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04 Jun 2018 20:04:35
I just wanted to congratulate big Boyata for making a mega talented Belgian squad for the World Cup. got to believe his form over the last month got him the nod. Asides from KT and probably Moussa, would we have any players in that squad?

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04 Jun 2018 20:26:40
Absolutely good call VT, it wasn’t ago his head was called for here, but seems to improve by the day. Hope the lad gets a good run and prove himself worthy to be representing Celtic.

04 Jun 2018 20:36:18
His problem is concentration. When he's on it he's as good as we will get. Big mobile and fast, a real modern CB. if he keeps it together!

{Ed007's Note - When Boyata just follows his instinct and doesn't think too much he's a solid enough defender. I noticed a few times (I think it was the cup final) he was just hitting the ball out for a throw-in rather than pass it back to the 'keeper or trying and take on the attacker. If he keeps his concentration and keeps it simple he plays well.}

04 Jun 2018 20:47:10
Boyata was a rock the last 5 games of the season. Hope he signs a new deal.

04 Jun 2018 22:44:53
I agree with Ed. If the bug fellow would just be the new Bobo crunch head and howff it out hed be sound. Its when he tries to be to silky, which is to much for me, that ge gives me the fear.

04 Jun 2018 23:06:03
I should proof read more when drinking Ed. Big fat thumbs and all that.

05 Jun 2018 00:35:11
I have always liked big Boyata, he may have lacked some confidence from time to time , but we shouldn't blame him, too many fans treated him like Ambrose.

05 Jun 2018 02:34:07
He has made the same mistakes as Efe from time to time, but as yous have said if he concentrates and clears his lines he is a decent cb .

05 Jun 2018 08:37:57
Well done to him. I've defended him as much as anybody on here and would like him to stay to at least be part of the squad. But, if rumours are true about him wanting to move elsewhere then this could be a good shop window for us. With Kompany and Vermaelen made of glass, and Belgium playing a back 3. Boyata could find himself playing.

05 Jun 2018 10:10:51
The frustrating thing about Boyata is that he does have what it takes. He sadly also has had a tendency to make major balls ups at crucial times in big games.

I agree with the consensus that if he sorts out taking stupid and suicidal risks then he moved up another level. The question is do we take the risk? We need another really good CB and that in itself will put pressure on him to sort out his scary tendencies.

I hope he plays in the WC and does great. Even if he doesn’t recsign that alone will get us a good return if he chooses pastures new, if he stays the confidence gained will help us. Conversely. If he has a nightmare then having adequate cover is vital.

A RB is also a must for me. Our main weakness is in defence and needs addressed as a matter of urgency.

{Ed007's Note - But it isn't really the defence that's worrying. We conceded the same amount of goals in the league as last year and the defence was good enough to win another treble while only conceding 2 goals in both the cup competitions.
The problem was we scored 33 less goals in the league than we did previously and we drew blanks at home against teams like St Johnstone, Killie and Motherwell, if our defence was as shoddy as some people think we'd have lost some of the 10 draws we had.
There is absolutely nothing to back up this notion that our defence is our weakness.}

05 Jun 2018 10:38:49
The CL is the level we attain to. We lost the most goals of all teams in it. That tells me that this is an area that needs addressed. If we are happy with SPFL stats then you’re right, we shouldn’t be though. I’m not saying we are covered in other areas, im saying last season in thevCL we were humiliated more than once. We would have had a great chance to beat Bayern had it not been for one suicidal mistake from Boyata and failing to meet the cross for their second.

The defence isn’t good enough. Lustig has lost two yards. We don’t have acreplacemt of adequate cover for him. Hendry doesn’t look good enough for the SPFL never mind the CL.

Our rabbits in the headlights approaches to big games there for me was contributed to through fear of losing the ball and leaving it to a defence no one should feel confident in.

We have been saying for years our defence isn’t good enough and European level football confirms this every season. We can’t go another year with hope and talking up players who might be good enough. We need players who are. A RB and s CB who go straight in are a must.

{Ed007's Note - We need to sort out our AM department domestically before we even think about anything in Europe. In Europe our problems are more about tactics than personnel, if Rodgers played a midfield 3 (4-3-2-1) with 2 CDMs instead of 2 (4-2-3-1) with one CDM in there it would make all the difference.}

05 Jun 2018 11:00:03
I would agree better tactics will help, better players will make those improved tactics even more effective. Let’s be bold and do both.

{Ed007's Note - I'll be surprised if a RB is brought in if I'm being honest.}

05 Jun 2018 11:48:11
Then that will be a mistake. Lustig, as much as I love him is on the downward curve. Ralston isn’t good enough imo and to leave that position to them both will be a decision that relies on hope.

I actually think we will this time, but I thought we would last time so you’re probably right.

{Ed007's Note - Lustig's been carrying an ankle knock most of the season so that hasn't helped and I don't think going to the WC will do him any good in the longer term. For years Lustig has spoke about how he will eventually move to play at CB because of his ongoing hip problems and at 31 this might be the ideal time to do that.}

05 Jun 2018 12:37:32
He certainly could provide cover so maybe that’s an option for him. Pace is still a factor though and age slows everyone down.

05 Jun 2018 22:54:52
Ed007 . It seems that it is very easy for some fans to slag defenders . They see a bit of a slip or a bit of lack of control and they go mad with their criticism . Every defender in the World can have some degree of error in their game at some stage. Fans who have played the game understand .
The creative midfielder is more difficult to assess, he relies a lot on quality and timing of getting ball and movement of players around him . Because fans don't fully understand the intricities involved they tend to ignore these players and blame the defence who concede a goal every two games. , as giving them nightmares, even if the defence may not be at fault for half goals conceded.



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