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21 Oct 2017 18:42:38
A decent display today from Celtic who had some tired looking players out there so I am not going to complain about the quality of passing from some of our players, we got the victory DESPITE the usual "honest mistake", DESPITE the "impartial" computer guy scheduling our league cup semi a full 24 hours earlier, but said "impartial" computer guy must now be beeling as Celtic now have at least ONE extra day to rest and recover before another tough away game on Wednesday, sadly "impartial" computer guy could only give Aberdeen TEN DAYS rest.

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21 Oct 2017 20:25:24
we're not talking about biton at cb so must have done okay today.

and lustig scoring - twice!

Looked like a good game "for the neutrals"

Need to be a bit tighter on Wednesday I recon.

With spl teams getting £375k just for being in the same league as us, I recon they should let us pick our own fixtures - for the good of the game.

21 Oct 2017 21:28:28
Bitton was a fault for there 2nd goal, should have stepped up and played offside and he didn't even notice the boy. but again this what happens when u play a centre midfielder at centre half! There can't be many teams who constantly chop and change so many positions! We need a settled team asap! But on the other hand it's massive credit to the players that they still keep winning and always finding away to get the job done! Would just love to see a settled team, especially the back 4! On a side note did anyone hear the clown that is kris Boyd questioning big jozos bottle going into big games! Said he's scared to get shown up if he's less than 100% fit! He can only play against Dundee and the like! And here's me thinking I was positive I watched the big man stroll through the anderlecht game and played with the pipe in and slippers on at the crumble dome! This was the same kris Boyd who's own mangers couldn't trust him going into big games because his arse collapsed every time! How this bellend gets a platform to spout Shoite from I'll never know!

21 Oct 2017 22:38:44
Well said lh he's a knobhead. he played against psg as well he must have been struggling for a story this week.

22 Oct 2017 00:12:42
Mally the guys a half wit! It's the fact what he spouts is total lies! He said he can only play against Dundee but he wasn't in the team for the recent game against them, then he said he can't play in the big games but he strolled it in anderlecht and like u said played against psg! And I know It's not exactly a tough game but he strolled it over at the asbestos dome! It's total nonsense with not even an attempt at dealing in facts!

22 Oct 2017 01:11:56
The great thing about this current Celtic team is that it has now won 60 domestic games in a row despite having a manager that some of our fans thinks doesn't know the basics of team selection . Surely someone should tell B R that u can't pick a midfield player and play him as centre back and also Brendan you must not change personnel from game to game .
I know B R is a quick learner and is always studying the best managers to see how he can improve but maybe that is where he is going wrong, he should read the posts here and he would within months have Celtic invincible . Sorry I forgot B R has already had us invincible .
Maybe he does know what he is doing.

22 Oct 2017 01:04:33
Ha ha that porky roller could only score against the likes of Alloa and Forres Mechanics, always struggled against the big teams like us.

22 Oct 2017 08:37:49
Spot on Lh - Boyd is a total bell.

On a different note, I cannot believe that Griffiths is getting stick for his performance from some Celtic fans - give the man a break - he's been outstanding for us!

Delighted with the result. Really hoping Motherwell stuff them tomorrow.

22 Oct 2017 11:30:58
Yet again, dirty cheating officials do all they can to derail us. They know their beloved sevco have no chance against us in the final, if that pile of shite team even make it.

I hope Well do them obviously, preventing them making any more money.

Job done yesterday and now we can look forward to parting the Sheep's baws on Wednesday.

If Sevco make the final we will be swamped with honest mistakes galore. Cheating is in their DNA and they don't even mind winning by cheating.

Part of me wants them to make the final so we can smash them into a red white and blue jam.

22 Oct 2017 12:11:11
Sorry, (OP) I hate to hear the "tired after a hard midweek game. " C'mon, these are professonal footballers and that is their only job. They are well looked after and well paid for what they do.
Try doing manual labouring (rigs was mine) 12 hour shifts where sometimes it's basically non-stop THEN tell me that is a tired person.
I won't labour the point as I have made my feelings known on here many times in the past but Tired wee things. naw.

{Ed007's Note - To be fair using terms like "tired after a hard midweek game" etc doesn't mean the players are knackered and a nice wee lie-in spooning the wife's big hot ass will sort them out. It's more to do with things like mental tiredness and muscle fatigue and the body needing to replenish levels of fluids etc and is all worked out by the sports science department to help keeping players at their individual peak as much as possible between games. Players who's bodies need longer to recover are more prone to niggling injuries if they play when they aren't pushing their peak conditioning.
The reason we never heard about stuff like players being tired etc in the 80s and 90s is because sports science was still in it's infancy.
There'll be a reason LG tucked into a tea cake on the bench, probably to get his sugar levels back up as quickly as possible, other players eat things like bananas to get their potassium levels back up and most players get as much fluids into them as possible during matches, it's all to do with sports science and keeping players at their peak both physically and mentally. Your brain slows down if you are dehydrated, hence the constant intake of fluid during games.
So the next time you read that players are tired, just forget that and read it as the players are facing a heavy schedule and need to push themselves that wee bit harder to remain in tip top condition because there isn't enough time to do any gentler conditioning training (or proper coaching)with the games are coming thick and fast.
The players will be off today, in tomorrow for some light training, Tuesday will be working on the Aberdeen game and Wednesday it's light training if any before heading to Pittodrie, compare that schedule to what would happen if we had a week off between the games, we'd be arriving at Pittodrie near enough at our peak fitness and conditioning wise.}

22 Oct 2017 12:36:06
It was an all too familiar and predictable 'honest mistake' that unfortunately has cheated and penalised Celtic in a good few Hamden semi finals. Previous teams have lost out to these incidents but under BR and the current talent at his disposal - we can handle the twelfth man nowadays.

23 Oct 2017 01:33:23
I don't see any more reason for criticising C G for making a mistake that eventually led to a goal that others could have prevented .
Dembele missed a relatively easy chance on Sat to score and I am not going to blame him or call for him to be dropped .
We have. Humans playing for us and the team as a whole are not among the best in the world . I am quite happy that most of the time they all do a fairly evenly matched decent job for us that has got us 60 domestic wins in a row . This achievement is not easy to wi and all the players &ateam management deserve great credit and praise from good fans.



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