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05 Dec 2018 22:37:23
Second half performance for me was a joke. Too many passes across the back line, griffiths was poor, thought Hayes done ok considering he's left footed playing out on the right, not blaming him for tonight but for me Sinclair shouldn't be near the team. The annoying thing tonight was you could see the possibility of them getting that one chance as we were inviting them to have a go. absolutely no one to blame but ourselves for not getting the 3 points. the result feels like a defeat tonight.

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06 Dec 2018 07:17:08
If sinclair wasnt anywhere near the team the other night we'd be out of Europe.

06 Dec 2018 09:31:41
Yeah he scored in Norway no disputing that, however his performances have been nowhere near what they should be and that’s going by his own high standards he set in his first season. It’s a team game and for me he’s not performing well enough to merit a start every week. When you compare Forrest for instance on the opposite wing, he’s flying, banging in goals left right and centre just now and even when he’s not scoring he’s creating and giving 100%. I’m just not seeing that with Sinclair ( just my opinion)

06 Dec 2018 09:45:21
Garry Sinclair has been our top goal scorer for the past two seasons and was playing very well until the weekends game.

Celtic fans love a scape goat.
This rubbish has been said about
McGregor and now Sinclair over the last 5 years.

06 Dec 2018 11:03:53
It’s not about having a scapegoat, for me it’s an opinion and I don’t think sinclairs up at the level he has shown he can produce. I’m in no way pointing the finger of blame at him for last night. I’m merely saying that for me he can play so much better than he is. Yes he’s been our top goal scorer past 2 years but purely judging it on what we see are we to believe he’s hit the heights of his first season last year or this season so far? What I would say is he has contributed as far as goals are concerned the past two seasons but griffiths and now Edouard should be looking to better it given it’s they're job mainly to put the ball in the net.

06 Dec 2018 12:16:51
So he's not hitting the hights we know he can but still out scoring and out assisting every player in our club.

So your are saying that a guy that scores more goals than any other player and has more assists than any other player AND can get better shouldn't be anywhere near our team.

Aye make sense now.

06 Dec 2018 13:18:11
Calm down kev, clearly your blinkered to any negative regarding performance or players. I couldn’t care less if Sinclair was top goal scorer last season or the previous season. This is this season and for me ( obviously not you) sinclairs overall performances haven’t been good enough. Tell me something, why earlier in the season did rodgers drop him to the bench? To rest him? I think not. His performances weren’t up to it and it was obvious to anyone that cared to admit it and in my own opinion his performances are still not up to it!

06 Dec 2018 13:45:29
No I am not blinkered but I also don't just single out the scape goat
Sinclair has played well this season. Scored goals (including winners against both Aberdeen and rosenburg) and made assists tae.
The last 2 games he has been poor but so has every attacking player we have except Ryan Christie.
But only one singled out for He should never be near our first team.
Why not say same about the rest of them?

06 Dec 2018 13:46:46
Oh and we know he was dropped for playing poor.
But answer this
Why was he brought back in when he should never be near our first team eh?

06 Dec 2018 13:53:19
Sorry Garry but I completely agree with Kev. Because Sinclair was in such astonishing form the first season, everyone expects him to run riot every game and score every game. Apart from the fact he’s been our top scorer the last two seasons, he’s currently scored as many goals as Ryan Christie who is everyone’s favourite player at the moment but what is regarded as sparkling form for Christie, is judged not good enough for Sinclair. Sinclair went through some dark times in England earlier in his career and he loves the fact that BR has faith in his ability and doesn’t judge him on his last game. We’re lucky to have him at Celtic but if we start putting unreasonable pressure on him, or other players, that will have a negative impact on their performances and they will go elsewhere.

06 Dec 2018 15:07:04
COYBIG, no need to be sorry mate, it’s all about opinions and mines clearly differs from others, I’ve absolutely no problems with that. There’s been many a player mentioned on this site that’s been criticised at times by numerous guys. Kev I’ve mentioned Sinclair as for me ( not you) isn’t doing enough. That’s MY observation, we’ll just need to agree to disagree.

07 Dec 2018 00:55:02
You’re right Garry, we’re all entitled to our opinion and to voice it. I just hope that my comments give some justification to why I think he deserves his place and why I think we should be careful what we wish for because I think Sinclair will be very difficult to replace.



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