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12 Dec 2018 18:46:52
Levien being cited by the compliance officer for his comments after the sevco game double standards as slippy announced after there draw with the ss that the refs were against sevco and had been for years but no action mmmm.

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12 Dec 2018 19:31:21
Mally the rangers are up on about 5 charges about all that carry on over collum.

12 Dec 2018 19:51:08
But not slippy kev it's the club Levien being charged for his comments what about what slippy said.

12 Dec 2018 19:54:19
Aye kev83 after numerous out bursts, and an official complaint . Slippy g's first comments on ref was " refs have always been against this club " or words similar . As much as a dislike levein? He had a point . Gerrard has been allowed to disrespect refs, club's and Scottish football as a whole since he arrived . If Brendan or heaven forbid Neil Lennon made those comments, the ibrox occupants would have petitions to Kim jong un demandinding war .

12 Dec 2018 20:21:52
I agree that the huns manager should have been carpeted for his comments, but that does not excuse leviens comments either, some of the crap that man has spouted the past year is shocking.

12 Dec 2018 21:33:23
Slippy’s comments were a lot worse than Levein’s. He said ‘more decisions will go against us as the season goes on’ and he also said ‘it’s been going on for years’. That clearly indicates a suspicion of conspiracy amongst the referees whereas Levein’s comments only made reference to that one match. I felt at the time that it was setting a dangerous precedent but this shows dreadful inconsistency. I’ve always been suspicious of bias within the governing bodies in Scottish football and, whilst I still am, I think it is regularly overshadowed by incompetence on a scale you couldn’t imagine possible.

12 Dec 2018 22:47:57
I agree coybig, but it wasn’t exactly the 1st time Levien came away with similar comments, towards and can I point out he caused a lot of hatred towards Scott brown causing open season against him.
As I stated above Gerrard should have had the book thrown at him, but doesn’t excuse the fact levien is a complete @rsehole.

12 Dec 2018 23:10:22
Jaj a think levein has been on the bevvy with mcleish going with both there comments recently.

12 Dec 2018 23:46:05
Agreed Jaj, I’m not saying Levein should get away with it, I just think there needs to be more consistency. It’s baffling how they can allow one manager to make these type of comments with impunity and then charge another for what would appear to be a lesser breach of rules.

13 Dec 2018 06:11:27
Did Steve Clarke not get carpeted on his first comments on refereeing decisions also? There needs to consistency across the board . And all who have questioned the refs? Have done so rightly imo. The standards this season are poor to say the least .

13 Dec 2018 17:16:01
I personally don't see why managers cannot give an honest opinion on the referees. If someone is making decisions on actions which could affect my business / company or job then I would certainly want to voice my opinions. By this, I mean on specific decision. However, to generalise with comments that referees have been against the club for years (especially from someone who has only entered the arena) is bang out of order as he is implying ALL referees.
On Levvie - he is just a halfwit imo.



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