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16 Jan 2018 00:47:15
Lets not panic about the happenings at Castle GreySkull. they will not catch us - financially or otherwise - unless we completely implode.

We are well on our way to TIAR and Domestic Domination for the foreseeable future. IN terms of Europe, we need the CL money and the aspiriation to play with the elite. Sadly, the financial disparity makes it difficult to compete.

Like it or not, Europa is our level and we are capable of mounting a challenge. To do so, like many here, I feel we need to address our defensive frailties.

I'd love Caulker to sign, Musonda on loan, and then with players returning to form / fitness we should be back to our irresistible best.

Patience, and plenty to be optimistic about.

In Brendan We Trust. HH.

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16 Jan 2018 08:36:28
This kind of post worries me. Firstly, there is no 'on our way to ten in a row', a lot of long twisty masonic ridden football roads to go before that. secondly i think this attitude does not help us. This is why in tight games one poor pass is a cue, for some, to start the audible groans, petty but it pi55es me off.

The rangers will offer a much more determined challenge in the months ahead, a signing policy initiated, it seems, by buying fans of the dead club. I do however agree we will have to wrap it and present them the league or cup. Was the last game a marker? Not for me although some aspects were worrying. Bottom line? We were very poor, second half was in fact a joke.

Signings? I think we can all agree BR will be TOTALLY in charge of all aspects. A manager of his rep would not let anything other happen. After last season BR is the most powerful manager we have had since MON. The link between fans and players is as strong as the centenary season. Money is flowing in, and importantly we can all see this, eg VVD, and the whole club is moving forward nicely. Any one who tried to stop or curtail this, we know who the chief suspect will be, would be mad.

We do seem to be on the one road its up to BR, with the full authority of the board (PL) . to drive us on.

16 Jan 2018 08:54:36
Not one Rangers signing would make it onto our bench so what they do is an irrelevance. I have every faith that we will be stronger by Jan 31st and we are working behind the scenes in a quiet and dignified manner, unlike that lot who leak their derogatary bids to the press in order to unsettle players. You would think they would have learnt their lesson when Aberdeen called their bluff and put them firmly in their place. Know your place little Sevco.

16 Jan 2018 09:17:26
I was there for the original nine-in-a-row when we had some of the best players ever to wear the hoops and we never sang about getting ten titles after the 5th, 6th or 7th and enjoyed one season at a time - playing some great stuff and raking in the silverware.
No-one is disputing how far ahead we are in terms of finance, class and ability, but football (especially where Celtic are concerned) has a habit of biting you in the arse and I will always appreciate and enjoy all success like the rest of us - one season at a time.

16 Jan 2018 09:35:43
Once a boy but nobody had done nine in a row so there was no target to aim for and surpass that’s why nobody sung songs and dreamed of 10 in a row kinda obvious mate? We sing the songs to wind them up and their adoring press members HH here we go 10 in a row ⚽️🏆🍀.

16 Jan 2018 09:47:31
2 good posts bigp and OAB! And I agree that we should savour each season as it comes and not get to far ahead of ourselves! But on the other hand I just love winding the sevconians up about 10iar 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 We know and they know what it means if we reach the 10! And it will haunt them forever when we do it! No matter what they or there pals in the media say, there arses are flapping because they know it’s a real possibility now! It’s always a great time to be a tim but it’s just that bit sweeter rite now ☘️☘️☘️😜😜😜🙌🏻.

16 Jan 2018 09:55:11
@formerlygreenjhedi - Im more worried about your masonic paranoia than the performances in the run up to Christmas to be honest. We were far from our best - jaded, exhausted, on the ropes, lacking creativity and stuttering towards the Winter break. Even at that point, having played the ridiculous number of games that we did in the short period of time Sevco played their biggest game of their season and still only managed a goalless draw.

Its not Rangers and their penny pinching of average players (at best) that they splurge on using their overdraft that we should be concerned about. perhaps the complacency of BR that was his downfall at Liverpool, and perhaps his stubborn (perhaps arrogant) approach he has knowing his popularity and ability to dominate here in Scotland.

I say all this with on caveat - that if the defense is not remedied we may yet still fall on our own sword.

I do however remain optimistic in the knowledge that we have only lost one game in a ridiculous amount of time by football standards, that even the riches of Man City or PSG cannot buy.

This is the foundation of my confidence for several successful seasons to come, but I am not naïve as to think its yet a done deal.

16 Jan 2018 11:10:15
lets get some perspective.

Yes we have defensive frailties (which would be madness not to fix in this window/ next window latest) and we can fall on our sword in certain games. PSG, Bayern fair doos, Hearts - bad but felt like a pressure value had been released.

AND we may get beaten by Aberdeen in a game before the end of the season and hibs may put us out the cup. But as far as the title is concerned, this season, next - all we need to do is turn up and play with a degree of professionalism and we will win more games and amass more points than any other team in the league and therefore win the league.

Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts and especially Sevco are miles away from going on a "10 game unbeaten" run and would need beat us 2/ 3 times in a season to mount a serious challenge - and also take all the points from the other teams on that list - and that my friends is so unlikely that we will gain 10 in a row.

16 Jan 2018 13:32:44

We’re miles ahead of the spl teams yet excuses about players being jaded/ tired for how rotten this year has been compared to last year

Got to laugh. We have played 10 proper competitive games going by the fact we are miles ahead of the SPL teams - surely league and cup games are training exercise for us then.

Let’s face facts, last year was superb this year has been a big disappointment. Domestic dominance isn’t worth getting excited about and with our current squad Zenit won’t break sweat on putting us out.

First team players in defence and a playmaker are required and should be signed to get back to where we should be.

16 Jan 2018 13:27:57
I agree, the only team to stop us doing the 10 will be ourselves. We can’t allow complacency to creep in, we have watched this current team go stale, and the signings we’ve made haven’t exactly set the heather on fire
Maybe Stale is to strong a word, but forget the huns, rangers sevco or whatever you want to call them, we are getting further behind the European teams every year, and eventually we won’t be qualifying for the cash cow that is the champions league.

16 Jan 2018 13:29:34
Stan. not expecting many to agree here but I would take the boy Tavernier in a heart beat. Anyway . without being over confident I think we have enough in the tank to take care of the league for a couple of seasons yet but we still need to be mindful of what teams around us are doing.

Sevcos tactics are to fill there team with loan signings in an attempt to get a shot at European football next season. It's my opinion that at some point there fortunes will change like ours did when 'the bunnet' arrived. But in all honesty I detest all this 10 in a row stuff.

If it happens great. But let's just take it a season at a time. We'll lose cups along the way and we'll lose to them along the way too. We would all love a marquee signing every transfer window but that won't happen. Every now and then we will unearth a Ntcham.

Every now and then we will dig up a Bangura that's how it goes. Let's keep the heid bhoys and see where the window takes us and discard the absolute pish that's flying around. We are heading in the right direction. I agree with formerlygreenjehdi if you think there were dark forces involved at the last referendum wait till ye see the obstacles in our way if we are going for ten.

16 Jan 2018 13:49:25
Get where we should be? Were top of the league. The first cup of the season won and still in another 2. Yes we haven't hit last season's form but I expect a big improvement for the rest of the season. there's another fortnight before the window closes and hopefully Rodger's brings in 1 or 2 quality players for the here and now.

16 Jan 2018 14:45:00
Not for me i'm afraid Pat. Can only judge him on his performances against us though, he looks a decent enough player going forward but his defending is pretty woeful.

16 Jan 2018 18:00:29
Who's panicking.

16 Jan 2018 18:48:10
Mally don’t think anyone is panicking, it’s more being fed up with this inability to consistently improve.

Lennons last season was terrible, the rank rotten players signed where a joke.

Deila was a waste of 2 years. KT and Ajer the only positives

BR makes us an invincible force and we fail to sign the required quality of players to improve on last year.

Unbeaten record gone, string of humpings in Europe, endless rotten performances in the SPL and not one player in the team has stood out this season.

I’m not even confident that the 2nd half of the season will get any better.

16 Jan 2018 18:57:29
I think it's fair the team has had some criticism, but how anyone can say this season has been a "big disappointment" is beyond me when we're odds on for a treble and in Europe still. Also, if we had brought in the players Sevco have this window, on loan mind, we would be raging about it so don't worry about what they're up to.

16 Jan 2018 19:09:00
Your last few posts shoulda came with a health warning Kev.

16 Jan 2018 20:14:54
😂😂😂 just annoyed mate.

17 Jan 2018 00:20:53
Bhoys , I don't think we should worry about our defence . As B R says we defend as a team . . Our problem was over the last 6 weeks domestically we didn't . Our midfield were wandering too far up field and we were caught on the counter attack .
We had too many games to have time to work during training to correct this . Last week and this week at training I have no doubt B R would have got players back to basics and taking up right positions.

17 Jan 2018 16:52:23
I thought Castle GreySkull was were He-Man stayed. So your basically calling Rangers the good guys then. Haha.



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