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27 Jan 2018 10:30:11
Looks like we are getting Charly Musonda on an 18 month loan deal.

Great signing as he is just what we need at this moment in time. Really excited to see him play in the Hoops.

Our team could be:


Lustig Comper/ Boyata Ajer Tierney

Brown Ntcham

Roberts/ Forrest Musonda/ Rogic Sinclair

Dembele/ Griffiths

Hopefully get a RB and CB now and get them bedded in for the next CL qualifiers. Also hoping all our Scottish players tell the national team they won't be joining up for the friendlies.

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27 Jan 2018 10:59:34
Young Ralston is will be the second RB.

27 Jan 2018 11:13:19
If that's the way we're going great. We still need a real good right back and a solid centre back, quick, strong and clever.

If we can get in another left winger to challenge Sinclair would be good and a goalkeeper to give Gordon a serious challenge.

I'd then really believe we'd be a stronger force in Europe. I'd be more comfortable in being champions league regulars. But we'll wait and see how we are come February.

27 Jan 2018 11:20:49
I like Ralston but I'm not sure he is ready to make the spot his own, plus he is just coming back from long injury.

27 Jan 2018 11:32:33
James McLean for me to put pressure on Sinclair 4LeafClover. Available at the right price I reckon and would walk to Celtic Park.

27 Jan 2018 11:37:49
We need better than young Ralston as he is now. He's a head down and get stuck in type, we need more than that. We need someone with a but more composure and technical ability. He is still young, but to be honest I think if you've got it, age means little. I just haven't seen enough in him to think we have another KT. That's the standard we need on the right and for me we will need to buy it.

27 Jan 2018 11:51:22
I have more chance of being signed than McLean. Not I snowbaws chance in hell of that happening. If we progress in the way we want, he's just not good enough for me. Good player, but not good enough.

27 Jan 2018 11:56:30
To those wanting a left winger or AML, we have Hayes, Benyou and Morgan for that position. I know none of them are available this season but we have Calvin Miller who can cover if need be and our right wingers can also switch to the left if need be. Therefore, I would be surprised if we bought anyone for this position.

27 Jan 2018 11:58:22
I agree magic I believe Ralston is a long term cover for that position maybe even with 2-3 years proper development through knowledge and experience make that position his own but definitely not ready yet.

On the other hand James McLean I honestly don't think the guys the proper quality to really get at opponents in Europe. I mean this in relating to the likes of Robert/ Forrest and Sinclair. I might get criticism for saying this but I rate him at Armstrongs quality. Would walk the SPL but is an average player at European level. You might get one game every year or two where he's is the exceptional in Europe but it's the lack of consistency we need to make progress in Europe. But then again cover and that passion for our club might be what we really need.

27 Jan 2018 12:18:11
If passion for our team was all that mattered, we would all get a game. If we truly want to move up he isn't an option no matter how far he would walk.

I love it when players are supporters, but only if they are good enough should they play. I have zero sentimentality regarding wearing the jersey. You are either good enough, regardless of who you supported or you aren't.

Some of our greatest hero's never grew up supporting us. They ended up that way though.

Ability and nothing else. If I could get over the pain of not being good enough to play for us, I'm sure as feck capable of having that view of anybody else.

{Ed007's Note - Your opinion of McClean has nothing to do with his footballing ability though has it? Anybody with eyes can see that he would be more than capable of playing for us, his EPL and international experience alone shows that and it would be a less of gamble than signing Sinclair was.}

27 Jan 2018 12:46:53
It has everything to do with it. What I said, which you are alluding to, is the baggage and focus on him through his political stand. The board are uber sensitive to the furore and focus it would bring.

I also said how many would be as keen to get him in on playing ability if he played the flute for the Derry Apprentice Boys?

And your liking of him? How much has that to do with him being an Irish Rebel?

Works both ways.

Would you want him on ability alone if he was a uber Loyalist?

I genuinely think he is no better than what we have and to progress we need better than that.

{Ed007's Note - And there we go........... Have you got any proof that James McClean is an Irish rebel or did you read that on Swallow Swallow?
It's panty wetters like that seem to have a problem with McClean and any baggage is simply in your heads, who are you afraid of upsetting?
I can argue all day about reasons James McClean could play for Celtic without mentioning politics - could you do the same with reasons for not signing him?
Why do you have a problem with Celtic being connected to anything Irish? Whether it's songs the fans sing or players you seem to have a serious chip on your shoulder. so again, who are you afraid of upsetting?}

27 Jan 2018 13:22:02
We should sign him for being a rebel end of story.

{Ed007's Note - James McClean signs up to play with Charly and the Bhoys.....

27 Jan 2018 13:35:26
I have nothing against our Irish heritage. Or the Irush or the political struggle of people who see injustice or even fighting against that. No problem.

I have an issue with using Celtic as a vehicle. That's it.

I admire people of political conviction. I just don't see a football game as the way to go about it. And if that is the extent of your commitment. then that's not good enough.

It ruins our image as a all inclusive club. If people want to sing songs about Ireland there are hundreds of brilliant ones that don't refer to the IRA.

Irish fans don't sing them at games. They have moved on. I just wish we would.

It's Mcleans ability to improve us I absolutely don't agree with.

So regardless of who get us it what he stands for I wouldn't want him in the period when I see real hope of stepping up a level. That's it.

{Ed007's Note - James McClean would be a step up from Jonny Hayes so there right away he'd improve us and give us a different option on the left. He's better defensively than Sinclair and will track back a lot more, he's a better tackler than Sinclair and has a better engine. A couple of seasons ago he was one of the fastest players in the EPL even beating the likes of Hazard some weeks with his top speeds during games. The fact he's a supporter is just a bonus, you know he'll go that extra mile for the Club. Or maybe we shouldn't sign players if they support us as it might upset some 'peepul'.
I'm away to blare The Rebs out before the game, I'm teaching Yoda to bark BOTOB.}

27 Jan 2018 13:39:43
Magicpole, you seem to be as anti-irish as any Rangers fan I've seen.

Stop all this social justice warrior, let's stop politics, hold hands and skip through fields of daisies eh?

27 Jan 2018 13:45:10
I have always hated Celtic being linked with Irish players simply because they are Irish.

My opinion is that at present there is not 1 Irish player good enough for Celtic.

Seamus Coleman maybe if he can return to the player he was before his injury but that’s it for me. McLean for me is a good back up player but that’s all.

May add that there is also no Scottish player outwith our own that is good enough either.

{Ed007's Note - At least you agree that Jonny Hayes isn't good enough for Celtic but I wouldn't write off Conor Hazard. You should maybe have a look at their Under 21s before saying no Irish player is good enough for Celtic, there's some good young players in there, Kev. And there's a few on this list that are going to be top players:


27 Jan 2018 15:05:08
Hayes was a wrong move and one that baffled me at the time. Our fears have been proved right as he just isn't up to it. I agree the McLean is a far better player, but far better than Hayes doesn't mean good enough for us if we seriously want to step up

And Tesla you must know some right liberal rangers fans. I don't know where you meet them because my whole life I've never met one who has ever had a kind word for the Irish. You're just kissed because I'm not a Ra supporter and advocate of singing ira songs . That's fine . I'm glad you are. I'm a Celtic fan not a Ira fan. If I go to game I want to hear Celtic songs. You obviously don't. Why don't you want Irish songs that don't mention the IRA?

How many Gers fans wound wish that? Try none.

{Ed007's Note - You said McClean wouldn't improve us and then admit he would because he's better than Hayes, make up your mind. If you don't think he's good enough that's up to you but I suspect your dislike of him isn't entirely football related. In a time when players are using our Club as a stepping stone to the EPL you don't think a player who's played in it and held his own for years is good enough for Celtic but you're struggling to come up with any reasons, you've already admitted he's a better player than someone bought only 6/7 months ago.}

27 Jan 2018 17:59:25
Hayes should never be in a celtic shirt. You cannot use a disastrous signing to make a case for a player. Hayes makes us worse. Playing with ten men without Hayes makes us better, by your logic playing that way every game would be a step up.

McLean for me just isn't the kind of player we need to progress.

Hayes will never establish himself and will leave with us having pissed £1.3m up against a wall.

The worst winger since Reggie. Maybe it's because he is overawed at playing for us, but that's part of the deal being able to handle it.

So far he looks like he's arrived from a Junior team.



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