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20 Aug 2018 09:27:41
Just a general comment.
I'm disappointed that so many fans seem to be talking the side of the media about our transfer inactivity. All of a sudden some of our so-called fans are saying we are in meltdown, the manager's leaving, the Board are angry with everyone and each other, the fans have been shafted etc. etc.
Fair enough, we missed out on CL qualification. In all fairness though we did well to qualify for the last 2 seasons so we were never automatically entitled to be there this year. A bit of further investment may have made the difference, I can't argue with that, but for goodness sake guys please chill out and calm down. Stop reading the papers that we already know want to see us fail. And if you can't do that then at least keep their pish to yourself. Some/ most of us have no interest in negativity. HH.

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20 Aug 2018 09:52:22
Whose reading the papers to get angry? Nobody gives a rubbish what they say. We are angry because we have a brain in our heads and we know what it’s cost us. Feck sake, you think people who aren’t morons care what the Sevco press say? You are so out of touch with reality it’s frightening mate.

We know what happened, what it cost us and we don’t need some Sevco hack to tell us. They love it, it’s a gift to them. From Celtic to Sevco. Did you listen to Mc Couist. Delighted as they all are we have stood still. Just because they agree with us doesn’t make it not a real thing.

Nothing to do with the press and everything to do with the board and our lack of balls.

20 Aug 2018 10:12:49
Bob let’s not get into the old so called fans pish eh! It’s bugger all to do with the media that we’ve had a poor transfer window or that we went out the CL! we all know the media want us to fail mate, but I don’t need these clowns to tell me we’ve had a terrible few weeks! Mcginn boyata the CL exit, it’s been awful! And it’s not being negative stating facts, and the facts are we’ve stood still in this window and payed for it! Our manager has came out and said he’s not happy with our transfer dealings, is that the media’s fault? your not less of a fan for opening your mouth about our boards incompetence mate, in fact it’s quite the opposite IMO!

20 Aug 2018 10:22:58
Correct MagicPole.
There is a difference between negativity and constructive criticism.
I like this site because we get a lot of intelligent conversation and not the " A don't gei a sh**e whit that lot dae - Celtic 'till I die" Usually followed by a bunch of profanity and paramilitary support comments.
A lot of the "negativity" on here is based on recognised weaknesses in the team and the frustration as to why we do not seem to be doing anything about them.

20 Aug 2018 10:40:39
It's the same forum members who spout shyte EVERY transfer window. Always the same. Never changes. They're usually the same folk who will find a cloud in every silver lining.
The bottom line is that our club has a transfer policy in place and whilst we might not always agree with it (most of us aren't too impressed this summer) that's the way it is. If anyone is unhappy with our club then maybe they should find a new team to support. The Sevvies are always looking for fans and they're rather cock-a-hoop at the moment with their transfer activity. No need for personal attacks guys, that behaviour says more about you than it does about me. HH.

20 Aug 2018 11:10:06
Personal attacks! your the one that’s came on and had a go pal! Then just said people have to go and support someone else if they don’t just sit and be quiet! Saying people are spouting shoite and pish! What because we don’t agree with u? Away and gies peace! Utter nonsense!

20 Aug 2018 11:15:36
What a pathetic response. So you are saying if we aren’t happy with how our team are run we should support Rangers? Have a word with yourself if you can tear yourself away from happy clapping.

Shameful comment to make. But from self appointed superfans the norm. It was people with your outlook that allowed the Kelly/ Grant mob stay in power for so long.

We are Celtic, not the board, not the manager, or even the players. When those charged with running out ckub make a total arse of it they need hauled over the coals. The keep the faith rubbish us just that. Bury our heads, don’t tell the truth, take their incompetence and say feck all. That’s not a Celtic fan, that’s a forelock tugging lackey approach.

Not calling them out is anti Celtic. Do you suggest no matter how much they feck up we just let it go? They are paid good money to guide our club. If they make a balls up of that then it is our duty to call them out or they will carry on until we are truly fecked.

We should have been out of site, but yet again, we stalked and met them back in the game. That’s shameful management and if you can’t see that then I pity your failure to see what’s happening.

Telling Celtic men to support the sevcobians is utterly out of order. Who thevreck are you to question our love for our club? Behave yersel.

20 Aug 2018 11:25:35
Magicpole, I'd have thought with your superior intellect you would have spotted the flippancy of my comment about Celtic fans supporting Sevco. There should be no need for anyone to even reply to that particular part of my comment, common sense (if present) should stop that from happening. No matter, never mind, move on. HH.

20 Aug 2018 11:37:06
Bob that’s the worst thing you can say. Ok if you meant it as s joke then fine. Make it clearer though. We all want the best for our team. That means accountability from those charged with steering us. They have let every Celtic fan down. That’s not acceptable. Saying that, is not.

20 Aug 2018 11:47:58
How about the middle way eh? We don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes and I’d be surprised if window closes with just McKenna and an underwhelming loan. I don’t know what will transpire but I know we won’t have long to find out. The lack of spark in our midfield suggests we are crying out for Christie to be given a chance and while the boy Arzani is a pig in a poke for me, Morgan is likely to also be another option. Main priorities for me remain RB and CB or as others have said 2 CBS if we hopefully get Boyata out the door. The talk of replacing SA is overstated for me as I thought he was hardly a key influence last year. As for tit for tat insults, I love a fair bit of debate but let’s keep it friendly Bhoys Hail Hail.

20 Aug 2018 12:09:30
Davie, speaking of McKenna, I think he'd be a very good signing. He's a young lad but he's hard as nails and I think that toughness in defence is something we are missing. I know he doesn't have an exotic sounding name (maybe he could be renamed Scotti McKennolini to satisfy the name snobs) but he's a strong competitor. I for one would not be disappointed if we signed him. HH, ALWAYS HH.

20 Aug 2018 13:10:21
I think I'm perfectly correct in the comment I made. Do you think my comment was inaccurate? I certainly wasn't having a go at anyone, I simply stated that we should be behind our club and stop falling apart at the seams with what the daily rags are writing.

Unfortunately too many people appear to believe what is being written even if they say they don't. If you're not one of them then move along. Why the anger in your reply Lh86? Do you think it's necessary? HH.

20 Aug 2018 14:06:55
It’s not the fans that have fallen apart at the seams. It’s our CL ambitions. Not one fan not taking a coin from Celtic had a say. But we suffer their inbred trepidation. We are in this place because those in charge failed us. Failed the manager and the team. We have s playoff for the consolation cup and still nothing. You don’t get behind incompetence Bob. You call it out. We will never nit support our team, but the men in suits who let the team down are more than fair game.

Trying to blame fans for Lawell is unbelievable. Did we feck up getting McGinn for a paltry £2.75m? Less than we paid for Kouassi to out that into perspective. Did the fans fail to see that Boyata would work his ticket? No we did not. Did the fans fail to bring in defenders that would have meant Biyata could have left and made £10-12m? No we didn’t. Is it the fans fault we played a makeshift inexperienced defence throughout the qualifiers, that finally and predictably saw us crash out? No it wasn’t.

If you can find in your mind excuses for all that happening then I just scratch my head. We are in this position because Lawell made an ego trip to hell.

£65m gone. Was that the fans fault?

But if we dare to call out this shambles we are listening to the press? We are the problem? You justvteoated your first post and make out it’s our fault.

Where do you even get that from? Seriously, how can you look back on our close season and not apportion the responsibility for where we are?

It’s like blaming the child for pointing out the King was naked, where happy clappers pretended he had on new clothes. Same deal here. If Celtic don’t want the fans who love the club to criticise them, then they should guarantee that by not making a total, utter arse of it.

If they do, as they have, then they get both barrels and rightly so. I asked before, where else would a CEO cost his company £65m would survive? Nowhere.

20 Aug 2018 14:29:01
Waiting til end of month, apart from that, I’m out on this string. Perspective man, we have no automatic right to be in CL and that is to a large extent UEFA’s fault on new system/ stitch up. 4 qualifiers after a WC campaign and bad luck with injuries is a huge context for said perspective.

20 Aug 2018 14:51:24
Aye it’s everybody else’s fault. What was I thinking. We knew what we were up against and did feck all. That’s our fault. No guarantees in anything, well there is one, do feck all and you pay for it. Seems that one came up trumps again.

20 Aug 2018 15:00:25
Bob there’s no anger in my reply, just think your talking nonsense! U start your post having a go at people for voicing there opinions on our terrible transfer window and other things that are happening, giving it people are talking shoite and pish. then u tell people it doesn’t need to get personal! It’s laughable honestly! And u keep going on as if the media are somehow brainwashing these people into having these opinions! I’ll say it just it’s nice and clear for you. the daily rags garbage has absolutely no influence on my opinion that the club have stood still and made an arse of this window! It’s also has no influence on the fact that I think boyata is a rat who should never play for the club again! Hope that sorts things out.

20 Aug 2018 17:27:52
Lawwell must love the fact we’ve got quite a lot of fans like Bob, who’d accept any old pish served up from the board, however, complaining is irrelevant with poverty Pete, as he couldn’t give a dam if fans are happy or not, and knows we will keep supporting even when getting short changed in the transfer market, one thing about sevco, they always back their managers best they can, a lot of their signings haven’t been great in recent years, but they always back them to their limit, I’ll say that for them.



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