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13 Jan 2018 10:39:54
I read this morning, with a sense of aw naw, Rogers talking up the defence. I sincerely hope he was trying to give them a boost and not alluding to a position that we don't need anybody.

How could the board expect the fans to fork out near on £50 for a ticket against Zenit if they don't address the farcical defence we have?

The only people who can derail our superiority sit in our boardroom in my opinion.

I can't see them mess it again, but with Celtic boards you never can tell. History is on the side of complacency and hoping.

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13 Jan 2018 11:48:03
I get a bit frustrated when folk bang on about mcginn etc, good players but again going by our track record we don't sign loads of players at one time, so if we focus on midfielders again - we are not addressing what everyone knows we should be addressing.

I see "a this is a bad window blah blah. " coming - so we should be getting good defenders lined up on precontracts for the summer then? no?

13 Jan 2018 12:27:21
Digibanger its more than good defenders. The reason Celtic have gone backwards this year is down to the form of Sinclair and Roberts, but mainly Sinclair. Dembele got all the plaudits but look at him this season. Average at best. Why? When Sinclair was playing he was often unplayable. Carried the ball forward, opened up defences got the ball through to the front men. So did Roberts but to a lesser extent. Sinclair one side Roberts tbe other. Whomever played up front Dembele or Griff we got goals. Now Sinclair is struggling and Roberts missing we are not the same threat. So we need Roberts back and try to get Sinclair back or we need new wingers either for this season or next but that for me is the fix. Then 2 CB's and a keeper and by and large sorted.

13 Jan 2018 12:58:30
Every 6 months for as many years as I can remember the Celtic maanger always says that he wants to bring in as many new players at the START of the transfer window. IT NEVER HAPPENS. So far we have brought in a defender who is cup tied for Europe, a winger back out on loan and a 17 year old for the future. Our squad is no better than the end of the year.

13 Jan 2018 13:13:03
@ Johnnymac
I think it's unfair to name individual players as the reason for Celtic not reaching the heights of last year. What the invincible's did last year was exceptional and anyone who expected them to repeat that phenomenon this year is a little bit Naive if you ask me. I think Celtic as a whole have not been charging on all cylinders this season and is probably down to tiredness and perhaps a little bit of complacency. I find your comments with regards to getting Roberts back or a new winger more than a little disrespectful to James Forrest. Roberts might be ready at the end of February but that is no guarantee that he is going to walk into the starting eleven.

13 Jan 2018 13:39:36
Players get paid a lot of money to play. It is not disrespectful to point out when they have lost form for a prolonged period. Its up to them to sort it. Sinclair has been a shadow of last year in an attacking sense. He is to keen to play the safe ball and his finishing has been less than what we expect.

I don know of any other work arena where if your performance slips nobody mentions it. They are supposed to be men, are we hurting their feelings? that's a shame.

Everybody knows we haven't been at it and its due to players not performing, when they stop taking their wages they will be exempt from criticism. Until then man up and find the form. Dembelle has been awful, his touch has deserted him so far and that in itself could cost us a few million if we punt him this window. I would see him and hope he regains his touch and sell him in th summer. Its like trying to sell your car when it has had it wheels stolen, not the best time.

The reason they are getting flack is because they aren't even playing ok never mind like last year.

As for Roberts, if he is back on form he leaves forrest in his wake.

13 Jan 2018 15:43:56
Donjim. What a load of tosh you sre talking. Everyman and his dog knows Sinclair is behind last season. Unfair to name players? Why. The reason we are not as good as last season is because Sinclsir, Dembele, Roberts not as good as they were. Fact. Forrest doing better is great but what has that to do with my comment on Roberts and Sinclair? As Magicpole says if Roberts gets back to last season form he is on the team sheet before Forrest.

13 Jan 2018 18:11:01
Don’t forget apart from KT and hopefully Ajer improves year on year that Our GK and defenders are total Shoite and need replaced for us to progress.

Zenit will win home and away - seen nothing this season says otherwise.

13 Jan 2018 19:48:04
Johnnymac can we assume that as we are not as good this year it is because as you say Sinclair, Dembele and ROBERTS are not as good as they were, that the others such as Armstrong, Griffiths Simunovic etc are as good as they were if not better. this was my point, not that 2 or 3 are worse but the whole team has gone backwards a bit and unfair to blame anyone in particular.

13 Jan 2018 20:31:25
Magicpole, posters like yourself contribute to the " defencive rubbish "as you describe of our defence . Brendan Rodgers has many strings to his bow which makes him the good manager he is . One he places a lot of emphasis on is confidence building . If u ever become a parent you will quickly learn that your children will react positively to praise and confidence building . If u are a Celtic supporter u should want Celtic team to react positively .
We know Dembele reads Celtic forums as he taunted forum users in the summer .

14 Jan 2018 10:41:46
Well he was praised generously old man. But unlike children, adults need t be told the truth, and supported to return to the previous behaviour or form. If you ever had children I hope you didn't bring the up thinking everything they did was brilliant even if it wasn't.

Thats lowers standard, not just in football, but in life. Sometimes the truth hurts, if Dumbelle can't take criticism when it s based upon the actual reality then he is nothing more than a child, with a feeling of entitlement. Praise me praise me when I'm great, look the other way when Im not.

Boo hoo for their feelings. If he thinks he is going t avoid negativity then he is in the wrong business, in football and life. He is in control of the bar by which we judge him. You obviously support and encourage them to get back but you don't ignore the elephant in the room because it might make him sad.

Posters like you encourage happy clapping and no criticism because you think it hurts a team. Did you not criticise your children when their behaviour wasn't up to it? In case they were sad.

You give them the coping mechanisms to overcome bad times by getting them to believe in themselves, not pretend everything is brilliant when its not.

14 Jan 2018 13:02:50
A lot have took a dip in form this season. Jozo, Armstrong, Griffiths, Dembele, Tierney, Lustig, Roberts, Sinclair you could list more. Definitely due to the amount of games we have had to play. Some didn't get a full rest over summer because of the ridiculously scheduled international fixtures. Lustig seems to be suffering most by it as his age and legs are catching up on him. He needs a rest but can't due to the injury of Ralston. Moussa and Leigh are struggling for different reasons as both have had plenty of rest as has Armstrong as he gets swapped a lot for Newham. To me I think Sinclair has been sussed out as have Celtic which is another reason for the dip in form. Pressure on the defence seems to turn into goals now so hopefully with the rest a few additions and a tweak in tactics and style of play will help is rediscover last seasons form again.

15 Jan 2018 00:42:00
You are talking nonsense Magicpole . When my children were playing footbaii and camogi I supported then and encouraged them profusely .
Also when they were preparing for exames right up to their degrees ( all five got fist class honours ) even whe was studying and attaining her Bar examples wive and I encouraged and supported all five into their professional jobs .
As children we reprimanded them for the things children need reprimanding for.



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