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24 Aug 2018 17:15:05
Does anyone think that with the board not recruiting to a level we need for the next level and all the talk of a fall out between the board and BR, at the same time as the team stop performing to the level we know they can, is BR possibly getting everyones backup and potentially the problem. Your thoughts.

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24 Aug 2018 17:33:12
No Johnboy, it is totally the board at fault. BR has said publicly that he just wants the best for the club and fans. He must be tearing his hair out and no wonder he's making public statements. Keeping the talking private is not working so he has to call the board out in public. I'm sure he doesn't want to have to do that but he seems to have no other option. They are a disgrace to our club. HH.

24 Aug 2018 17:43:22
Johnbhoy, board looked after every whim that BR had in January window . I imagine there is now a major enquiry as how Celtic got it so wrong . I can't see B R taking any responsibility and I am afraid us Celtic fans could suffer.

24 Aug 2018 17:44:15
To be honest johnbhoy1888 l can t see any new players especially CB. I said here already there are 5, Yes 5 hard to believe CB at the club. Maybe if they can get rid of Boyata there might be a small chance but l think what is there is it. Especially the way things are going behind the scenes at Celtic. Hope it gets sorted and that l am wrong and they get new faces in.

24 Aug 2018 18:05:30
Bob the cat. BR needs to stop talking about lack of support and get back to getting the team playing again. We all ckaim we have the bedt squad in Scotland. I agree with that we have better players, yet we have only won 2 games out of our last 7, and conceeded at least 1 goal in our last 6. That is not league winning form. Everyone mocked Gerrard. An under 18's youth coach. No experience etc yet they are unbeaten in 10 games and have 8 clean sheets. If BR isn't careful his reputation as a top coach is in trouble. We are not playing anywhere near our potential and I can't see any evidence thsts its going to change soon unless BR starts to lead the team. The wage bill is up from £32mill when he took over to £57mill now, so we can't say he has not had his way re contracts and wsges. He has great plsyers, he now nerds to get acceptable performances from what he has got. This all started going wrong since the fall out with the board over transfers. The players are at it now, read Gordons comments. It needs to stop. The Board do need to give him funds to buy. He brought in his transfer guru which has been a mistake. I believe he is a top manager but he is not blameless in this either. Hendry and Comper are his signings. Boyota not being sold was his decision. The Sept 2nd will be a big day for him and he needs those players scrapping for him so he is the only man who can sort this out. What is BR saying? Is he telling us that we have wasted money on Hendry and Comper but forget that and give me more? Unfortunately we have to give him more or we are in even bigger trouble so the Board have to act but previous decisions made are coming home to roost. Just blaming the Board is not the entire truth. The wage bill is going to be over £60mill this sesson. Our total turnover will be maybe £75mill topps. I don't want us to do a Rangers. SG has put a team together who look more dangerous than us. He spent about £9mill, so tell me what the heck is going on.

24 Aug 2018 18:18:50
It shouldn’t matter if we have 6 or 8 Centre Half’s if we can sign better it must be done

We possibly have 12 defenders inc GK at the club I’d only keep Bain, Ajer and KT

The rest can be sold, loaned or freed

While I’m here I can’t believe that I read Craig Gordon saying players need to cut out errors etc when he is the biggest calamity at our club.

24 Aug 2018 18:28:25
I have read on here that BR has a huge Ego and maybe a stubborn streak, so it's very possible he is not blameless in the current situation and is clearly not as happy in the job as before.
There's also no denying he has been well backed by the board since he came, but we have not brought in enough real class, but have wasted money on guys like DE Vries, Compper and Benyu; plus often failing to replace players we sell for big profits with similar/ better quality.

24 Aug 2018 18:29:56
Rogers coukd see a good defender if he fell over one. That’s been a constant throughout his career even when he had bags of loot. He is to blame for the two duds he has bought. A total and utter waste of money. He needs to inspire his players to try and overcome the total lack of support this window. If he is given money he needs to uk his game drastically re defenders, up until January his judgement in this area of the team has been embarrassing.

I can’t see him getting a coin. This us where we will see his true metal. It’s been a walkover up until now. He us dreading the abuse and humiliation that will come his way if an under 18 coach hands him his arse. And to be honest, he will deserve all he gets as we still have a far superior pool than The Scouser.

Let’s see how he handles it when we are up against it that’s the test of a leader.

He looks as if his bottle has gone. Needs to sort himself out. Fast.

24 Aug 2018 19:58:53
Magicpole the entire episode has been very disappointing. So many bad decisions since January 18 but its now compounded with the Board not playing ball. The money needs to be reigned in at some point. £60mill in wages is unsustainable. So PL either pulls it now or next season. To be fair the Board expects better results than we are getting and so do the fans. The issue is we have spent money on bang average players. That money is gone and we are paying their wages. Hayes, DeVries, Commper, Hendry etc not hood buys and the main players have not performed either.

24 Aug 2018 21:09:33
Well they had better start, pretty soon. The window is gone. I will be really surprised if we do anything. And even more so if the players are actually any good. We need to be prepared to fight. Rogers needs to earn his corn now. He has a challenge that wasn't helped by a board happy to go backwards. If that’s it, then he goes with what we have and let Lawell know exactly how we feel about him, whilst supporting the team. An utter shambles, but we need to be ready to show we are still the champions.

25 Aug 2018 00:48:13
Magicpole, i could see BR gone in 7 days.



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