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21 Nov 2018 17:53:08
So my Celtic Pools pal gave me update on the AGM which I presume you will all have heard snippets of.
My pal says "Lawwell more or less promised new faces in January" we will have to wait and see.
Apparently the board took questions on Res 12 but made no new promises.
Brendan took the blame for Commper, but Lawwell never took blame for poor summer transfer window, instead blamed "difficult market"
Some fans asked questions about the rebel songs Green Brigade sing, Bankier condemned the songs.
But we all KNOW headlines tomorrow will be all about "Celtic fans singing sectarian songs" guaranteed.
Brown and Griffiths near return but not against Hamilton.

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21 Nov 2018 18:08:36
Saint Peter also expressed concerns about security at Hunbrox. And he’s absolutely spot on the arrangements are unpoliceable. Another pumping and angry Govanites is not a good mixture for Celtic fans leaving the stadium.

21 Nov 2018 18:15:48
Peter has promised a hell of a lot over the years Tim and delivered very little. Actions speak louder than words Peter so we’ll shall wait with baited breath to see what January brings us. Typical class from Brendan taking responsibility for club signings including Commper. In typical Lawwell fashion he absolved himself of any blame regarding the failure to sign McGinn stating “McGinn chose Villa over Celtic for professional reasons” we all know if the club hadn’t messed around with low offers the deal could have been done before Villa ever came on the scene. However with the emergence of Christie every cloud and all!

21 Nov 2018 18:57:21
Risking the rage of my fellow Timmites John McGinn is still a sore one for me. And it gets worse every time I see him play for Villa. But it is what it is we move on.

21 Nov 2018 20:19:31
Personally don't think we have missed out on much JFP.
He's not exactly a stand out down there and villa will be a mid table finish at best this season.

21 Nov 2018 20:45:37
Anybody that can chose Aston Villa over Celtic should be nowhere near Celtic Park. Dodged a bullet in my opinion.

21 Nov 2018 21:04:27
JFP - I don’t really rate McGinn, not signing him and with Brown out it’s shone us what a pair Christie n McGregor are. At every level in the last few weeks they have been terrific, I’d rather get defenders and another striker as our midfield is really strong.

21 Nov 2018 21:09:52
Don’t agree there ice man regarding pistol pete.

21 Nov 2018 21:50:42
Celtic is a very well run club at the moment and that’s what PL does. It defies logic that a club that’s going for their third consecutive treble with such a sound financial situation should have fans claiming that their Chief Executive delivers very little.

22 Nov 2018 08:21:24
Over 100mill turnover 17 mill profit 27mill usable cash no debt. player assets like eddy McGregor Forrest Christie. double treble on course again top quality pitch and the new flood lights and training ground upgrades yes the negatives were the summer window but hopefully we've learned but to say Peter hasn't delivered jeez no pleasing some folk we could have a glib and shameless liar would that make the doubters happy.

22 Nov 2018 09:54:40
Lawwel has done a great job and to say anything else is nonsense.

22 Nov 2018 10:32:20
Lawwell has delivered in some aspects of his job but in many many transfer windows he has failed to deliver not just with Brendan in charge but also RD and NL. He has come out in statements in interviews regarding transfers and completely failed to back them up and that was what I was alluding to and completely stand by it. I’m more interested in what’s happening on the park than disco lights or hotels.

22 Nov 2018 13:32:17
The so called disco lights were a eufa regulation it had to be done l agree love seeing new players coming in and there's a frustration when it doesn't happen but the success we've had in the last 20 years suggests he's doing something right. spending even 30 mill garuatees nowt clubs are paying that for reserves now it would get you to the last 16 maybe and its a big maybe.

22 Nov 2018 18:13:07
Tell you what Lawell and the suits have been brilliant at. Doing absolutely nothing about the Zombies cheating.

Save me the drama queen they run the club properly. That is the minimum requirements of a plc. Turning a blind eye to cheating to finance their own bonuses.

5yrs res12 has been on the AGM. Celtic have done nothing. The proof is there and UEFA opened the door. The suits closed it and announced the £50 Hun tickets are back. Season books prices up. Ooh look we have disco lights. Know where is my bonus cheque.

22 Nov 2018 19:38:43
And again with nonsense happy hoppy.
Lawwel was constantly in contact pressing for answers and has called for enquires into what went on.
Also now the spfl have cited them because Celtic refused to let it go.

Oh and the stupid comment about DISCO LIGHTS has already blown out the water because UEFA ordered us to up grade our light as a requirement to play in their tournaments.

Your big bad lawwel rubbish doesn't have a leg to stand on.
Success on and off the park most of his time in charge.
Great job.

22 Nov 2018 21:40:32
Good post kev some on here don't know they're lucky we could have went down the road of oldco spending money we didn't have and going out of business or the nutter that's running sevco just now.

22 Nov 2018 21:34:30

Lawell isn't in constant contact admitted at the AGM. When pushed on the subject by 1 of the Res12 guys. Spl have refused to deal with it blaming it on compliance officer resigning. Celtic sit back and do nothing.

Disco lights was tongue in cheek comment. They have let numerous manager down with transfer policy.

Pulled the affiliation and associations supporters group up to Parkhead to discuss singing certain songs. While playing rod Stewart Grace over the tannoy. Hypocritics lining their pockets with our money.

Lawell and the suits are jumped up bean counters that don't deserve to be near our great club.

23 Nov 2018 01:03:00
You don’t sound very happy, Hoppy. Shudder to think what you were like when John Barnes and Alan McDonald were around. Then again, maybe you’re too young to remember that. I cannot for the life of me fathom why playing Grace over the tannoy would have any relevance to a debate on tackling sectarianism. Perhaps you could enlighten me.

{Ed007's Note - It's Rod Stewart stuff getting played at all we should we debating!}

23 Nov 2018 07:13:48
So lawwel is picking the records that get played now? 😂😂.

23 Nov 2018 07:16:03
Bean counters that are doing there job making plenty of beans. while keeping the club at the top of Scottish football or have I missed something.

23 Nov 2018 07:19:15
So the series of letters that the SFA released between themselves and lawwel dating back to 2012 must have been fake then hoopy?

23 Nov 2018 01:39:21
Take it you’re not a fan Ed?

{Ed007's Note - That's a nice way of putting it. }

23 Nov 2018 12:02:17

Would depend if you think singing republican songs is sectarian. Personally I don't. Our board do but play Grace. Doesn't matter who you interpret the song it's about Irish freedom fighters. Definitely remember Mr Barnes. Always wondered if a fit Henrik would have saved him. 4-2-2-2 Was the future 😂😂🤣

Mallythetally 67

Wouldn't expect anything different from a board apologists like yourself. You happy that the Zombies cheating Scottish football for a decade and got away with it fair enough. While our board turned a blind eye to keep Celtic shareholders happy. It's all about the money with them. In normal circumstances that's brilliant but sometimes in life things are bigger than profit/ loss margin.

The letters are very real and works out about 2 letters a year. Hardly in constant contact as you say. Have you read the letters. Celtic want it to go away. Kev actually enjoy your posts and not being deliberately awkward. Feel very strong on the subject of the zombie cheating. HH.

23 Nov 2018 14:16:02
Happy what more in your opinion can Celtic do, especially with no support of ANY other club in Scotland?

23 Nov 2018 23:51:15

The LNS enquiry should be looked at again. It won't Celtic put out a statement after the BTC was decided and left it at that. Granted there didn't seem much support from other clubs but was from supporters of these clubs. I've been at meetings with Celtic on the matter and it was promised when the time came no stone would be unturned. Basically a bare face lie to everyone there that night.

On Res12 they don't want to be part of it. Thankfully their are people that won't let it rest. Celtic could easily tell the SFA they are taking it to UEFA. The option is there, even the threat of it would make the SFA react.

It's all about the bottom line with our board and a Rangers in the spl makes them money. How that came about is irrelevant to the Celtic plc.

24 Nov 2018 01:29:55
Your posts and rants are getting worse grumpy keep taking the pills 😂😂.

24 Nov 2018 10:19:33
Singing certain ‘republican’ songs is sectarian, Grace most definitely is not so I can’t see any justification for describing it as hypocritical.

{Ed007's Note - And plenty of people will argue that they aren't. So who decides 'the certain Republican songs' that are sectarian, committee of panty-wetters?}

24 Nov 2018 12:41:49
Ed, you correctly point to the difficult in making that decision and that’s a debate I refuse to get drawn into. However, in the absence of a defined list of songs that are or aren’t sectarian, I think any reasonable minded person would have to agree that Grace is most definitely not sectarian and therefore any accusation of hypocrisy on that basis is unfounded.



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