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19 Feb 2018 08:40:35
To put the minds at rest of all the panic merchants who have went into a frenzy after yesterday's draw you do realise we only need 5 wins and 6 draws from our remaining 11 games to secure 7 iar 🤔🤔.

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19 Feb 2018 08:43:25
@Stevie that is far too positive a post for on here, it will never catch on.

19 Feb 2018 09:39:15
Stevie and Tim you could take your head out the sand and realise we haven't played enough decent matches this season. I doubt either of you are season ticket holders because if you were then why would you justify performances like yesterday which is the norm at Celtic park in far too many domestic matches. It also becomes tiresome reading we were spoilt last year etc I don't think it's too much to expect yesterday's team to beat st Johnstone, hand on heart is there a st Johnstone player that you think is any good? do you think we should be scraping past partick at home? Our domestic form since way before hearts has been poor and it's time Brendan addressed it properly. I don't believe our injury list is unlucky anymore I think it's poor management because there are just too many guys out for too long and what was the point of a mid season break when the players came back with more injuries and saying they actually worked harder?

19 Feb 2018 10:18:57
Stevie. I am not in any doubt that we will win the league that isn't really in doubt.
My concern is about the level of our performances in the league games. I think that with the players we have we are capable of so much more. Opposition teams seem to be able to nullify our strengths far too easily lately.
I am certainly not panicking about anything, we are still in a great position to hopefully win another treble, but I still think we need to find an answer to the tactics that teams are employing against us.
Next season we will have even more games as we have to play an extra Champions league qualifying round. We will make life far easier for ourselves if we don't get bogged down in games like we have so often this season.

19 Feb 2018 10:50:20
@Jim firstly I am a season ticket holder for 22 years and probably missed 10 games in that time, to judge anyone if they are a season ticket holder or not is pretty poor, are you trying to say that anyone that can't get along to games for one reason or another shouldn't have an opinion, secondly I don't expect to win any game of football just as I don't expect us to lose any game. What I see is a team struggling for consistency mainly down to a crippling injury list and a huge amount of fixtures (more than any other team in Europe) but i also see a team that's got a 9 pt lead in the league and is still in another 2 competitions with one trophy in the cabinet. Results like yesterday will always happen, Rochdale drew with Spurs yesterday after them getting a great result in Turin it happens. Anyway seen too many bad times as a Celtic fan to cry about 2 domestic defeats in nearly 2 seasons. @ Gerryc can't disagree with too much of your post.

19 Feb 2018 11:20:55
They drew and could have won. A cobbled together team with 7 changes. Any team would take time to click. I seen some performances that were pleasing and others not do. But what did you expect. They did okay considering that. If he played his core players and the hackers of St Johnstone and Beaton poor refereeing cost us to lose players you would be moaning about that. Judge if you must at season end for the moment try bring supportive of what BR is doing. If BR decided to leave what then. Do you think our next manager will only manage to lose 2 games over the course of nearly 2 seasons?

19 Feb 2018 11:39:37
Stevie where did I say you can't have an opinion? And yes I do think it matters if you go to matches because you are seeing the whole performance and paying for it over someone relying on TV or radio telling them what's happening. I am fully aware there are reasons for our lack of consistency but some of that is in Brendan and the boards control. I expect people to have different opinions and the first one is that i expect us to win every domestic match but I can accept defeats or draws on occasions as that's what can happen but we are not getting a good enough level of performance in domestic matches this season. I heard on the radio last night on the way home that last season we were 27 points ahead of Aberdeen at this stage, now last season was special but don't you think we've slipped too far back to the pack for some people to claim we're making progress?

{Ed007's Note - So folk watching games on TV can't see anything themselves and don't see more of the game than people sitting half cut in a corner at Celtic Park? Do people who pay SLY Sports subscriptions get more of a say than someone watching a stream because they pay for it? I've never heard so much garbage in my life.
And then you finish off by talking about something you heard on the radio!}

19 Feb 2018 12:12:36
Jim stop talking crap, are you trying to say you get a better view of the action sitting in your seat than you do watching on your 55 inch UHD telly? Where do you sit? in the directors box with a telly in front of you? I sit in the Jock Stein lower and struggle to see exactly what's going on at the other end. I suppose you were one of the boo boys at f/ t yesterday or were you back in the car listening on the radio by that time .

19 Feb 2018 12:20:29
Oi hope you weren’t referring to me there ed I’ve seen at least 2/ 10 games in n my corner 😂.

{Ed007's Note - Exactly my point though, to say that you see more of the game being there is crazy talk and the old "I'm a season ticket holder so have more right to.." is borderline Hun behaviour.}

19 Feb 2018 12:56:42
Yer def right even sober I only see so much of the game most of our section is based on showing support for the team so with all the flag waving jumping around etc we don’t see most of what’s going on. I’ll watch many a game later just to see what I’ve missed.
As for slagging folk off who aren’t st holders wtf is that all about I had 17yrs without mine as work and family commitments were more important and I supported the team just as much then.

19 Feb 2018 12:41:47
Stevie I left at 90 minutes gutted and i've never booed but I fully understand the reason for them booing can't you? Ed I do think I see the bigger picture of a match at the game regards movement and positioning of players over a TV or radio. yes I may not see some aspects clearly such as handball offside but I'd still rather be at the match to make my own judgement. I also think fans who part with hard earned cash to attend the matches will in general be more critical of what they are seeing. That doesn't mean that those not attending don't support Celtic any less like you are trying to infer I'm saying.

{Ed007's Note - Just because you think something doesn't make it right though, stick to the facts and your own opinion instead of guessing what other people are thinking. Obviously you'll see more than someone listening on the radio but there is absolutely no chance whatsoever that you see more of a game being there than you do on TV, how many replays and camera angles do you see from your seat? Where do you sit because I've stood and sat in every stand at Celtic Park over the years and I know that's just not true?
And you can understand morons booing young Celtic players off the park - really? What happened to the Best Fans in the World, or is that only when we're winning? Two defeats in 18 months, 4 trophies in the bag and another Treble on the horizon and a better chance of the Last 16 in the EL that most people - including a lot of our own 'fans' - gave us and you can understand some cretins booing KT, Kouassi, Ajer, Hendry, McGregor etc off the park? I can't, and never will, understand the reasoning behind it so maybe you could explain it.}

19 Feb 2018 13:27:07
I've never claimed Celtic fans are the best in the world I'll leave that to other I prefer to follow my team rather than claim Celtic family etc. As I said I've never booed and never will but I believe if you pay your money you can let the team/ manager/ board know how you feel by booing or leaving or by using banners if you feel the need. I also sometimes like to vent frustration on this forum. And I'll stick to my opinion it's better to watch a game than rely on streams or subscriptions for matches.

{Ed007's Note - Hopefully the morons do leave and don't come back then, they'll see more of the game watching it in the house anyway, and they can sit in their living room booing at the TV and waving their RODGERSOUT banners.
I wonder if the same cretins that think it's OK to boo and abuse young Celtic players think it would be OK to go to a kid's school nativity and boo the wee ginger guy with a stutter playing Joseph simply because they've paid for your ticket? Just because you've paid for a ticket doesn't give you an excuse to be an ar$hole, it's as simple as that.}

19 Feb 2018 14:16:28
So now you've taken it from the match/ armchair to the Nativity show lol. Ps I wouldn't worry about those poor we fragile footballers too much I'm sure they'll jump in their Bentley's and get over it. 😫.

{Ed007's Note - And I've have thought the grown men would know better than booing young players who play for a team they claim to support, and just because there's other idiots in the stadium that think that it's OK because they've paid for their ticket doesn't mean it is. If they stayed in the house and watched it on TV they'd maybe understand football better.
If you don't think that booing affects players, not just youngsters either, then you know even less than I'm giving you credit for.}

19 Feb 2018 14:50:43
So now your talking about those that booed and questioning if they support their team over the armchair brigade many of whom don't want to give Celtic money? And I'm not talking about those who can't go for financial of health reasons or live far away etc more the group that could go but don't want to and would rather buy sky or go to the pub. ps those that booed and there were plenty didn't do it during the game and didn't direct it at individuals but as a general collective at final whistle which may or may not be right but it doesn't bother me that they did boo.

{Ed007's Note - I'm saying that those that boo our own players are complete morons that we could do without. Yes I'm questioning their support, unless of course you can explain how acting like a spoilt brat and booing a Celtic team full of youngsters for DRAWING a game is supporting the team?
Those idiots booed off a Celtic team containing players like Calvin Miller(20), KT(20), McGregor(24), Ajer(19), Edouard, Hendry(22), Musonda(20) and Kouassi(20) and you think that's OK? The squad is down to the bare bones with injuries and that was probably the best team Rodgers could have picked considering the run of games we're in and we drew, we didn't get beat and we weren't played off the park, our kids drew an SPFL game increasing our lead in the league and were booed off the park. #BESTFANSINTHEWORLD
Do you want posters to start their posts by saying if they've got a season ticket or not? That way you won't need to read opinions of the armchair brigade that don't go to games, or what about a separate page altogether where all the important fans can talk about things like what you missed during the game?}

19 Feb 2018 16:13:10
I’ve got a season ticket and I tell u what having it and going to the games is for my support of Celtic. Not cos I treat it like a day out to the pictures and expect entertainment from start to finish.
Any fan booing the team is complete and utter embarrassment and needs to take a long look in the mirror. You really believe any player doesn’t try their best?
Those young bhoys yesterday will have been busting a gut throughout their young careers to get to a stage where they can play. Cal Mac been at club since 8 and gets to wear the armband what an achievement. Tierney the same you think these bhoys don’t understand what it’s like to support Celtic then you get tits like u in our support who think it’s ok to boo them cos you’ve no been “entertained”
Shocking post and unfortunately there’s quite a few like you.

19 Feb 2018 17:16:00
You hit the nail on the head Welsbhoy, a lot that go treat it like a day out that they've paid for and must be entertained on and off the park, groan at every backward pass, whinge if we only win 1-0. CL nights are the worst for the I've paid top dollar I want entertained cretins. They expect their night to start with a rousing YNWA followed by a flawless team performance with a 67 min light display and a stadium huddle in between so they can tick the experience off their bucket list, you won't find those cretins in a half full Celtic Park in the 3rd round of the League cup. Give me a scrappy 1-0 or an emphatic 5-0 doesn't really matter, obviously you prefer to see your team win with a bit of style but winning and picking up silverware is the most important thing to me.

19 Feb 2018 17:16:47
Welsbhoy i've said repeatedly I've never booed but I won't condemn others that's their choice especially at the end of games. i didn't condemn the green brigade when they slagged the board for buying inferior players with their display, is that not slagging Celtic players? If everyone acted like the green brigade the ground would be shut and no-one would know the score as you've alluded you don't know what's happening yourself. Im also pretty sure the club value the support who don't cause hassle more than half a section😮.

19 Feb 2018 18:05:03
Who mentioned the green brigade (of which I’m not a member btw) and what’s that shite about the club valuing those who don’t cos bother the club values anyone willing to put money in the coffers but that’s for another day. Do the players value those who boo at them? You say you don’t do it well done but to support rather than condemn those who do to me is just as bad.
This topic really gets on my wick can’t understand anyone who doesn’t give support to the players win lose or draw. Discussions about players having bad games manager choosing bad tactics etc are all prt n parcel and yes everyone is entitled to an opinion. But to vent frustration at players or management by booing is unacceptable.

19 Feb 2018 21:27:05
The booing at the end of the match yesterday was unforgivable but was it as bad as the moans and groans during the match when a Celtic misplaced a ball or didn't control it . These morons are either parents are likely to become parents if they ever mature . As Ed007 says the Celtic park morons wouldn't take too kindly if people shouted abuse at the child's annual school play

If u want Celtic to get positive results support the team, your support will help the players to get the confidence to play better .
When St Johnstone come to C P with 50/ 60 fans the match becomes a home match for them, as their players get a lift from our fans shouting abuse at Celtic players who often proceed to hide.

20 Feb 2018 07:59:09
You do realise it's snowflake season not pantomime season. boooo.



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