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23 May 2018 07:03:52
Love the site and it gives a chance to share thoughts, information, constructive criticism and laughs.
Real time banter before, during and after games is a Favourite and the daily summary is a nice feeder.
Well done to all the Eds.

While I would love to achieve 10 in a row I am seeing more and fans being obsessed by it and convinced its a done deal.
With our structure and resources then it is within our capabilities but, for me anyway, too many side factors could develop if we get closer. Especially, the sale of players.
Anyway, just my thoughts on the subject as it has been niggling me. Now off my chest so time to sit back and remember another great season while looking ahead with confidence. H. H.

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23 May 2018 08:44:36
We can't allow ourselves to be complacent TT, we have a very good squad a mixture of experience and youth but we should always try to improve every season. We need to just focus on being the best we can be. I do think the Board should use 10 as a means to improve we are so close now and the many years of good work on and off the field should not be derailed by that embarrassment of a new club. As i said previously this summer is a foot on the throat moment let's destroy them for good.

23 May 2018 10:08:28
Our main focus is and should always be, getting into the CL group stages and raising our level of performance in it if we do that it will be because we have improved. If that is achieved we will be handing out arse kickings to all at home.

Brendan knows that it is a national pastime of people laughing at us when we get handed our arse in Europe. It’s all they have. They want us to fail badly. He knows also on a personal level a continuation of our woeful return in points does his personal reputation no favours.

He was right, and still is, regarding players. Do well here in the CL and get the right move to a bigger team than your Stokes et al. It’s the same deal for him.

The news big Tom has signed was a huge boost. I was getting the fear of losing the big man. He is absolute class and the type that can make a difference for us in the CL. Ajer signing and hopefully big Eddy and Armstrong will be another massive confidence boost.

We still need I would say, three players who conecstraight into the team.

I have loved the hysteria surrounding Stevie Scouser. I also loved the Lying King saying we would fold like a pack of cards. I have never met Dermot, but, having all that cash, he knows what’s he’s doing and to listen to that fanny try and rally his hordes should have had him saying, I’m going to fecking bury you pal. I know that is what my reaction would have been.

He will know that in order to see off both Stevie Scouser and King, and I mean, them leaving Mordor, requires we tool up for the CL, achieve that and they’re toast.

Our Three Amigos will have spoken about whatvneeds to be done. Rogers has announced we need to improve and new additions will be arriving. If he brings in quality, which I believe he will. Then we move out of sight.

Sevco will overstretch themselves financially yet again. To destroy them leaves them with a hard choice. Cut their cloth, or go bust. Two more CL cheques and they will find it difficult to sustain any credible challenged for many years. If at all.

The ball is in our court. We all know what we need. Go and get those players Celtic. If we do, 10iar is just thecstart. My hope is we reach 55 before them. Even though they have won Feck all, we know that, but to reach 55 would be the piss case of the century.

No let up. No complacency. Increase the weight on the boot on their throats and look forward to the inevitable FF meltdown comedy gold.


23 May 2018 11:07:02
Fantastic post Magicpole, if what I've been told is true (we all know it's the crazy season for rumours) . The Board are going to back Brendan. The Edouard deal will not be the biggest Transfer of the Window.

23 May 2018 11:34:28
Very good post Magicpole. On the subject of honours won by both clubs, The Rangers that died after 139 years accumulated 115 major honours (many which should have an asterisk beside) , we are currently on 105 and have been in existence 9 years less. So we have until 2027 to reach 139 year old and surpass 115 major honours and become undoubtedly The world's most successful club 😱😁.

23 May 2018 13:28:29
Good post that Magicpole.

For me I’d like to see us focus on shoring up our defense for Europe. Some of the goals we conceded in the CL were poor but the 3 away to zenit were very disappointing.

I’d like to see us sign a first choice CB, first choice RW and first choice GK. With Simunovic and Compper potentially leaving we will need a new CB, Rodgers wants a smaller squad so has to be a first choice CB for me.

I think Forrest has been better than usual this season but I do think he’s a weak link for Europe. He’s quick but drives
Inside too often and I think Roberts would have been first choice if it wasn’t for injuries and him basically confirming he won’t be staying permanently.

GK- I very much doubt we will sign another one, however Gordon is a massive weak link in Europe. His shot stopping is pretty inconsistent, he makes the odd incredible save mind. But mostly his distribution is shocking, the amount of times in Europe he tries to chip the ball over their forward into the full back and it goes out for a throw in is shocking. These are opportunities for us to start attacks but 9/ 10 times leads to the opponents being handed an opportunity. I hope Bain is preferred over Gordon assuming we don’t bring in another keeper, he seems much more comfortable passing out from the back.

I’m sure Rodgers will know where he wants to strengthen but I think we are strong in midfield and it looks like we’ll sign Edouard so plenty of options up top too.

{Ed007's Note - Before we sort out the defence for Europe we need to sort the attacking/creative part of our team domestically. We might have won the Treble again but our overall league performances leave a hell of a lot to be desired - 73 goals in 38 games is nowhere near good enough considering the level of our opposition.
Compare these stats:

RD's last season: W26 D8 L4 GF 93 GA 31 GD 62 Pts. 86

BR this season: W24 D10 L4 GF 73 GA 25 GD 48 Pts. 82

Forrest went off the boil and should have been dropped after Christmas but with Roberts being injured there was no replacement, Rogic flatters to deceive and goes missing in far too many games and Scott Sinclair had a poor season yet STILL finished our top scorer.
The three positions behind the striker need strengthened in this window and McGregor needs to be giving a chance playing in the No.10 role. If you're not creating for the striker(s) then you're not going to score enough goals.}

23 May 2018 15:05:33
Pretty amazing that Roñnys final season's league stats were better than Rodgers this season. Where Rodgers team can't be faulted is domestically for 2 seasons now we have turned up for every must win game.

{Ed007's Note - We have but we can't go on like that, we need to turn up for every game. I don't see Aberdeen pushing us any closer next season but we need to get back to being ruthless and playing with flair in the league, we failed to break down far too many well organised defences this season and that's mostly down to the 3 AMs not performing to their fullest capabilities - or in Forrest's case his limited capabilities.}

23 May 2018 14:52:24
Hard to argue with any of that tbh Ed. I was more referring to our European performances where we’ve managed to score but handed goals away. But I’m with you I don’t think we’ve been anything special this season. Rodgers has us turning up in the big games but we’ve really struggled to break teams down in the league.

My theory was that the unbeaten run was hanging over them and they were more worried about not losing than winning, perhaps that’s stuck with them the rest of the season, I don’t know. But it’s been far from free flowing football.

I hope Sinclair can turn it around but as to how James Forrest has been a regular in the team for the last 4-5 years is beyond me. I still think it’s going to take Rodgers 2-3 more transfer windows before the squads where he wants it to be.

{Ed007's Note - Forrest has proven again that he should be no more than a squad player for us. He had a good first half of the season but since the turn of the year he's went missing in a lot of games and his general play has regressed to to the we have grown to expect of him. It'll be a major mistake if Rodgers goes with Forrest as his first choice on the right next season.
The league is our bread and butter and as I said above I don't see Aberdeen or anyone else getting closer to us but we have to raise the bar instead of just cruising through the games and basically just doing enough.}

23 May 2018 16:30:13
He’s been like this for years now Ed and every manager he’s worked with has continued to play him despite his mediocre performances. I don’t get it. He’s going to end up having a testimonial like broony, gives me the fear.

I know Morgan plays mostly on the left or in the middle but he’s good with both feet so maybe he’ll be given a chance on the right.

There will no doubt be a few additions so I’m sure they’ll come back fresh and raring to go.

{Ed007's Note - You're preaching to the choir here, Andy, I've been saying the exact same things about Forrest for years.}

23 May 2018 17:52:10
Can't disagree with any of that ED. I've felt for a lot of this season that we don't seem to maintain our level for the full 90 minutes. Even on Saturday as great as it was, the second half performance tailed off a bit, we were giving the ball away quite a bit and generally our play became a bit sloppy.
I would prepare for next season on the basis that Sevco will be a lot stronger, I'm not saying they will be but I think it's the best way to keep focussed and not let complacency creep into our game.
I always feel with Forrest that he's okay when somebody is pushing him. Earlier in the season he played well but when Roberts got injured late last year his form fell away, he had no real competition for his place.
It was great to get Roberts for this season, it's just a shame that injuries ruled him out of most of it. I still believe that if both players are at their best then Roberts is the better of the two and I think he could have made a difference to our attacking play.

{Ed007's Note - TRIFC will be fighting Hibs for 3rd spot again next season - what they do is irrelevant because if we judge ourselves on their standards we'll never get anywhere.}

23 May 2018 21:28:54
Forrest has been superb this season, all wingers in the game are inconsistent to be fair. roberts was rotten in a good few games for us as well but never gets the stick Forrest gets. give him a break and get behind him.

{Ed007's Note - Forrest had a good first half of the season but he was poor since the turn of the year, his goal against the TRIFC at Celtic Park was his first league goal since Boxing Day and that's simply not good enough for Celtic who dominate possession like we do and is a lot more problematic than him being inconsistent.
How many times has Forrest looked like he was going to kick-on only for him to go back the way? He'll start off next season flying and then he'll drop off again. We need players to be playing at the top of their game every week, sometimes twice a week, not a few months here and there.}

24 May 2018 10:37:25
Forrest has been better first half of the season. Fell back to his usual crap final baw and honking finishing since the new year.

We do need both in-terms of attacking threat and defence for the CL. I’m confident our strikers will find their scoring touch next season. Sevco scoring more goals than us shows you how rubbish our finishing has been.

I wish we had signed wee paddy he is miles ahead of Forrest in every dept.

Every time Forest gets the ball in the last third my heart rate slows as I know he will Feck up the final baw. He gets us lots of corners, but we have a 1/ 1000 conversion rate from that.

If we want to move up a level Forrest isn’t a player who can do that. Player of the year my perfectly formed arse.

People deluded themselves about Forrest. Second half of the season tells you all you need to know about how we move up a level. If people don’t want to get better then Forrest is fine. I do, and he won’t.

25 May 2018 11:34:37
Feel when Armstrong plays we look more threatening going forward imo. However when I look at your stats what springs out to me is less goals conceded. If we improve upon that again next season and improve our goals which I believe we will. Nothing in this country stands a chance.

25 May 2018 11:31:35
dont get me started on forrest, it was criminal to see paddy sitting on the bench when he was back fit.



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