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30 May 2018 08:28:55
Hi guys First time poster, Thought I would wade in on the Mcginn rumour. All I need to say is if Rodgers says yes that's good enough for me Hail Hail.

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30 May 2018 08:39:26
Hiw some if our posters can't see this bhoy can play is beyond me what he's got that some if our players don't have is aggression and am not counting broony in that.

30 May 2018 08:45:34
The potential is definitely there with Rodgers team coaching the future is exciting and add to that he will play for the badge. That will do me.

30 May 2018 09:11:05
The people that don't rate him must be watching some amount of games at Easter Road to make that kind of judgement because the games against us he bossed the midfield.

Hope he signs and shuts the lot of them up.

30 May 2018 09:33:15
You must have watched a lot of hibs games then to come to that judgement. I watch celtic and if a player stands out against us I don't wet my knickers cos he has had a few good games.

30 May 2018 09:50:18
I haven’t seen loads of him to be honest, but at 23 he’s hardly a youngster coming through with potential. We aren’t a club that can afford to buy players without thinking they will be good enough for the spl but not good enough for us to push on in Europe . Like I say, I haven’t seen loads of him and people are saying he bossed is in some games., all well and good but I remember, Ciftci and Johnny Hayes causing us problems when we played them and none of them were really good enough to improve us.

30 May 2018 10:08:19
We can't sign ready made cl players so the ones we sign are all gambles but we've done ok up till now mcginn can play in the spl with his slippers on. cl time will tell it's about opinions i think he would do ok at that level for what it's worth.

30 May 2018 10:50:47
Nah Marco i have seen him against us and for Scotland where he stood out. What you going to do if he signs boo the guy . Negative doom and gloom merchants. Bet you slagged Ntcham after 3 games then wet your nickers by game 5.

{Ed007's Note - I always wonder why some Celtic fans only watch our games. How can you know anything about the football in the country Celtic play or even football in general if you only watch Celtic games?
I hate international football but I'll still watch a lot of the World Cup while Marco will probably watch old Celtic DVDs and then come on talking about games or players he didn't watch.

30 May 2018 10:54:40
To me personally this cl talk is hogwash we would need to spend 200 million plus to be remotely competitive against the big boys last year proved that the spl is our bread and butter and Mcginn is more than capable. The dark side will be better next year by hook or by crook we need to prioritise 10 and hope for the odd big scalp in cl at Parkhead.

30 May 2018 11:27:01
For me he can replace Armstrong but if Armstrong signs an extension then we don't need him would love to have mcginn in with us as someone said he has fire in his belly when on the park and a celt at heart, how about we punt Armstrong and get mcginn in and hopefully make a wee profit hh.

30 May 2018 11:41:44
Lol Ed, I get slated off my pals watching too much Scottish football and for not watching world cups etc or the champs league after celtic are out.

Like to catch as many Scottish games as I can and get over to cappielow for some morton games from time to time when I can't get to paradise.

It's what I've grown up on and got taken to games the length and breadth of the country due to my father's work, from Dingwall to dumfries, Dundee to Stranraer, ha ha.

McGinn is a decent player and will fit in nicely to the squad but can see a few leaving from that area of the park.

30 May 2018 13:16:18
It's an odd one Ed, clearly the people who don't rate him were not at any of the games we played Hibs. I will judge him on them, playing against what i reckon is our best midfield since 2003 and bossing it. He did the same for Scotland v Holland. Not to mention what managers, fellow players and Hibs fans think of him. Yep they must all be wrong. Some fans just like a good moan they are about as positive as a size 12 to the ballies. Prob never even seen him play yet think he ain't good enough.

{Ed007's Note - I honestly believe that some fans would be more excited if we were signing a fancy named foreigner they've never heard of let alone watched playing rather than a young lad that's worked his socks off his whole career to become the best midfielder in Scotland, outwith Celtic, that would run through a brick wall for Celtic and crawl over broken glass the length of the M8 for the chance to.}

30 May 2018 13:42:35
Well said Ed, my thoughts exactly. We let one of our own McCarthy go down south, we can't allow the same to happen with McGinn. If he comes in i reckon his attitude would be identical to McGregors. Hard working, always willing to learn from the Manager and players around him, never a complain heard, and be a Celt for the rest of his career. He would thrive at CP we are the perfect environment for him.

{Ed007's Note - Even if he stayed here 3-5 years he's only be 28ish and if he wanted to move to England I have no qualms that we would a) be delighted with his contribution to Celtic's continuing domination of Scotland and b) make a tidy profit on him.}

30 May 2018 13:37:12
Well said ED! Look at Ntcham for example! Everyone loving the signing just because he came form city youth, although they had no idea what kind of player he actually was (Not slagging Ntcham in any way) . McGinn should be a Celtic player in my opinion, hopefully we sign him up. He would develop a lot faster under our ranks and our coaching staff. He seems like a good fit as a Celtic player.

30 May 2018 15:53:40
Spot on ken. Without being disrespectful to Hibs who did really well on their return, McGinn would get better coaching, better facilities and valuable advice and guidance from our Captain.

30 May 2018 16:40:36
McGinn is at a better level now than Brown was when we signed him.

Similar level to Armstrong etc, except he can tackle a bit as well and we are desperate for that.

30 May 2018 16:51:19
A will be first to admit I watch as many Celtic games as I can and when I get the chance any games that are on but I haven’t seen enough of McGinn to have an opinion on him but as previous posters have said if BR thinks he’s good enough that will do me.

30 May 2018 17:02:16
That's pretty much how i see it Campsie. Can only judge the lad on the games i have seen and he has impressed everytime. Like you i am happy to let BR and his staff be the ones who choose who comes in.

31 May 2018 07:03:07
No am not going to boo the guy because I haven't seen enough of him to make a fair judgement. Unlike most on here.

31 May 2018 07:59:45
Time will tell Marco, hopefully he signs and proves his doubters wrong. Quite happy to let BR make judgement on ins and outs.

31 May 2018 21:59:42
I have no love for English football and haven't had for many decades but I have to say that to me it seems an incoming player who has experience of either Scottish or English Football are often at an advantage coming to us .
The beauty about McGinn is that there would be no settling in period, he should be right to go from his first week .
He certainly has attracted a lot of speculation and it seem we are fairly evenly split about signing him or not .
Hopefully if we do sign him, everyone gets behind him and help him become as good a Celtic player as possible.



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