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15 Feb 2018 08:48:23
See the papers needed someone to give them a quote running down Celtic
Up steps Charlie Nicholas
How anyone can call that 30 pieces of silver person a Celtic legend is beyond me.

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15 Feb 2018 09:32:17
Beat me to it kev! The guy is an absolute clown! He shouldn’t be allowed to set foot in celtic Park again! It’s constant running our club down! And like u said anyone associating that 🤬 with being a legend at our club needs to take a look at themselves! I know u said he was a favourite of urs back in the day ED but anything this guy done in a Celtic top has long since been soured with his never ending attacks on our club! Like kev said, before any big game it’s this scumbag out in the papers having a go at something and making it a negative! Hates a strong word but my feelings for this guy come close!

{Ed007's Note - So what exactly has Nicholas said that hasn't been said on here? We've got people slagging the manager after a treble and 2 domestic losses in 18 months, Dembele's rubbish and we should have sold him, young players trashed for misplacing a pass, youngsters like Ralston wrote off and Musonda's useless after 2 starts. We've got predictions that it'll be a long night tonight and that we'll lose 4-1... are those posters all scumbags too?
Anyone questioning Nicholas' credentials as a Celtic supporter have obviously never met him or heard guys like Paul McStay and Billy McNeill talking about him.}

15 Feb 2018 10:03:27
Kev I hear you, but what could he have said that was not construed as just a fan ignoring current form and lack of investment in the defence? And on current form Moussa doesn’t even look worth £12m. So he would be lying if he didn’t admit that. That’s why we couldn’t consider selling him. We would have lost millions. He needs to recapture his form.

The truth is we aren’t even as strong squad wise as we were in the cl. How can you weave a positive spin on that. It seems that the truth is something sone see as negative. It doesn’t stop it being the truth though. We are struggling. Our defence is still weak. Our better players are nowhere near their form with two or three exceptions. Our goalie is out, we have defenders injured and we have no one new to step right in tonight.

I’m no fan of Charlie, but, he is telling it the way he sees it. Rather than how he wished it would be. Like most on hereseem to be doing. I think we all thought we would be stronger for this game after the window. I doubt anybody really believes the area needing most attention has been dealt with. The very fact young Hendry is only a maybe to start clearly illustrates that. Rogers is saying he can’t sign a £20m defender so we need to hope young guys can step up. So is he saying there are no players in the £4-6m range who coukdnt improve us? If he is he’s talking bollicks. Sounds like he is getting the excuses in early. Nobody expects us to spend £20m on a player. Not one supporter thinks that. But we do know there are plenty of defenders in the range I mentioned who we need and should have got. Four windows to sort or at least improve thecdefence and so far it hasn’t happened. He’s feeling the pressure as he will be judged by teams he wants to join after us will look solely at his record in Europe. I thought that would sour him to demand investment, it didn’t and his street cred will drop if we get embarrassed in this tie.

Pull it off with our tin resources mentality and his cred goes through the roof. He has made it harder to achieve that. Charlie may talk shite, but he isn’t saying anything we all haven’t thought. Even if we don’t admit it in here.

{Ed007's Note - So you're a mind reader as well now!}

15 Feb 2018 10:27:05
Well said ED. Big difference between concerned questioning and downright slating of players and management.

{Ed007's Note - Some people are always looking for any negative just so they have got something to moan about and if they can't find anything new they'll just regurgitate the same whining pish over and over again.}

15 Feb 2018 10:28:04
Those posters don’t do it In national rags but ED! Is it a coincidence that every time we play a big game this clown is out spouting his pish in the rags! What has moussas price tag got to do with the game tonite? He’s the go to guy for anything negative to say before a game! An embarrassment who shouldn’t be allowed to set foot in celtic Park again! And would the maestro or big billy be in the rags on the day of a big European game talking all things negative about celtic? Players off form moussas price tag, celtic aren’t playing well! I think not! A rat of a man!

{Ed007's Note - I don't read the papers so I've no idea if Nicholas does it every time we play a big game and I'll need to take your word for that. At least he's not as bad as Kris Commons.}

15 Feb 2018 10:49:05
Yes. Did a night class in it. Mind Reading for Beginners. I’m sensing you don’t believe me, which proves I have the gift right there. If anybody hasn’t thought our form has dipped and that our defence is sorted, then I would suggest enrolling in the excellent night class next door to the mind reading one. Reality and How to recognise it. It’s literally an eye opener.

{Ed007's Note - How do you know this?

"Charlie may talk shite, but he isn’t saying anything we all haven’t thought."

Oh and Charlie Nicholas never mentioned anything about the defence so you're just making stuff up so you can AGAIN regurgitate the exact same whiny pish you usually do.

"Celtic are not playing well at the moment. The energy levels will be high for a European night at Celtic Park but that is the only reason why they are marginal favourites. Scott Sinclair and Moussa Dembele, the two players you expect to step up in the big games, are both out of form, while Leigh Griffiths is injured. Dembele would be lucky to attract another £12m bid with the way he's been performing."

Scathing stuff that eh? (facepalm) Get the pitchforks out!}

15 Feb 2018 11:03:20
ED007 well said there are far too many negative posters on here, as you know I am not on twitter, but the girls tell me that is full of doom and gloom also, because Brendan said Zenit were a CL team and were favourites. Also on here there is a bunch of nay sayers who are never happy whatever the team does, and keep comparing it to last season when the team was brilliant, there is even one warmer who has a bet with Welsbhoy that we will not win the treble this year.
I say let's all enjoy the ride while we can, guys of my vintage have lived through some really awful times as a Celtic fan, God help them if they were around during those times.
Support the Bhoys, or go elsewhere, I say to all the negative posters.

{Ed007's Note - That's spot on, Tim. There's posters who will always find something - anything - to moan about. I'll do a bit of mind reading too and say that there's posters who hope we suffer a heavy defeat tonight just so they can gloat and say they told us so.
It's shite being a Celtic supporter just now, we're going for 7 in a row with only TWO domestic loses in 18 months giving us 4 trophies in a row with one Treble under our belt and another one on the horizon, CL football and money in the bank, European football after Christmas etc - as I said, shite mate.}

15 Feb 2018 11:32:01
I was defending Charlie. To say he’s not a total Tim is utter crap. i was also saying that I believed everyone harboured similar thoughts including our defensive situation, you obviously don’t so I hold my hands up and will rephrase it. I believe most fans will have given those two things a thought, form and defence.

And if Celtic would make an attempt to really improve the defence nobody would have anything to moan about. They clearly think it’s ok I need to be careful here, I think most supporters would disagree with that. Present company excepted. I think four windows in patience btw.

{Ed007's Note - Do you have that little confidence in your own opinion you keep needing to make up stuff about what other fans think? You've no proof that

a) "most fans will have given those two things a thought, form and defence."


b) "think most supporters would disagree with that."

Just because you want to think that doesn't make it so, I could easily say that I think most supporters would think you're a Hun, that doesn't make it true does it?}

15 Feb 2018 11:40:41
Ed it's a running theme with Charlie
Its constant fae him.
Like a few people have said it's almost everytime he talks in the press he runs celtic down and it's been going on for years.
I don't question that he's a Celtic fan but he panders to the masses.
There are several like him tae.

{Ed007's Note - I hadn't read what he said so I went to look it up, did you read what he actually said, Kev, tell what's wrong with it? Or are you saying that we have been playing well and that Dembele doesn't look half the player he was last year and is playing nowhere near the level we all know he can? And Sinclair, even though his stats are top drawer, isn't playing at the same level he did last year, are you saying Nicholas is wrong about Sinclair?
And how out of order is he in for that we're "marginal favourites" to win tonight - how dare he say that! Surely he should be in the press saying we're going to get thumped and have no chance - and he calls himself a Celtic supporter, pfft.
So Charlie Nicholas says the exact same as every other Celtic supporter AND thinks we're favourites tonight (which not many supporters are saying) yet he's getting pelters and called a scumbag and a rat from Celtic supporters. Got it.}

15 Feb 2018 12:18:13
Fact is as a club we’re up there wi the big bhoys but as a team we’re no and that not going to change anytime soon. Tim I’m wi u enjoy what we have and get behind the team u just never know what might happen. If we lose 10-0 I’ll still be stood there clapping our team at the end these bhoys bring me more enjoyment than disappointments.
Mon the hoops 🍀.

15 Feb 2018 12:15:46
Ed your 100% correct c'mon the hoops.

{Ed007's Note - It'll be a big ask tonight, especially when you look at our injury list, but stranger things have happened at Celtic Park.}

15 Feb 2018 13:21:13
I must have been on a different planet when, Zenith St Petersburg became a supersonic unbeatable club, and what sort of cruel fate befell them, that they have ended up in the Europa league.

15 Feb 2018 13:25:21
CN has his opinions and he has done some stuff on the park so he does have a better insight than many.
Commons - no comment as I get enough facebook bans without getting banned on here.
Are we playing to the same standards as last season? We have 2 defeats domestically, We made the CL, We are still in Europe, We are top of the league, We have the LC in the bag already, We are still in the SC and we have an injury list of players who could turn out as a full team and beat every other club in the league. Of course we are not as exciting at times but get real, How many other clubs could be like this and still keep winning?
Will we win tonight? I think it will be hard and THEY will know our weaknesses right now. Their manager is no mug.
However, ever the optimist.

15 Feb 2018 13:58:11
I remember the night we beat a. c. Milan and when McDonald scored the camera in the studio showed Charlie bouncing about like a mad man or dare I say it a fan. he can be critical but then so can walker provan and Sutton or they could be like bfdj and talk up sevco even tho everyone knows they're rotten.

15 Feb 2018 14:48:59
I don't know much about Zenit, but I looked at the odds for the tie and Zenit are narrow favourites to qualify over the two legs.
Those odds don't suggest that we have no hope, I just hope our players go into the match believing in themselves and relish the occasion, if they do, then i think we have every chance.

15 Feb 2018 15:28:50
3-2 celtic. I predict a cagey start but the front men will be on top form, they've all got a point to prove bar forrest. Wots the odds Tim? Mon the hoops. Enjoy the game those with tickets. Al try n get on the live chat but it's not easy for me to watch the game and keep up with u lot with the fast typing. 🍀🍀🍀.

15 Feb 2018 14:45:39
Keep the faith! We have a good record v Russian clubs, 3-1.



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