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10 Jul 2018 06:40:53
Why oh why are we not paying the 3 million for mcginn when we are apparently in the money. i hate to say this but gerard is building a team if we don't pull the finger out and get quality in will give us, Brendan and the board a serious wake up call. we have had it easy for years and were starting to become complacent. HH.

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10 Jul 2018 07:02:05
And you know this how? He’s building a team of cluggers he’s filling it with big lumps of wood that will be physical McGinn will be in and there’s 6 weeks of transfer window left, mellow out.

10 Jul 2018 07:23:34
What team is he building?, can you honestly say you heard of any of these rangers players in a positive light before? . I look at our front line and midfield and see stars, defence sometimes quaky but still two up until recently in the WC. We are turning into them if we spend for the sake of it. Pretty confident this ones on the bag!

10 Jul 2018 07:48:40
Utter garbage. Other then arfield no one has heard of them, and that's only because he played here. They beat bury, , lowest tier in England.

10 Jul 2018 08:50:24
Load of old tosh. Zombies are building a team to compete for 2nd place (and they will fail) none of that team would get on our bench. We will bring in 3 more players before the close mark my words. HH 3 to go till 10 in a row.

10 Jul 2018 08:53:23
Because if we can pay £2m instead of £3m that would make business sense?

I know it’s slow but surely it’s better Rodgers taking his time to make sure the players we bring in will improve us. Rather than a few years back where we would make numerous signings, leaving us with the likes of Ciftci for the next 4 years.

10 Jul 2018 09:09:28
Find it strange people are writing off the Zombie challenge before a ball is kicked. All they have to do is beat the rest of the other teams. Let's face it not the hardest task in world football. Then it's game on for league.

We have upper hand in games v them but won't last forever.

I would worry about us if brown was out a long period. We need quality signings.

10 Jul 2018 09:24:27
So you think them beating Aberdeen, Hibs, hearts and Kilmarnock is going to be easy? We had a relatively poor season by our standards and still won the treble.

Don’t believe the hype, they can sign whoever they want but they still have an inexperienced manager.

10 Jul 2018 09:47:19
Scoop, how many of Gerrard's signings would you honestly be pleased with?

10 Jul 2018 10:15:06
Andyh93 it won't be easy but very possible.

You can be complacent/ arrogant all you want. Watched to many leagues slip away due to under investment in squad.

To think the league is won before a ball is kicked is foolish IMO. We are favourites and rightly so but can't rest.

Rookie manager we won the league under Lennon who was just that.

10 Jul 2018 10:54:51
They finished 3rd last season and we’re worried about them winning the league?

We just spent £10m on Edouard. Looks like we’re going to spend another £2m-£3m on McGinn. There will likely be more signings. Even if we didn’t make another signing we’d have the strongest squad in the league by miles. No need to worry.

10 Jul 2018 11:02:05

All about opinions can't really take you serious though when your saying we spent 10m on Eduardo. Could half that figure and it would be more accurate. Red tops are not a good source for information.

{Ed007's Note - So Celtic lied when they said Edouard's broke our transfer record? The paperwork lodged with UEFA gives the fee at around 10 million Euros (£9 million at the exchange rate) but that could be including add-ons.
Edouard definitely cost more than £5 million.}

10 Jul 2018 11:07:23
The day we underestimate Rangers is the day we go backward and open the door to them. If anything we need to over estimate their challenge and be good enough to beat that easily.

Bitter experience over a lifetime has taught me never take your eye off them and never even consider it’s job done. We are at a crossroads, we qualify for the CL and get that cash and use it well, we leave them behind. But we still watch them.

{Ed007's Note - Why should we overestimate a team that has came 3rd the last 2 seasons? Why not concentrate on Celtic and what we're doing, that would make a nice change for some Celtic fans.
You've fell into the trap of comparing the current TRIFC incarnation of Rangers to the original club who were propped up by the bank and dodgy tax scams to help them cheat their way to success.
Celtic will once again prevail in the league next season and TRIFC will be left fighting it out with Hibs, Hearts and possibly Kilmarnock to catch Aberdeen.}

10 Jul 2018 11:23:49
Got a link to these UEFA paperwork.

{Ed007's Note - www.fifatms.com

10 Jul 2018 11:29:41
Dear oh dear, the team Gerrards building! U having a laugh mate! I’ve heard this garbage mostly from the sevco mouth pieces but I didn’t expect it on here! Name me one of there new players that would get in our team! The answer is zero. we've a settled strong squad that needs a wee bit of quality added here and there that’s it! Let’s not fall for the bluster that comes from the crumble dome every single summer eh!

10 Jul 2018 11:59:09
Let’s preoare to beat them at their over inflated ability. That y, they turn out less than they hoped we co tinge absolutely hammering them. I don’t want just to be better, I want every game we play them to be absolute terror for them. That’s the gap we have now, that’s the gap I want with whatever Gerrard does. What’s wrong with that?

{Ed007's Note - Because Aberdeen have been our nearest rivals in recent years.}

10 Jul 2018 13:26:06
I hope they are again, or even better Hibs then the Dons.

The first game a Pittidrue will tell us how much Gerard has improved them. Aberdeen shat it from them last year up there with a team of duds up against them. Be interesting to see if they can handle them if they are better.

{Ed007's Note - All the Ibrox minded folk are saying Gerrard needs time and money, he won't get much of either. I'll be surprised if he's still their manager come March/April.}

11 Jul 2018 10:35:04
I will be surprised if he is there long after we beat them at Greyskull. Both King and Gerrard will be driven out this season.



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