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27 Jun 2018 23:53:43
Another excellent and correct decision by VAR.

Yet you will hear nothing about it.

seen about 8 decisions correctly overturned and vital for teams progress etc.

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28 Jun 2018 05:12:46
There is no problem with VAR. The problem is that it can still come down to interpretation.

28 Jun 2018 06:53:51
So Sweden shouldn't have had a pen after the ref reviewed it.

28 Jun 2018 08:36:49
Said before; it's still vulnerable to human error and 'honest mistakes' with personal opinions varying, dependant on circumstances and interpretation. It will never please all of the people etc etc.

28 Jun 2018 10:43:40
It has worked with many game changing correct decisions being made thanks to VAR. of course it’s not perfect, no system with human involvement can be. But, it’s a whole lot better than honest mistakes, or awful refs ruining games by influencing them through cheating or ineptitude, or simply not seeing the whole play.

People who don’t like it point only to the times it’s jess than perfect. Focus on all the decisions and if you do that you cannot fail to see it has worked far more than it hasn’t.

I would widen its influence to include diving and just took out by a sniper rolls. Hammer those barstewards from the off. If the player argues the red just has to say, it’s all on tape mate, you made a can't of yourselves and got caught. Do it again and your arse is grass.

Mon the VAR.

{Ed007's Note - Yeah Mon the VAR. What difference does it make whether Douglas Ross or Collum are on the pitch or in the VAR room? Except it's easier to manipulate the game from the VAR room and there is ZERO comeback because the VAR team have reviewed so who's policing them.
Has one of the basic rules of football changed now and the referee's decision isn't final like it has been for over 100 years?
The people sticking up for VAR obviously don't watch much of the Bundesliga where it's been proven to be the farce it is and how much easier it makes match-fixing - imagine it in Scotland, VAR will just back up the honest mistakes, would a VAR team award Celtic a last minute penalty at Ibrox with the scores 0-0?
Would a German VAR team have flagged up Maradona's Hand of God goal? Would an Iranian VAR team give the USA a penalty or Russians and South Korea? Major tournaments would become even more political - and we all know UEFA/FIFA don't like that unless there's bungs involved.
All VAR does is get some more people's opinions on something that have watched replays, their interpretation of the rules or events could still be wrong, it's just another opinion. If 20 people watch a replay of a penalty decision they won't all agree for differeing reasons, one person might think Neymar dived and another might think there was contact and he was entitled to go down - so what does VAR actually do because it still doesn't present a 100% conclusive outcome, instead of refs getting the blame for mistakes VAR shoulders it.
It's pointless and the stupidest idea that's been brought into foootball since assistant refs on the byline at the goals and one that has ruined an already mediocre tournament.
Maybe people who don't like it have watched it for more than 2 weeks.}

28 Jun 2018 11:28:52
Now that's what I call paranoia. yesterday South Korea could have had a goal chopped off and Germany would have still needed just 1 goal and Mexico could be out of the tournament.

There have been several penalty decisions correctly called, Neymar correctly called out on a dive, last nights decision among others.

So VAR haters are basically saying they would prefer these incorrect decisions stood? which could give 3 pts swing the wrong way? totally changing tournaments?

it's simple, the old school don't like change. However if you don't like VAR then keep your mouth shut when decisions go against you during the season.

{Ed007's Note - So if VAR stopped Celtic getting what you think is a stonewall penalty - even when you've seen the replay - you'll just sit and accept it because other people have watched the same replays and came to a different decision, you'll be on here telling all of us to shut up because VAR said it wasn't - sounds a bit muppety to me. Why accept VAR and not just the referee's decision?
And who's to say one of the VAR team (or their associates) didn't have a bet on there being no penalties, or that X player will get booked?
Maybe kids should stick to their video games and leave real football to the old school that taught them about the game.
Go and speak to German fans or Google Bundesliga VAR, you might actually learn something about it.
It's far from paranoia when we live in a country where we have seen referees openly cheat - Dougie McDonald - and the reaction to Ross shouting "red card" for Simunovic so who's going to police a group of faceless men sitting in a room watching monitors and making major decisions, and their 'honest mistakes' will be above reproach because they are the VAR team. Would we have been allowed to moan if the VAR team had backed Dougie McDonald at Tannadice that day or would we just have been told to shut up?}

28 Jun 2018 11:44:09
The overwhelming consensus is that the big decisions arrived to by VAR have been correct. That’s the bottom line. As for bent refs watching, they need to know that taking a decision that can clearly be evidenced will ruin their careers. The ref gets a bye because in the heat of the game they can make mistakes. Having the ability to review has seen most refs changing their mind. That is good for the game, unless if course you prefer leaving it to chance.

We would benefit more from it than we lost. It’s gers and it isn’t going away. It’s the future and attempts should be made to improve it, but your kidding yourself if you don’t think most people, even with its problems, is a fairer way to see justice be done. It’s not perfect, but anything that can remove honest mistakes against the gers next year I will welcome with open arms.

{Ed007's Note - The bottom line is it's as flawed as the normal referring system and just as open to the same errors, except VAR does make match fixing a hell of a lot easier.
It's still just other people's opinion so you are still leaving it to chance, if VAR don't make mistakes why are people talking about things it's got wrong? Surely VAR was right and the people calling it out were wrong?
And just because you agree with VAR's decision doesn't make them or you right, it's just that you agree and you can still agree with people on things that are wrong.}

28 Jun 2018 11:50:35
Thank you Ed! Put perfectly, the idea of VAR in SPFL is truly sobering!

{Ed007's Note - It wouldn't make any difference, Davie. Instead of blaming refs people would just blame VAR for deciosions they don't agree with with. It's been a complete farce in Germany with the head of VAR sacked for match-fixing allegations, players brought out at half time to take a penalty etc the German fans hate it.}

28 Jun 2018 15:26:26
If the Germans hate it, it can't be that bad lol, but seriously thought it was just for obvious errors.

29 Jun 2018 19:03:54
The FIFA Commitee with responsibility to produce new technology driven changes to the game ., were hamstrung and couldn't agree about anything . In the true nature of committees in order to maintain their apparent usefulness they came up with Var .
They have now created another 4 years work, manipulating and amending Var before abandoning the experiment completely.

30 Jun 2018 14:14:22
It doesn't matter up here, it would still be the same freemasons operating VAR.

30 Jun 2018 22:04:34
Jamesbhoy67 . No matter what anyone thinks, I always knew that someday you would post sensibly.



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