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28 Jan 2018 11:26:54
Guys some of the fans are mumping and moaning over our "poor form" but 3 games 3 wins.
Compare that to teams in the EPL who have spent vast amounts of money, Jurgens FLOPS, Tottenham and West Ham. Have faith in Brendan to get us back to form of last season, after all it could be worse we could have Jurgen FLOP as our manager hail hail.

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28 Jan 2018 12:59:30
Regardless of what anyone else us doing does not take anything away from the fact we were absolutely gash yesterday. With Griff out and Moussa looking as if he had his boots on the wrong feet is a worry.

Gordon injured gives us the chance to get a goalie who can pass a ball out of defence, but Griff is a big loss not just for Zenit but the rest if the season.

Big Moussa needs to find form and fast.

{Ed007's Note - LG will be out for about about a month at most.}

28 Jan 2018 13:47:26
Well that's good news as I thought it was more serious. Still bolloks though, as I felt he was ready to get motoring. If Moussa wants a move to a big team then he has to step up. It's in his own hands. And feet. His second touch is a tackle right now and his shooting is no better.

I'm confident he will, in a hopeful way. The bottom line is, he steps up or he goes to a team with no chance of Euro football if he goes to the Prem.

It's time for him and the team to step up. This season, apart from three or four games, we have looked sluggish and slow. The finishing is also woeful with sitters galore being passed up. We keep saying and hoping we find our form, that moves on to the next game against Farts. And we all know we owe that shower a right hiding. On current form that doesn't seem likely and it shows how far we are off the pace when just beating that pile of shite is good.

How Mcgreggor stayed on the pitch is testament to my view that we have no one coming through capable of stepping in and making a better contribution. If you can't do better than Mcgreggor right now you will never become a first team player for us.

If I was a young player I would offer to wash Rogers car, that's the only reason I can think of that gets Mcgreggir a start.

Hurry back Rogic, Armstrong and wee Paddy, we need you very much indeed.

Zenit is now hanging on who we bring in if those three are still not fit. Hopefully young Charlie from Chelsea signs.

28 Jan 2018 14:18:52
Magic a stated in an earlier post mate I watched him close yesterday there us no aggression in his play and his touch is poor with griff I hired he's got a chance to kick on but there needs to be a huge improvement. on present form and let's be honest he's not did much from that injury against sevco in the semi.

28 Jan 2018 14:27:16
MP - McGregor on his day is good but dare I say it he either thinks he’s too good or we are seeing what I have always thought about him and that’s that he will always be a decent squad player

He’s been rank rotten fir a while now don’t think it helps with the whole squad playing poorly but like you say with the 3 players out hopefully returning soon he’ll be dropped

Celtic imo need to get some positivity back in terms of performance and signings . next few days will tell.

28 Jan 2018 15:05:46
I too have always thought he is a squad player. He suffered from the same malaise as Forrest the last six years, inconsistency. If we are to become better in Eyrope he drops out of the squad player category too.

He has been utterly pish for most if the season and yesterday was truly awful. We have three players out and he gets a start every week. It's a complete error from Rogers IMO. Kouassi should be in before him, even with Broony playing.

The total lack of class coming through our youth set up again us exposed. Not one of them trusted to do a job when so many are off form, shows that every year the wishful thinners start talking about how great this young guy is or that.

The only one who looks to have any chance is young Mickey and a wind blows him over. He needs to develop his core strength. The rest will end up as our young stars have done for the last 20 years, at the Dundees of this world.

The stars prove that and this new bunch have shown nothing so far that any change to us producing players for diddy teams is going to change any time soon.

The Dembelle kid is, apart from KT, the only real class player we have produced and I fear he will be snapped up as soon as his balls drop by a bigger richer club.

Our academy is a fecking waste of time and produces next to feck all. Anyone opposing that view can produce a list of class players we have brought through. Leave out Forrst and Mcgreggor please. Both are not class. James has improved thus season, but recently his form has also stalled again.

The fact we bought Morgan and he will play before any of our academy tells the story, same deal with the boy from Dundee. If you're a defender at the academy and you can at least get a run out in our defence you need to reassess your chances of getting a game ever for us.

It seems to be the easiest job in the world for those running the academy, with a target of one class player every 20 years.

A total waste of time.

Discuss :) But leave out the wishful thinking and focus on the word class and the number who have made a first team position their own please. Not just happy clapping and sticking up for players just because they are at the club.

28 Jan 2018 15:40:43
Yeah agree totally, our young players are nothing to sing about.

Ralston - I fail to see how this lad becomes first choice - yet posters drool over him.

It says it all that the only youth player worth talking about is Karamoko Dembele and he’s just a baby that will most likely as you say move on before he gets a game for us.

28 Jan 2018 16:06:41
The facts speak for themselves. We produce next to feck all. Our youngest player getting a game was bought. We have gone for Morgan, we have bid for Hendry. Ralston is not the answer to our RB situation.

I would be willing to bet that not one of our academy players make a position their own until young Dembelle comes of age. And even then, I think he will be stolen from us. I hope not but it's a real possibility.

Not one player from the academy has established himself for years and the ones that have are not good enough if we have any real ambition to progress to a CL club.

Roberts displaces Forrest if we sign him. Mcgreggor shouldn't be playing now never mind when we improve. That leaves none in the last seven years. Not one.

Before that we had McGeady.

Before McGeady who?

We're back to the 80's with McStay.

As I said, anybody wanting to put up players who have been class and held down a first team place from our own ranks feel free to make the case.

28 Jan 2018 17:06:29
Msgicpole i posted weeks ago that our academy was useless. Got loads of stick from Chris and some others. Asked Ed how much it cost to run but we don't know. Close it and use the money to buy players. As you said who have we produced in the last 10 years? Forrest, McGregor, Ralston, Tierney, so that's 1 player every 30 months.

28 Jan 2018 17:18:51
Marshell mcmanus Maloney miller mcgeady forget McGregor raleston Tierney all came through our youth system. All have helped us win big games leagues trophies and played champions league games for us.

28 Jan 2018 18:08:06
**Forrest not forget**.

28 Jan 2018 19:59:20
We must define class differently. McGeady, KT are the only two who had real class. Mcgeady made an arse if his as did Miller to a lesser extent.

Maloney, Marshal good players, big Mick fully commited but nowhere near what you would call class.

And you had it right with, forget McGreggor. :)

So two players I already mentioned. That spans nearly 15 years. Two real class players. The return for us us abysmal. I have been saying this for over a decade. A complete waste of time and resources. It may well be that as a country we are producing dross on the whole. Hard working honest players who are nowhere in relation to other countries young players.

We allegedly have the best of what's available, well feck me, if that's true we will never qualify for any international finals if that's the case.

If we go as far back as the 80's we add another couple, is that good enough? Like our current crop if wonder kids no it isn't.

I would love to see what it costs to run compared to what we get in moving them on to diddy teams for a song or less.

Old Chris can defend them all he likes. If they were are good as he claims we wouldn't be needing to buy in class. Remind me why we are all keen to see quality this window? Oh, that's right, we do to have anything coming through. If we did we wouldn't be worried at all about Zenyt, or CL Qualification and the last time I looked, everyone, including Rogers is.

New targets need set for the academy, a but more ambitious than one ckas player every ten to fifteen years. If they can't do it then admit it's been a total waste if time for decades.

28 Jan 2018 23:51:34
Tierney is one, McManus captained side, Mcgregor is now a regular, Ralston I think will be, Forrest is a regular, before Mgeady, Kennedy was unlucky, Liam Miller should’ve stayed, Marshall was also bit unlucky to lose his place, but in general your right, not enough-success in youth team isn’t just about winning cups etc, it’s real success is bringing players to first team, and staying there, and your right, it’s not really been good enough. Shaun Maloney probably being only other I can really think of off the top of my head to earlier list, who played a decent number of games since 2000.

28 Jan 2018 23:57:27
Kev83 the point was how many we have produced in the last 10 years not in your lifetime. Marshall over 10 years ago. How much money did we get for Msrshall, McManus8 and Maloney? Not a lot. Much less than the cost of producing them.



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