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15 Sep 2018 08:52:17
The failure/ difficulty to break down these packed defenses has been on the increase since last season; so has the lack of goals.
The worrying thing for me, so early in the season is the amount of players that are not performing to the levels we know they can.
It was there for all to see against Sevco, where the woodwork and goalie saved them from a hammering, but against Hearts, Hamilton and in the CL qualifiers against AEK, we were nowhere near what is expected and usually early season, we are much better.

BR has to take some of the blame for tinkering and failing to replace/ drop guys that are ineffective or just plain rotten.
Rogic and McGregor should have been hooked at HT for example.
The slow build-up and sideways passing just plays into opponents hands, giving them time to regroup and organize a packed defense.
We need much more pace and drive in these situations as the strikers are getting no service; but I am sure the manager and players must know this?

I know there were other factors last night, like the International break, a Friday night KO and playing a poor team 'pumped' up by a new manager with nothing to lose, but these are not excuses for the poor play, Ntcham's self destruct button or the result.
There is also the undeniable influence of the establishment, who are all too willing to take the inituative to influence games.
We saw it at Gorgie Road, Collum's blind spots against Sevco and that wee rat Dallas last night.
Again, this is no excuse, as it has been there for generations and can be overcome or neutralized by playing at our best consistently.

The season is still very young and at least we have sorted out the leaky defense (4 clean sheets in a row) , but we do need to work on sharpness, tempo/ pace and especially set-pieces as we will face many similar obstacles on the road to another successful season.

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15 Sep 2018 09:38:50

Excellent post nail on the head. Don't know if it's a bit arrogance in the team. For some reason or play is slow and predictable against so called weaker opponents.

The amount of point's we dropped at home last season due to this is frightening. We are the best team in the league. Just seen to go through the motions to often.

15 Sep 2018 09:48:25
First time poster here, after watching the games lad that season and the start of this season I'd agree it's the tactics 100%, our players are far better than any other in the spfl but when we spend 60min accumulated passing the ball around our defence then to brown then back to defence it's embarrassing, that is a tactic used if your team isn't as good as the other team to waste time then counter we don't have to go that we are better, we should be playing a 4132 formation against Scottish teams and stacking as fast as possible we used to smash teams 5or 6 nil now we are lucky to win by one goal and it's because of tactics, I think Rodgers is a great manager but he is the one that has to change we are not playing in the pl so his old Liverpool tactics need to be dropped as the opponents are not of them same quality if he doesn't change then I'm afraid we will struggle and he will have to leave for us to progress.

15 Sep 2018 09:49:48
The main difference I think we can point to in our more fluid and penetrative performances of yore is Scotty starting. Yes, his form has been shaky and defenders seem to have sussed him out--but just having to worry about him, and Tierney in combination, probably means they have to stretch their resources a bit more at the minute.

Didn't catch the game yesterday: how did the new loanee look at centre back?

15 Sep 2018 09:51:10
Good post oab the lack of creativity and goals is getting worrying how can you have all those good attackers on and not score. young eddy needs to start playing as well, just hope the weight of expectation with the price tag and the mousse leaving isn t affecting him, and a few others need to sharpen up big tam another one, might be time to give the griff a right good run of games and get the goals flowing.

15 Sep 2018 11:18:18
The bottom line us we have no one who can consistently beat two players to create space. It’s a sideways pass, a run to the line usually ending in a piss poor cross nowhere near any of our players. It’s as if they just hit it and hope. The players in the box too seldom get in the right place or anticipate where it’s going.

Every team will play against us like St Mirren, getting a player who has that ability is still the priority and here we are with still noone in who fits the bill.

Maybe Morgan can step in because Forrest can’t do it enough. Arzani seems to be out in the cold Lawell project, I don’t buy the fitness rubbish about him.

Seems like another complete waste of time and if the situation doesn’t change, he would be as well going back then loaned out to a club who will give the boy at least a feckin chance.

Anybody know what’s the situation with Morgan.

{Ed007's Note - Yeah the last 3 Melbourne City managers and the Australian manager were all lying when they said Arzani would need time to adapt to a new country and way of life, work on his fitness etc and to eradicate the bad habits he has picked up - the reasons that City sent him up here.
The only people who seemed to think Arzani was going to immediately become a first -team squad member were a small minority of Celtic supporters who either can't read or that think people go about saying the complete opposite of what they mean.
Maybe we should just release Morgan, I'm not buying this injury rubbish about him, he seems to be an out in the cold Congerton/Rodgers project and he would be better off being released so he can find a new club in January, that's now 8 months Morgan has been a Celtic player and Marvin Compper has played more than him.}

15 Sep 2018 11:49:50
I’ve never said he should be a definite first team player. But, coming on as sub now and again to see if he can step up should be looked at. Why bother bringing him in if we aren’t going to give him a chance?

We are woefully short of players who can beat more than one player. We need a player right now. Arzani it Mirgan are the only two who have a chance to change our dynamic. One is injured and one allegedly has attitude and fitness problems. Played in the WC but not good enough for our league? Do me a favour.

Last night again showed how we can’t break down a team who will probably be relegated. Piss poor and we need to try something else pretty feckin soon, especially with us embarking in the EL.

{Ed007's Note - Arzani will get his chance when he's ready and fit, wouldn't him being on the bench make him a first-team player?
Who's alleging that Arzani has attitude and fitness problems, that the first I've heard of it? Arzani just needs to build himself up to play a full 90 mins - something he has NEVER done in his career, he played 1252 mins over 24 games in Australia, that's an average of 52 mins per game. As a comparison, Tom Rogic played 1113 mins over 17 games (avg. 65 mins per game) at the same age as Arzani for Central Coast Mariners.
Arzani managed to play for 60 mins over 3 games at the World Cup - so who said he isn't good enough to play in our league and why are they connected? Boyata played for a team that came 3rd at the World Cup and a lot of fans want(ed) him sold because he isn't good enough for us, the same with Lustig.
I've already covered this umpteen times and explained why it would be a while before we see Arzani in the first team so there's no point me going over it all again.}

15 Sep 2018 12:23:46
Not wee Forrest biggest fan but was only one taking a player on last night. Nothing was coming down the left wing. Tierney was poor last night. Thought bringing Sinclair on out there would have stretched their back line.

Team needs freshened up. Be it with squad players getting a chance or new signings in January. Lack of scoring opportunities is alarming. Out with hun game.

15 Sep 2018 13:13:02
I read on here that his fitness was a problem that he has had in the past. If he needs to adapt. Adapt to what actually? Doesn’t every player going to a new club have to adapt? It’s not as if we are a completely different culture. We speak the same language, there are similar cultural norms here as exist in Australia. Is it his attitude? What does that mean? He doesn’t apply himself? Well, if he isn’t given a chance it’s hard to understand how he can put that right.

I’m just dussaoiibted that a player who looks to have something special isn’t in the EL pool especially as we can all see that losing Moussa Oaddy and Armstrong we are weaker.

Last night we huffed and puffed to no effect. Pack out the defence and we have no one to unlock that. No one. I won’t be holding my breath for the January window to sort that, so Arzani and Morgan for me are the only options. Give them a chance and if they aren’t buy someone who is.

15 Sep 2018 13:30:15
Morgan is just back from injury so he'll get his chance last night was to soon. Arzani patience is needed we trust Brendan will know when he's ready it was the same when rogic came in he took a while. al admit a thought he would have been ready a bit earlier due to the fact he played at wc but was ignorant to his development thought he was further on.

17 Sep 2018 01:09:17
I am sorry to have to say it, only an person could blame Brendan for tinkering .
It's unbelievable that any sane person could post that . Celtic have a mammoth amount of games to play, at least two per week except when nearly the whole first team squad are away on International duties . I remember in the 1960's the great Jock Stein regularly changed his team and formation .
I heard many criticise Jock for many things but never for being a tinkerer.



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