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05 Dec 2017 21:36:36
Left 15 min early tonite! That was a pathetic gutless performance tonite by the way! Embarrassing!

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05 Dec 2017 21:42:55
Let's forget the Dembele £30mill price tag. Take what we can get and move him on. BR clearly does not rate Griff so no idea what will happen there. On the whole we are not even a europa league team. So poor.

05 Dec 2017 21:45:23
Was really poor and takes the shine in qualifying for EL away. I think we really are starting to look tired, need a boost from somewhere.

05 Dec 2017 22:07:54
Let’s be honest lads if Anderlecht hadn’t been in a crisis when we played them at home then we’d be dead last yet again! Rodgers says we’re learning, well I’m sorry but that just isn’t true! That was one of the worse performances I’ve seen in a long long time! I take no comfort that we’ve stumbled into the EL! Any decent side in that will pump us home and away! Remember the days Celtic Park was a fortress! Those days are long gone now!

05 Dec 2017 22:17:11
You left early that's embarrassing.

05 Dec 2017 22:21:18
Yes we have qualified for EL. I think despite that we have not improved at all from last year. Behind points from same amounts of games as las year in SPL. Bigger defeats, but teams change so in many ways it can't be measured. So only in my opinion, we ain't progressing.

05 Dec 2017 22:30:38
That was the most spinaless performance l have seen for years. They say that they are not going to change how they play against psg and Munich but then they can kick the ball up the field from the word go. Only Gordon for me was a pass mark. The changes helped but hanni ran the show. We are no where near a champion league team. Struggle away from home and now not won a game at home in the group since 2014! Just goes to show how poor our league really is. One awful performance, thank god it's over!

05 Dec 2017 22:54:23
Aye welsbhoy it’s embarrassing that I didn’t want to sit there in the cold watchn that Shoite with ma 6 year old nephew tae 90 minutes were up! Away and don’t talk pish! Dae u pay ma season book by the way? Naw well never u mind when a leave!

05 Dec 2017 23:11:32
If you don't want people to mind when you leave maybe you shouldn't post about when you leave 😂😂.

05 Dec 2017 23:25:28
Fair play your right it's your book you deserve to do how you please we just have differing opinions on how we see things. as book holders some go to be entertained and want value for money for their book and when things aren't as they thought they can complain and leave that's their right and some of us go to purely to back the team right to the end no matter how good or bad the performance is.

06 Dec 2017 00:03:30
No kev83 I’ll say exactly when I’m leaving mate but thanks for the advice! Welsbhoy totally agree that we all have differing opinions and I tip my hat to those who stayed to the death to watch what was a woeful half hearted performance! For me that was as bad a performance as we’ve had under Brendan and we can’t always fall back on what we do domestically! Yes our run has been truly magnificent and we’ve shown unbelievable consistency! But that tonite was another abject performance to add to the many we’ve had under Brendan! We’ve won 1 CL game out of 12 and none out of 6 home games, I’m sorry mate but that’s reason to complain in my book! But I apologise if I was a bit nippy with you mate, just sheer frustration that’s all. feel like we should and could do better than what we have done of late!

{Ed007's Note - I'm just glad the CL is over for another year. I wonder where all the 'who cares about CL results as long as we're in it to get the money' posters we used to have went?
Me personally, I'd take a domestic Treble over CL Last 16 any season but the other side of the coin is the CL money keeps us light years ahead of the rest of Scottish football.
I think I might just have contradicted myself lol - **** it!}

06 Dec 2017 00:28:41
ED I’ll be honest and I’ve said it before. i don’t want us in the champions league mate! Yes the money is great but the hammerings we’re taking on a regular basis just isn’t worth it! That tonite was against a team more on our level and we failed miserably. i can take a loss mate but the way we’re losing is really tough to take! We’re either getting humped or look like a team who don’t actually believe they belong at this level! It reminded me of the gladbach game at home last year, just look like a team who lack ideas and the belief to tell themselves that they deserve to be in the competition! The team needs freshened up next month imo, there’s to many players who know theyr guaranteed a game and need competition in there! Also thought there was a lot of tired players out there to. wee Tierney runs himself into the ground for us and I’d hate the kid to get burn out! Few signings to keep players on there toes is a must!

{Ed007's Note - I honestly don't let CL results get to me too much, we simply can't compete with your PSG's and Bayern Munichs but there's no excuses for a performance like tonight. I think Rodgers made a mistake not starting Ntcham instead of Armstrong and I'd have started Rogic over McGregor. It wasn't good enough but it was still an OG that decided the game, 0-0 and folk would be saying we soaked up their pressure and got the job done lol.}

06 Dec 2017 01:20:43
Was a bit unfair on you there bud your assessment of the game was bang on. Felt a bit annoyed at the end of the game when it was half empty and the team tho it wasn't a good performance they had just qualified for Europa which was the aim didn't get the credit I feel they deserved from the crowd. Think to many have this illusion that cos were Celtic we should be doing better in Europe dontbknow why fact is were never going to compete at that level so Europe after xmas is a great achievement.

06 Dec 2017 08:03:13
Or you could say that most of the team has played a lot of football recently, and it just caught up on them, where as Anderlecht have been focused on this match, and knew what they had to do, they had to win by three goals, their trainer had them closing their eyes for ten minutes every day, and made them repeat, we have to win by three goals, yes master we will, and every night before they went to sleep, they repeated the mantra, we will win by three goals, yes master, we will, and then. well you know how it turned out.



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