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16 Jan 2018 18:42:19
I think we're all getting a wee bit excited here with regard to fear over lack of signings although mild disappointment I do share. The game against them we were total and utter pish almost to a man. They gave it absolutely everything in their locker and still didn't win. A tired boxer up against an upstart who gave a relatively good account of themselves on the day but still failed to land a punch. A wee seat in the corner during the break we'll be back refreshed and when the fight recommences their arse will be back on the canvass. That's before we discuss the financial basket case that they are. PS: anybody who doesn't think the how auld is yir granny brigade don't weild power in the highest circles in Scotland obviously don't get their knuckles crunched as often as I do.

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16 Jan 2018 19:11:22
It's embarrassing reading some of the posts on here concerning the tribute act. Could someone explain to me how signing a bloke that's played at Scottish championship level then flopped in English championship, an ex Motherwell player who can't get near the Brighton first team and a player who is possibly one of the worst players i've seen in a Scotland jersey close the gulf that currently exists between us and them?

16 Jan 2018 19:11:56
The Masonic grip is rife in Scotland and will continue for many years to come it’s how a lot of contracts are “won” jobs decided and a country is run. Anyone naive enough not to think it’s rife and very influential in Scotland and even within our own club needs there eyes opened.

16 Jan 2018 21:08:18
It's not just Scotland it's worldwide. I think there's only ever been 1 or 2 American presidents that weren't freemasons.

16 Jan 2018 22:39:25
The American dollar bill is full of Masonic imagery the all seeing eye thd S for for Solomon's temple and the the 2 pillars of Solomans temple. Washington is built on a map of Masonic triangles and is the (quote) the Masons Rome.

{Ed007's Note - Not all Masonic lodges are the sectarian cesspits we know in Scotland although the higher echelons are far more sinister in their aims. Ed033's your man to talk to about that stuff, JFP. We have a page for conspiracy theories that we had to shut down after it was over ran with racist idiots during the Brexit referendum but it's been quiet since we opened it again


16 Jan 2018 23:37:07
i have it on good authority that lawwell and desmond are masons too.

17 Jan 2018 00:13:17
I have it on good authority that neither Mr Desmond or Mr Lawwell are masons.

Stepbhoy, I don't know about their Masonic Presidents but I do know that the only Catholic President was shot .

17 Jan 2018 00:19:21
I think many of you have been watching too much bilge on the internet about masonic conspiracies and the Illuminati.

{Ed007's Note - I started reading about the Masons and the Illuminati before there was an internet. Back in the old days we had books and most of the information on the internet has stemmed from those books. There's definitely and obviously a higher power than governments running the world and it's a lot more sinister than dodgy penalties in a Glasgow Derby.
Do you not believe that the Rothschild's run world banking system and have funded both sides in numerous wars going back centuries? Have you read about the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commision, the founding of the US Reserve and what the City of London Corporation is? Have you never heard of the Black Pope, he's got power the Masons could only dream of.}

17 Jan 2018 04:13:45
RAW it’s a rife and in your face as can possibly be I have on countless occasions had someone try the funny handshake on me to test water on jobs or going for jobs and I know for a fact that people have been awarded jobs and contracts for being in it. The amount of goat molesters in high positions is unreal couldn’t comment on Lawwell but I wouldn’t be surprised our head of security got his job because he’s high up in it and the top guy in the Strathclyde police at the time was just under him in the lodge at that time and took him to meet Fergus and told him this man ( who hated Football and Celtic) should be your new head of security and is still there causing havoc today.

17 Jan 2018 07:26:53
Just because something is written in a book does not make it true. The bible being a good example if this.

Yes I have heard of most of the things you mentioned.

By the way I am not adverse to a conspiracy theory but I always remain sceptical until I see hard evidence.

{Ed007's Note - Well if the written and spoken word of people involved and of people who have spent years studying these organisations isn't hard evidence I don't know what is. Or do you, like most people, ask for evidence but if it doesn't suit what you already think or believe you just dismiss it?}

17 Jan 2018 13:13:52
Tbh after reading so much information from so many different sources you would be shocked to think people don't believe in it.

I mean, groups of internationals coming together to conspire their own agendas for power and money! how shocking. They may be evil but they are merely winning the game created.

Anyway as for Masons, not sure where it exactly came about but imo it has links with old Knights Templar. Once Knights Templar got outlawed in many places many of them fled to Scotland and helped with war of Independence and in return got land and protection.

It was one of the only places they would get support at the time. Robert the Bruce once he died wanted his heart to go to the "holy land" but the St. Clairs delivering it got caught in a battle in Malaga and the heart was returned.

Anyway then you have the Scottish rite of freemasonry which is still the same one that runs U. S. A etc.

with all the Egyptian and Jewish symbolism though you know it's not just about Scotland though and that's when you realise it's much older than you would think.

A pyramid scheme of knowledge. Masons at lower level may get things like jobs, business contracts etc but the higher agendas won't even be known by the lowest.

17 Jan 2018 19:06:12
@Ed - If you post the evidence you have then I will gladly read it and discuss it with you.

@Tesla - No one knows where Freemasonry originated, all though there is a good chance it happened in Scotland.

The oldest known masonic document in Scotland is the Schaw Statute, which dates back to 1598. There is a second Schaw Statute, which dates back to 1599. In this document it mentions three lodges which where Kilwinning, Edinburgh and Stirling. I should point out that freemasonry at this time was very different as it was more of a guild of actual stone masons who were responsible for building chapels, castles, stately homes, etc.

The Lodge in Edinburgh, called Mary's Chapel No1 has the oldest preserved minutes. Due to a fire, Mother Kilwinning No0 has no records dating back this far but it is still considered one of the oldest lodges in Scotland on account of it being mentioned in the Schaw Statutes. I am not entirely sure if the Stirling lodge is still in existence or if it is now known as Lodge Melrose St. John.

Going back to your claim that it had links with the Knights Templars, I am sceptical about that as the Templars where disbanded by papal decree in 1312. I should also point out that there is no evidence to back up your claim that they helped with the war of independence in Scotland, which was also claimed in the book "The Temple and the Lodge".

On a finishing note, anyone who still believes the Masons are involved in a masterplan to rule the world should come and meet my uncle. He is a working class guy who lives in a deprived part of Glasgow and is only 1 degree away from the 33rd degree. Therefore, I would be very surprised if these Machiavellian world leaders had allowed him to get this high but kept him away from all the discussions on their plans for world domination.

{Ed007's Note -Hahaha is he aye? I'll meet your uncle and he can prove to me he's a 32nd Degree Freemason, just tell me when and where?}

17 Jan 2018 19:45:12
It wasn't an open invitation although I can see how it could be seen as one. Its not like I am going to take you up to his house and introduce you as some guy I spoke to on the internet who wants you to show him proof of what degree you are at.

Anyway it makes no difference to me whether or not you believe it or not. As the saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

{Ed007's Note - So you want us to believe YOU - one single guy on the internet - that your uncle's a 32nd Degree Mason while you're telling us not to believe ANY of the millions of articles, websites, videos and documentaries that expose what goes on in these secret societies, political organisations and the higher echelons of society?}

17 Jan 2018 20:40:19
As I stated I don't care if you believe it or not, it won't keep me up tonight if I know you don't believe me.

By the way millions of people believe that Jesus was the son of god. In fact you will probably find even more articles, websites, videos and documentaries telling you about it and presenting their evidence. Does that make them right?

Anyway if you want to have a proper debate then show me the evidence instead of just saying I have read stuff and watched stuff and that makes me right.

{Ed007's Note - It's you that said "I think many of you have been watching too much bilge on the internet about masonic conspiracies and the Illuminati."
Where's your evidence and I take it you must have watched said bilge to know what's in them - or did your uncle tell you? Where's your evidence that Jesus wasn't the Son of God? It looks like it's you that's trying to force your opinions on people by telling them all these people are wrong and that you're right yet all the evidence you've given is that your uncle is a 32nd Degree Mason that lives in a $hitehole.
I guess all they people that spent years at university studying politics and history etc were just wasting their time when all they had to do was come on here and ask you.}

18 Jan 2018 03:25:57
Rodgersatwork - of course nobody knows what became of the Templars after they got banished. Not all of them got killed off. I was just saying it made sense to me that they would start similar organisations.

Also the bit about your uncle is irrelevant, not all masons are big hitters as I said in my original post, but most big hitters in the world are masons or involved in similar closed societies.

Pretty much all US presidents were masons, many of the lead scientists and most of the major business owners etc.

which bring me to my next point, even if you don't believe in any major conspiracy, we do know masons gives jobs to those inside and business contracts etc. On a very large scale as well.

Doesn't exactly make it a fair market does it? So people like your uncle and organisations like it should be banned regardless of conspiracy or not.

18 Jan 2018 06:19:15
So you think the knights templar, who were a group of monastic holy knights are similar to a guild of stonemasons, who were neither religious or monastic? Not only that, they waited nearly 300 years to do so?

What evidence do you have that most big hitters of closed societies? For the record the masons is not a closed society as they have open days when you can apply.

What evidence do you have that most scientists, US presidents and business owners were masons? From my understanding only around 1/ 3 of presidents were masons, which is not the majority.

With regards to your allegation that masons give contracts and jobs to each other and that the practice is unfair. First of all the number of masons in Scotland has greatly declined, which I find strange because according to you, they could easily have gotten a job or business contract. Second of all, people give jobs and contracts to their friends and family all the time and masons are just normal people who do the same. Arguably neither practice is fair but it is just human nature.

18 Jan 2018 18:57:32
As for your post about presidents and powerful people, I'm not going to post loads of links etc. Do your own research. Washington was one so they had a good start in USA.

Also you have Lodges called the order of DeMolay for example. DeMolay was a knights templar. So why would they name themselves after people who weren't anything to do with their organisation?

So you can sit and think it was all a bunch of stonemason workers. However there is more that suggest they are referring to the "great architecht of the universe"

as masons call it, not me. So they are religious and hold close ties or emotions with Templars.

Do your own research.

18 Jan 2018 18:51:44
You are showing how little you actually know by stating they were not religious. If that's the case then why have most lodges for years had to declare a belief in a supreme being?

If the masons were a group of stonemasons helping each other out, then why do they take in more than stonemasons? even if as u suggest that's what they were, then that is clearly what they are not anymore.

For a so called non religious group they seem to like Egyptian symbolism like pyramids and the eye of horus. That amongst other religious symbolism.

Also you comparing families giving their kid a job over a worldwide organisation that gives the majority of it's benefits to within then you really are mad.

I'm not even just talking about a guy in a lodge getting his mate a job, you are talking about biggest of business keeping each other running while other many times better companies can't compete and are pushed out.

Having an overall negative impact on society and the whole point of the market.

18 Jan 2018 22:03:35
You seem to be missing the point and unable to differentiate between freemasonry of 1598 and freemasonry of today.

Knights Templar finish 1312 by papal decree.

Earliest records of freemasons in Scotland was 1598. This was the Schaw statute, which you obviously have never read.

So tell me how the knights templar waited nearly 300 years before starting the freemasons and why did they decide to become stone masons as well? Surely any Templar who survived the papal persecution wouldn't have live for another 286 years? Or are you now attributing them with magical powers of long life?

Anyway in the Schaw Statutes it is clear that the Freemasons of that time were actual stone masons and it had nothing to do with religion at this point. You can probably find an electronic copy of the Schaw Statutes online if you want to check for yourself.

The kind of freemasonry you are talking about came much later in history and is known as speculative freemasonry. For the record you get two kinds of masonic lodge, operative and speculative. Operative lodges still have connections to actual stone masonry.

Moving back to US Presidents, like you I have read books that claim nearly all US presidents were freemasons but unlike you I actually went to verify if it was true or false. To the best of my knowledge it is a false claim as only around 1/3 were actual masons.

With regards to Freemasonry adopting Knights Templar themes, the person who can take credit for that is Andrew Michael Ramsey in the 1730s. The person who actually started the masonic Knights Templar order was Thomas Dunckerley at the end of the 18th century. This is the reason you have. The Order of De Molay which I believe you are referring to started in 1919 in the US. You should try reading facts instead of bilge.

By the way I am not disputing that some presidents, scientists and other important people were masons. However, your claim that most of them were is just outright false. You are also mistaken that the pyramid and eye of horus are masonic symbols. Freemasonry does use an eye as a symbol but it is the "Eye of Providence" and symbolises god looking over humankind.

The point I was making about helping your friends and family over others was only used to highlight that it is human nature to help those people who belong to the same groups as us or have a connection with. Perhaps a better example would have been that when I went to NY many years ago, I was drinking in a Celtic bar not long after I arrived. During this occasion I got speaking to an Irish American and fellow Celtic fan. Anyway I was telling him I was looking for work and he hooked me up with one of his friends who ran a removal company. You could argue this was unfair to others as I was given preferential treatment and deprived someone of a job because they were not a member of the same group.

For the record masonry does a lot for society but don't take credit for it, as they raise a lot of money for local charities in their communities each year. If you are looking for a real evil in our society a good place to start is Laissez Faire Capitalism.

19 Jan 2018 01:16:45
I'm not missing a point at all. Doesn't matter what masonry was. What matters is what it has become.

On top of that, just because you have record of a date doesn't exactly mean that's when the masons were founded.

Then you say 1/ 3 of US presidents masons. As if that's a small number lol. That's quite a large amount of power for a so called charitable small group of stonemason admirers.

Yes, I get your story about individual work, but I'm talking big business and I know this for a fact because where i worked all the bosses were masons and one of the guys was quite open about a lot even though he prob shouldn't have been.

This company wasn't exactly well known but had ties to big companies which essentially fed them work and wealth. I'm not talking about getting someone a 9 to 5. I'm talking millions, billions placed in pockets.

Also the "eye of providence" ok so a Pyramid with an eye on it? the exact same as Egyptian symbolism. Call it what you want lol.



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