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22 Aug 2018 10:16:54
Would everyone be happy if we were to sign Bruma and Chirivella but no other this window?

Say we could get Bruma for £6-7m and Chirivella for £3m, assuming we can punt Boyata for £8m that’s not too much to ask for. Potentially only around £3m net spend with the sales of Armstrong and Boyata.

There are definitely other areas we need improvement in but players need to leave before that can happen. I’d definitely be happy with that, fingers crossed we aren’t left with Man City loanees.

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22 Aug 2018 11:02:39
I'd be happy with that, but is there a genuine interest in Bruma or is it just the rumour mill going into overdrive?

22 Aug 2018 11:03:31
As long as we do something to bolster our defence. Decided happy is unattainable within our strategy, but the necessity to finally do something to stop us throwing games through mistakes and replacing players not good enough would be a good start. But it will only be a start if the easily said words of bringing in quality are just that.

22 Aug 2018 11:24:34
I'd be delighted with that. Can't see it happening though unfortunately. I'd like to think there's a few deals moving forward that no one knows about but who knows. Not getting into the champions league definitely makes it more difficult. The arrival of Stevie G for them might actually be beneficial to attracting players.

22 Aug 2018 11:27:44
A net spend of 3m wouldn't be too much to ask, no. I would still like a RAM/ CAM though.

22 Aug 2018 11:34:44
I was just reading about that Bruma.
Seems over the last 2 years he's spent over 300 days injured and has had 2 knee operations.

Would he be a another gamble with big money needed to get him?

{Ed007's Note - He's had one knee operation that kept him out from March last year until October.}

22 Aug 2018 11:42:28
I’d be happy with both, Chirivella does look a player. Could do with another AM in before the window closes and a Right Back. If Scott McKenna were to sign that is dreadful business.

22 Aug 2018 12:16:38
Wrong ed007.
He had one around March 2017 then went back under the knife in June 2017.

{Ed007's Note - No he didn't it was the same injury and operation but it shows up as 2 different ops on transfermarkt because it crosses over from one season to another, it's his one and only major injury.}

22 Aug 2018 12:18:55
@Kev83 I read that the new Rangers CB from Brighton had a serious heart condition a couple of years ago so these things can happen.

22 Aug 2018 12:32:48
If we wouldn't spend 2.75 on McGinn then I don't understand how we are offering 3.5 for McKenna go figure? He isn't worth anymore if as much as that. Would rather spend a little more and bring in someone better even on loan with purchase option.

22 Aug 2018 12:46:48
Unfortunately, because of the haggling and complications with Hibs over McGinn, we can't afford to dither or under-cut so near to the deadline and clubs will know this and take full advantage.
Would still like to see us selling off some of the deadwood to help contribute towards better quality signings.

22 Aug 2018 12:59:14
I see any rumour that appears on here gets completed slated and the board and BR wouldn't let slip who we are targeting as we keep our transfer dealings quiet.

In all fairness I think BR hasn't a clue who the club actually targets. He will likely give his preferred targets to the board but it seems to fall on deaf ears.

The scouting team seem absolutely pish, or are they? Do they have the freedom to get on with their jobs or are they manipulated to scout what the board require?

The problem we have is BR has won a double treble without really having a great transfer kitty to add to his squad, therefore it gives the tight fisted board little encouragement to get their hands in their pockets.

Now we have no champions league football, our team has become weaker in personnel and the players aren't working as hard as they have previously.

My biggest worry with all of this is how do the so called gifted players stay motivated to continue playing for the green and white when the board don't seem to have the same ambition? We have a genuine talent coming through our youth team that could potentially be a world beater, how long will he stay at the club for when the board can't invest in talent good enough for him to progress with.

But I suppose there is no need to panic we will probably sell them for great money and the board will enjoy counting the money till the cows come home.

22 Aug 2018 13:06:56
Daily Ranger saying nothing in the Bruma link - not surprised as we are looking at a lower level player in McKenna.

22 Aug 2018 13:11:36
I stand corrected ed007.

{Ed007's Note - It's just the usual, Kev. People that run these type of hit-whoring sites are so desperate to find something negative about any player we're linked with they'll dive right in and write any old $hite without checking the facts.}

22 Aug 2018 13:23:18
Yeah supposedly Celtic say there is no interest.

Probably trying to ensure the fans don’t get too excited about it. It does seem strange we’re trying to sign McKenna if we are interested in Bruma too.

22 Aug 2018 13:34:34
I thought maybe it was something like a big main op then a wee tidy up later. Sometimes happens like that.

22 Aug 2018 14:00:29
Unless we are losing 2 Andy?

22 Aug 2018 15:22:47
Aberdeen hold all the cards regarding McKenna he's under contract till 2023 so they can name there price we should move on.

22 Aug 2018 16:48:07
Can someone explain how we Can't manage to get transfers done but yet others get the done no problem. And when we look at a player we get quoted stupid figures while again other clubs have to pay a fees a lot lower.

22 Aug 2018 20:07:06
The media has always created the big bad image that is Celtic . In the 60's and 70's when Celtic bought a player from another Celtic club, Celtic were draining the strengths of other clubs .
When Rangers bought a player from Scottish club they were investing money in the Scottish game .
All other teams in Scotland are buying players that there is no real demand and so they are easy to bring over the line . m
Managers and Chairmen in Scotland mostly like to sell to Rangers2012, & hate to sell to Celtic.



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