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18 Aug 2018 17:15:49
It's all very well Brendan willing to give boyata another chance, for me from a fans point of view he can do one. He has let our manager, coaching staff, fans, and more importantly his fellow professionals down big time and I'd much rather take my chances with the dodgy defence that we have rather than put him back in for these Europa games. That guy clearly wants out, refuses to play when fit According to Brendan and clearly has no interest or intentions of staying and signing a new deal. For me he's done at Celtic. this is boyata we're talking about here not VVD.

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18 Aug 2018 17:29:00
We need someone who can defend.

18 Aug 2018 17:41:18
Will be finished with Rodgers if he plays Boyata again. I put Boyata in the same bracket as Viduka.

18 Aug 2018 17:44:35
Garry. I don't agree. I think the manager should put out the strongest team he can and if Boyata's attitude is spot on then we should use him whist he is on our books.
I've no doubt he should and will be sold, but if a replacement hasn't been signed then we have to use what is available to us.
The fact that Boyata didn't play against AEK didn't make me feel any better about going out, and I think that I would rather qualify for the Europa league with Boyata playing, than playing a weaker team and going out.
I accept I am probably in a minority of one over this.

18 Aug 2018 17:50:20
Agree 100% Garry. Not only did he refuse to play he then lied about by claiming to be injured which BR quickly shot down. As far as I’m concerned he’s done at our club. Anyone who refuses to pull on those famous green and white hoops is fit to wear the jersey anyway.

18 Aug 2018 17:58:04
Got to agree about getting shot of any disruptive and damaging individuals - whoever they think they are. Only last season he was costing goals left right and centre and only our forward players saved his ineptitude. BR has shown him tremendous loyalty and faith, for some reason - and he repays him with virtually going on strike. Maybe the manager is only feeding the press bull crap, knowing full well he will be out the door soon?

18 Aug 2018 18:16:44
If the manager deems it necessary to play boyata then I think he has earned the right for the fans to trust him.

18 Aug 2018 18:22:54
We don’t have an alternative. By not buying any defenders he has to play even though he’s a feckin rat. Thanks once again Peter.

18 Aug 2018 19:07:29

Disagree Rodgers was brought up a Tim. He knows the fans are faithful but won't except someone refusing to pull the Celtic Jersey on. Boyata is finished at Celtic my only hope it's all spin to move him on.

18 Aug 2018 20:00:57
Gerryc, I totally respect you opinion but let’s remember Brendan and Celtic needed boyata in Greece and according to Brendan boyatas bull s**t about being injured was nonsense. That being the case there is no place ever for him in our team. What made it equally worse was that ajer was suspended so our need was greater. Boyata is a disgrace and I think Brendan can expect or should I say boyata should expect nothing short of a frosty reception from the majority of fans if he wears the hoops again. Big Hartson was right today, boyata shouldn’t have had a choice, he should’ve been told to get on that plane to Greece. Celtic pay his wage on a contract he was happy to sign, and for me by refusing to go he should’ve been suspended and fined the maximum he possibly could’ve been.

18 Aug 2018 20:54:39
Garry I don't disagree with anything you say. The Ideal outcome would be to get a decent replacement in, sell Boyata and move on.
My point though is if we don't sign anyone then Boyata apologises and makes himself available, should we play a weaker team and risk elimination from the Europa league? . I'm not sure we should.
After saying all that, I would be astounded if Boyata played on Thursday. I would have thought behind the scenes they will be trying to sell him and bring in someone as soon as possible.

18 Aug 2018 21:40:23
Gerryc, Celtic took the risk with our defence. We new boyata ( before his carry on) was at the World Cup, same with lustig. Our defence has been a cause for concern for a few years now I’d suggest especially on a European level. We should’ve brought in a centre half anyway, there was no guarantees boyata would’ve signed a new deal, Brendan clearly doesn’t fancy big jozo which leaves us with young hendry and ajer ( not to mention the non existent comper. For me boyata doesn’t pick and chose his games and by allowing him to come back into the fold is playing a risky game and doesn’t show a good example to the rest of the squad. What message does it send out to the rest of the squad?

18 Aug 2018 21:44:06
B R is here 2 yrs . 6 mths ago he said he couldn't be happier with Board D D and P L who got him all his targets including 2 centre halves, he was really happy . Yet now he is talking about playing a c b who doesn't want to be with us.

18 Aug 2018 22:00:11
He should never get near the team again. If rather play a boys club player than him. Absolute disgrace.

19 Aug 2018 11:32:19
Agreed get Boyata out!

19 Aug 2018 11:34:29
To me Brendan has made an absolute balls up of this and for the first time since he came in I’m doubting his decision! Boyata in my eyes is done and there will be no forgiveness or 2nd chances! The guy is a 2nd rate player and an even worse man judging by his actions!

His agent has said he won’t be signing a new deal and he’ll sign a pre contract as soon as January comes! He’s lied about being injured and refused to play in our most vital game of the season so far. if Rodgers is serious about playing him again then I will not back this player! And don’t give me the back your team at all costs pish either!

This donkey, and that’s exactly what this guy is! A piss poor defender who thinks he’s paolo Maldini. if this donkey thinks he can stroll back on that park as if nothing’s happened then he couldn’t be more wrong! The first mistake he makes, and we all know we won’t wait long for that he will be hounded! Brendan has handled this whole thing so poorly, and hasn’t covered himself in glory with his constant bumming up of this diddy!

Sorry for the rant guys but I’m disgusted with this, and along with the lack of transfers And CL exit it puts such a downer on things!

19 Aug 2018 11:36:49
If he plays in europe and we keep a clean sheet then the manager is right Happy hoopy.



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