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05 Oct 2018 17:20:39
Just some thoughts after the night before.
After watching last night's game I believe we are at a crossroads.
Stick or twist.
Stick with BR and back him with money in January. (If you think we have money)
Back his judgement in the transfer market. His knowledge of a player (If you think it's any good)
Back his tactics of a possession based game. (which has been domestically untouched)
After the debacle of the transfer window does he even see his future at the club.
Or do we twist.

A clear fallout has taken place between the board and manager and no matter how much they deny it I will never be convinced.
Has the board had enough of poor signings and want to take more control in that department.
Then you ask the question would a new manager bring the domestic success BR has brought to the club.

One thing is for sure last night we played a young energetic team who's first thought when they had the ball was to move it forward and with pace.
And press all over the park when they didn't have the ball.
Will we see a Celtic side do that under BR or any manager we may bring in. that's up for debate.
My thoughts are we have a financially sound, well run business model. A club with very clever people at the helm.
And a top manager. who has brought great levels of success and enjoyment to the club.

If both parties can work together it's a formidable combination that will only bring more success our way.
What's your take on our current situation.

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05 Oct 2018 18:19:14
In my opinion I think Rogers has definitely taken this squad as far as he can regarding Europe . When he initially came in he obviously improved the playing squad, nowadays I don’t really look forward to the European games as you can never really enjoy them, as you get the feeling we are never far away from a hiding . There was talk a while ago that we are not champions league level, it seems we have dropped down to the lower levels of the Europa . If I’m wrong I’d be happy but I can’t see us beating Leipzig or Salzburg at home . In saying this, I still believe in Rogers but my point at the start meant with this squad at the minute has probably gone as far as it can. I can’t see us getting a better manager in, so we need to back him financially in January, with our eye on finishing this season strongly and have players bedded in early for qualifiers.

05 Oct 2018 18:27:26
I remember RD proclaiming this 'high-press, quick tempo' philosophy - as do many other managers in the game today, but to be perfectly blunt, how many of the current (and recent) Celtic squad have accepted/ adhered to this style?
At present we have a number of 'luxury' players who may have skill and ability, but are far too set in their ways for chase and pace.

It remains to be seen what will happen with BR in the current uneasy climate of the corridors of Celtic Park, but at present he has the backing of the support and the players - if not the board?
His record is second to none in a two season period (barring big Jock) and hopefully we will continue to succeed; but there is real improvement needed from all concerned, especially domestically.
At present Europe seems a step to far for many of this team and maybe even BR himself, but domestic dominance has to be priority.

Europe is always a bonus and many of us have been lucky enough to have seen some historical and unforgettable Celtic displays, however, this team - and management team (in Europe) are too short of savvy, big game nerves and confidence - plus real quality in vital positions right through the spine of our team to compete.

05 Oct 2018 19:22:02
Totally agree oab, although Europe is a bonus we should as a club our size expect a little more in it . I’d really like us to push the boat out one season and spend quite heavily on young talented players . It would probably give us two seasons of the type of football the last few managers have spoken about and if they are young we recoup and make a profit on the above players when we sell them after the two years .

05 Oct 2018 20:00:17
We seem to say the same thing year after year about getting players in early to bed them in for the Champions league qualifiers but we never do it.
I don't know the details of Lawwell's contract with us but any bonus he gets should be linked to us qualifying for the Champions league. It looks to me that he can make profits for the club by selling players regardless of how results are on the pitch, that can't be right.
In my opinion we seem to buy players with the sole intention of making a profit on them, there doesn't appear to be much ambition to take us to a higher level. In the last couple of years all the talk has been about how much money we would get for Dembele, no one ever seems to consider that if we could improve ourselves then we might be able to have held on to him. Is it so unreasonable to want us to benefit from the work we have done on some of these youngsters rather than just preparing them for their inevitable move.
The club need to wake up and see the gradual decline in our playing standards, it's not just in Europe but there has been a drop off in our domestic form. We are dropping points to teams that even a year ago would not have happened, our form has dipped for so long now that it's got to be more than a blip.
To maintain our dominance domestically, we need to start investing in the playing squad. That has to be a priority over balance sheets.

05 Oct 2018 22:41:39
First time poster. Feel I have to get frustrations out there.

Everything last night was predictable.

RB Salzburg are a £93m squad. Celtic are a £64m squad. Salzburg don’t get beaten at home. CFC are finding it difficult to get results travelling.

TRFC are reputedly £34m squad with Rapid Vienna £23.5m.

Salzburg are 4x the team of Rapid Vienna and they were at home.

Lustig is getting old. Hendry is inexperienced and out his depth at this level. To continue with him is to offer an open door to opposition.

I believe Brendan Rodgers has made errors as manager and despite his excellent successes, is not beyond healthy criticism. It’s how we improve.

We missed big Filip in Defence last night. I believe Mulumbu can play central defence, Tierney also, with Izzaguire at left back.

It all went wrong in Defence when sviatchenko got sacked and Brendan first put Bitton in there then Ajer. What’s wrong with Simunovic? Brendan also purchased Gamboa and Compper but no contribution in Defence from them.

Finally, getting put out the Champions league by AEK Athens (£34m squad) when we were £84m and had Dembele was negligent.

05 Oct 2018 23:41:12
Playing such a possession heavy style is always going to make things difficult for us in Europe. When a lesser quality team comes up against a team with higher quality, the most common way of closing the gap seems to be playing a counter attacking style. It’s unlikely we’re ever going to do that domestically.

However I don’t think Salzburg looked anything spectacular last night. Again we seem to give away soft goals. Although I appreciated Rodgers trying a different style they seemed clueless at executing it.

In regards to Rodgers, he’s a good coach but he needs better players. That’s partly his fault too, his signings mostly have been poor. We need to have someone else recruiting and Rodgers working with the players.

First and foremost though as we’ve been saying for years we need to get rid of the deadwood. Looking at the bench last night was scary, none of those players would even get in the Rosenborg team!

06 Oct 2018 00:23:38
It doesn't matter if you play fast tempo or slow tempo or high press or low press or hot press or cold press, if you give possession away too cheaply, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter.

06 Oct 2018 00:37:22
Is nothing to do with how much the squads cost, it's to do with how good the squad is, how motivated the squad is, how well managed the squad is, too much emphasis with some supporters on how much money a player gets paid rather than how much does a player want to be in the team, Dembelle made the difference when he came in, those games against Man city, and the rest of the season, I think Moussa is a top talent but his head got turned and he was ofski, Eduward maybe has a lot of potential, but he is no Dembelle, I think his mind is elsrwheres, there might be more to that car crash, and it is praying on his mind, or something else, he is only twenty,

06 Oct 2018 04:30:34
It's all about the desire which sadly wasn't there on Thursday We need guys who do the hard part of the game I feel the teams soft at the moment a few have gone Henderson Sviachenco and Johansen rightly or wrongly they were all a bit harder than some of what we have at the minute. but we are still way better than anything else up here we need some pace and power all this crap about Griff carrying weight he's most likely been lifting them which can cause you to slow up and look more bulky Forrest and Christie look the same.

As said previously England have ruined the transfer market if Brendan is really that frustrated with his lot up here which I have my doubts he will go at the end of the year hounded out in the same way Lennon Strachan and others were before him they didn't want to go but did funny that.

All were successful in their own way but the negativity that spreads over the club it's causing instability the rubbish we see or hear in the press or on live Tv now? Fat Griff. China, Aston Villa, Newcastle. Man Utd OK are we really going to sign players on 100k a week to keep the infallible one happy.

Brendans ego wouldn't allow him to go back to the Championship and we would be bust like that mob across the road if we keep spending on over priced players but that's the pressure if he can't win the league with what he's got end of January he shouldn't be here next season.

If he stays and completes his objectives then he will go down as a true great if not he got lucky right place right time well that's what will be said and we move on we are being out priced in the transfer market for players we can't pay top cash for rubbish houses from England 3 in a row for Brendan will be fine if he goes he goes.

Tommy Burns wasn't so lucky the difference being there was never the threat of him leaving he got the players in got them playing and who knows if he got that other season in but it's all about lady luck they both have that same demeanour when your not winning it's like when the wife not coming up with the goods it's not fair.
But life's always better on the Green side of the city.
Hail Hail.

06 Oct 2018 11:19:30
The way Salzburg played was how we played under BR in our first season. Fast attacking football. Pressing all over the park to win possession and mounting wave after wave of attack. We haven't seen that since early part last season. I don't know if the players aren't fit enough to do that all season or they just can't be bothered with the philosophy anymore. We seem too slow in our build up from the back and our attack is boring, slow sideways passing and minimal movement. We lack physicality up front and creativity out wide with the form of Sinclair and Forrest up and down. But again lack of movement and hesitancy up front isn't help either Wideman. Griffiths looks fat and unfit too. He isn't half the player he was doesn't play on the shoulder wanting the ball over the top anymore either. He seems to try come short and hold the ball up which isn't his strong point thus leaving him further away from goal where he's most affective. Everyone just needs to get their finger out from the board to the manager to the players as this isn't current form isn't good enough. This is the important month as the top teams all likely to drop points against each other, October is the month we need to find top gear and put a marker down and get back to the top of the league.



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