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06 Apr 2018 17:21:34
BATE Borisov - a team with mostly Belarus players and only a 13,000 capacity which they don't always fill.

in last 10 seasons have qualified 5 times for the champions league group stages. The exact same amount as us.

Yet we have a 60,000 stadium that we sell out often. We make millions more than teams like this.

Yet our own board and some of our own fans are convinced we can't do better in Europe because we don't have £500 million.

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06 Apr 2018 17:46:01
@Tesla369 two posts from you on the rumours and banter pages, both fekin negative.
Celtic thank you for your support, NOT.

06 Apr 2018 18:37:03
Whilst negative it is a valid point.

Can’t say I follow the Belarus league, but if the points offered are true question is why can’t we do more.

On the flip side look at PSG spent close to £250m on two players yet can’t make the finals.

My view is Celtic are anchored by a mentality of we are happy to here and especially away from home look like rabbits in headlights when up against any Euro heavyweight. We do have a good standard of player many internationals but never seem to do ourselves justice on the big stage.

Celtic won’t spend the money so looking at successful teams of similar or smaller size is the best way to go, are we not copying Ajax, Porto’s formula, buy young develop then sell for profit. Repeat cycle?
It’s holding the right players for enough time to give us a chance of doing something great.

I posted before about the players that left Wanyama, Forster, Van Djik, Hooper, Lesley etc. Sold because they wanted to go but imagine them blended into the team now.

06 Apr 2018 18:51:36
Not negative at all. Realistic. The things I posted are facts. If you disagree please feel free to explain to me how the things I posted are not true?

you can't argue with facts, that's the problems. I can't even post a fact without being told I'm not being supportive.

I pay and go to and positively support Celtic every home game regardless of who is wearing the strip. Good player/ bad player

but I'm not going to come away and pretend our teams doing amazing if they aren't. Sorry if that bothers you tbh.

06 Apr 2018 18:54:14
Just a question Timalloy - The point about BATE Borisov. Do you find it an acceptable level that we are being matched by sides with a revenue similar to SPL sides?

I'm not saying we should be winning the Champions League but we should be able to be a strong Europa League side.

Looking at the quarter finals, only 2 teams are way above what we could be.

06 Apr 2018 21:26:57
Might be negative but it’s very accurate. Same can be said for those teams from countries that don’t have huge tv deals.
Our progress has less to do with money and more to do with passing accuracy and ability to make a quick pass to a colleague. Every one of our players has to take a touch before a pass, did you see zenith do that?

06 Apr 2018 21:33:33
Is this the BATE Borisov that were pumped out the CL qualifiers by Dundalk last season. To be fair i think they had a purple patch a few seasons ago when they had a few gems in their team like Hleb. Bit of a pointless post comparing our crowds to theirs. Gate money means very little when it comes to competing at that level. We probably rake in 25 million in ST sales not a lot at CL level half a squad player for Man City and the likes.

07 Apr 2018 00:24:15
Don't understand this argument at all, at all, football is a simple game, but is played by humans, no are all mixed up, and supported by people's who are even more mixed up, I just get the point of you post, do you just like spending money, I would almost nearly just about, quarantee that if Steve Clarke had been in charge instead of Ronnie, PhPh, Celtic would have done a lot better in Europe,

07 Apr 2018 22:22:15
If you take into consideration the amount of cheating Rangers 1872 did especially in tax affairs for over a decade . How the Scottish referees cheat us on an on going basis . mits no surprise that Celtic disappoint in Europe from time to time.



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