic then GET LOST. No one wants to listen to all your moaning.

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17 Dec 2018 13:18:56
well said tim.

17 Dec 2018 13:55:13
Tim have you noticed the more trophies we win the worse the moaning and hysteria gets?

17 Dec 2018 14:10:46
Kev I almost waded in giving you a hand last night but thought what’s the point. Some fans need to get a grip. of course everyone is entitled to an opinion but some of what’s posted beggars belief. On course for a treble treble and b2b Europe after Xmas that’ll do me any day.

17 Dec 2018 14:16:03
A degree of hun like entitlement me thinks.

17 Dec 2018 14:37:56
constructive criticism is one thing but overall sniping and moaning is pathetic.
My opinions on hard midweek games etc. have been noted many times but, in this case, we had too many players injured or ill and Hibs were up for the game.
Result over, we move on.

17 Dec 2018 16:10:35
I remember the days of Liam Brady Lou macari Wayne biggins Martin Hayes etc what we have just now is spoiling certain fans? It’s the champions league snobs in our support that are the panty wetters anything less than a 3.4.5-0 score line every week is rubbish. Barcelona Bayern real citeh can’t win every game as long as over the season we finish top dogs that will do me! We play a huge amount of games and fatigue mentally and physically must kick in sub consciously in the players? But in the big games we deliver. so get by December intact get a break and the push on again in 2019 and 8 in a row 🙂⚽️🍀🏆🏆🏆.

17 Dec 2018 16:29:11
Mention those names again and I’ll ask Ed to delete your account it’s hard enough trying to sleep at night without reminding of those dark days 😏🍀.

{Ed007's Note - 😂😂😂

17 Dec 2018 16:56:50
There is definitely an entitlement creeping in with the younger generation of fans. People who can't remember the old stadium or what we went through to get to this point.

17 Dec 2018 18:30:33
Personally think it's healthy to debate current issues. As like many of you went through the bad times. To use that as a reason not to debate current issues is laughable.

17 Dec 2018 19:54:14
Not one person would not debate current issues.
We love debating and arguing our points of view.
What we won't do is act like wee weans and become hysterical every point dropped.

17 Dec 2018 20:18:42

You said "People who can't remember the old stadium or what we went through to get to this point"

I'm lost what that's got to do with today's topics. Are people who didn't go through this not entitled to a opinion.

17 Dec 2018 21:08:04
No one said they were not entitled to an opinion.
What no Celtic fan is entitled to is thinking we are ENTITLED to win anywhere we go.
Thinking like that doesn't belong at Celtic.

17 Dec 2018 22:05:52
Read most of the comments on yesterday's events. Never seen anyone that said we should win anywhere we go. Seen a lot of unhappy punters with various views.

Supporters pay a lot of money following Celtic and are entitled to voice there opinion. Football is a emotional roller coaster.

17 Dec 2018 22:28:56
Yesterday people wanted rid of half the team.
Just like when they wanted rid of McGregor Forrest ect
This team has went backward and it's not as good as ronnies team was said.
A team that has already won the 1st trophy of the year and qualified for Europe after Xmas for the second time.
Hysteria is a word I have used a few times because it's the only word I can think of but it describes it to a tee.
Every time wee drop a point it's like this.

{Ed007's Note - At least it puts up the hits on the site and live chat numbers - nothing gets the live chat going quite like us being a goal down or even drawing.}

18 Dec 2018 07:31:44
Aye well there is that ed 😂.

{Ed001's Note - it is a bizarre phenomenon, on every site when a top team goes through a bad spell their sites get much higher amounts of page views and posts. People just love to complain I think!}

18 Dec 2018 14:26:36
Excellent post Timalloy. A lot of posters on here have to realise, BR is human, the players are human, sometimes they have bad days. Sometimes the opposition just play better. Sometimes they just are better, full stop. Most of all, supporting Celtic isn’t about winning. We don’t care if we win lose or draw. Some of my proudest moments watching Celtic were when we lost. Season 2002-2003 was my best ever season and we won nothing.



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