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13 Sep 2017 23:41:18
After 24hrs of dwelling on the result I've come to the conclusion that maybe it's best we never qualify for the CL again (at least until UEFA make financial and other changes to make it more fair for club's like celtic) . Hear me out, let's be honest, the gap between the top teams and lesser teams is getting bigger and it's becoming evident as every year passes.
At the end of the day, we all dream of qualifying every year to see if the board will spend the money on a few players that will make a difference but it never happen so wtf difference does it make financially if we qualify or not. Yes i undwrstand not being able to wave that carrot to attract better players but we don't get these players anyway.
It's clear the money goes straight into Desmond and lawells banks. We never see the benfit of this money! My main reason for this opinion is that I don't need to see Celtic getting beat 7-0s and 5-0s anymore adm its going to continue. We may grab a brilliant result from time to time but its near on impossible to progress to the last 16 anymore and all we are now is a filler to make up the numbers.
CELTIC football club will always belong at the top of European football clubs and competition and anyone that boss anything about the history of football will now that but money has destroyed the sport and its never going to change or only get worse.
I won't be too disappointed to see this euro super league they talk about come to fruition. Let them have it.
I'd be more than happy to play Europa league football every year as we stand a chance of actually progressing and not get embarrassed against these money clubs.
Just my opinion, what's your thoughts guys?

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14 Sep 2017 02:09:51
Irishkiwi it's our history we are talking about half the teams in the CL have never won it man or wee lassie give yourself a break eh Mon the hoops forever and always a Tim 😍.

14 Sep 2017 06:55:55
You've a short memory Kiwi. Last years group stage wasn't a complete disaster. Barcelona was the horror show and the defeat to the Germans was a sore one but we also showed the ability to compete with one of the most expensive teams in England. Of course money is ruining it. I actually think football will implode because of it but Celtic at the very least have to be in the champions league for the exposure it gives us to the rest of European football.
We need a bit of perspective here. Not only did they have Mbappe and the other wee fud but they had Cavani who in my opinion, is a simply brilliant footballer. Those three alone cost more than the whole of Scottish football put together. We pick ourselves up and get ready for Anderlecht who are more our level.

14 Sep 2017 07:04:04
We have a very proud history and that will never change shandybhoy, our proud history will forever be intact but the maulings every year by the barcelonas and the psgs will also become part of our history and we just don't need it.
Uefa and fifa could give a damn about our history or other clubs similar to us with proud historys like clubs like ajax for example. Top european superpowers that are being held back by the lack of funding in there respective leagues.
We will never ever be able to compete with these clubs on or off the pitch anymore because these clubs are funded by biliionaires who will stop at nothing to win the big one like psg are doing.
Going back to ajax, a club in a very similar situation to ouselves, reached the europa league final last season but they would have got smashed by psg the other night like us.
We have a much better chance at sucess playing in the europa league against teams like ajax and maybe even have a chance of winning a europa league and that could become part of our proud history. We are not going to get that playing in the CL in its current format.

14 Sep 2017 07:37:46
your original post with a few changes could be posted by a Kilmarnock fan talking about the spfl.

in every league there are big teams and little teams and the little teams dream of and remember the rare occasions when everything goes right and they get a victory.

Same goes for the CL.

Ideally the CL would be just that - the champions only from all the EU leagues - but it ain't going to happen.

Our league isn't the best for sure - but id rather watch a good Hibs/ Hamilton tense game than any over hyped E&WPL game, and for every Manchester Derby there are 8 Bournemouth Vs Watfords.

Yes Id say EU league is more our level - but let's get into that after 4 learning games and 2 possible good results in the CL and banking £30m before they chance the comp and we can never even get a sniff at that sort of money.

14 Sep 2017 08:41:13
Your spot on banger, my god we got beat, get over it , psg beat BARCELONA 5-0 last year as well and they didn't have that wee toad 🐸 neymar or the Monaco player in their team then, maybe Barcelona should throw in the towel as well eh . We don't have a divine right to win any game, the trick, as my old manager used to say, is to identify your weakness's, learn from them and work harder to make them your strength , if that doesn't work admit the other guy is better and be the best you can be, end of, go and get a pair of dry panties on and watch us go against Anderlecht.

14 Sep 2017 09:18:09
I see your point Kiwi, however it unfortunately the sad state football is in. The champions league is no longer for champions. This was made abundantly clear from the rule changes as well that they have no interest in changing it.

PSG aren't even the champions of France remember.

I can't see an end in sight for it though, and we just need to accept where we are in the pecking order, and hope for a few magical nights at paradise.

Things are only going to get worse with this nonsense sky tv deal to stream midweek Championship games.

14 Sep 2017 09:40:22
IrishKiwi maybe we shouldn't play domestic games either until it's fair for other teams? After all the financial disparity between us and teams like St. Johnstone can't be far off the difference between us and PSG.

14 Sep 2017 09:44:09
I agree with Kiwi's points re investment and adequate preparation for both qualifying and putting up a fight in the group stages. We fail miserably every year to recruit in time.

We spent £5.5m when dugs in the street could see we needed defenders and another striker. To go into the qualifications with makeshift formations, is a slap in the face to every single Celtic fan who listened to Rogers state players would be brought in early. We all rejoiced at that as we are sick to the back teeth of our perennial dithering and reluctance to break a tenner.

Lawell keeps talking about every penny being spent on the team. Well, if £5.5m is every penny then we're fecked.

We need to qualify for the CL to get the cash but our aim should be at least Europa. I have to be honest and say going up against Anderlecht with our defence, even if Boyata and Shev are fit, isn't good enough.

Invest the money in better players or forget it. It's not about competing with the super rich, it's about not run ragged because we fail to invest in areas of the team that need bolstered.

I hope this balls up focuses Rogers mind and he is working to get players in January now. Not two days before the deadline and Lawell needs to realise that we are looking at spending the CL money to improve our team and not just the bank balance.

The Europa league after Christmas with a couple of signings we need would be brilliant. The problem is we go with what we have and that might not be enough and it should have been.

Wake up call after wake up calls come and go. If we want to be considered a CL team, then investment is needed. You don't get that through history, you get that recognition by cutting it. Right now, we aren't. Until the penny drops that going in with let's hope for the best attitude is failing us.

Time to show a bit of ambition. Long overdue.

14 Sep 2017 10:17:02
Not forgetting the financial side of qualifying, I think our team will keep improving playing opposition like Psg, Barca, and I think a few teams will be heavily defeated by that team.

14 Sep 2017 10:50:42
It's not about teams like PSG, it's about being able to compete with 3rd pool teams to win that spot. We should have been in a stronger position to achieve that than we are.

We are playing in the group stages with academy players trying to take on Neymar. Now, any defender would struggle, but that misses the point. We have made a very difficult task even harder by not realising we are weak in defence. That's just an uncomfortable fact.

We can either accept that and address it, or finish 4th every time we qualify. If all resources available are committed then fair enough and we have to accept the gulf, but spending £5.5m to compete in the CL when sevco spent twice that to get second in the league, tells me we are playing at it.

Where is this great scout guy we have now? Where are the players? We fail to get Rivaldo and then having to ask Denyer is a feck up. We need a full back too as Lustig needs someone pushing and taking his place.

If we edge Anderlecht out we have an opportunity to strengthen in January to improve us for the Europa. If we fail then it's even more important we took up for CL quakifucation.

It has to happen or there will be real anger at the board and Rogers. Talk from Rogers and Lawell about our place at the top table is cheap, players required to make it happen aren't.

We have heard enough talk, let's see it happen.

14 Sep 2017 11:02:06
He is right though and not just a Celtic issue. Even the like of Ajax, Feyenoord, Benfica etc are the same

Yes we never were favourites but between tv money and oil barons it is literally impossible to compete.

Having 4 teams qualify from big leagues doesn't help either. Uefa helps create the gap.

Make no mistake uefa one day will make their elite league and we won't be in it. Clubs like Celtic and Ajax should refuse to enter.

Forget their money and take back pride in football for what it should be.

14 Sep 2017 11:07:43
Brendan Rodgers can do no wrong. Obviously financially there is a gap but for me in Europe he is a bit naive.

Last year we survived beer sheva. In groups we done ok but conceded a lot of goals

This year so far we lose 5 to psg. However Astana also put 4 past us.

Rodgers with Liverpools money failed to qualify from a group with Real Madrid, Ludogrets and Basel.

They won 1 game against Ludogrets with 90min penalty dropped into Europa and then got immediately put out by Besiktas.

For me he is like Arsene Wenger, good football but no plan B. Tries to go toe to toe with PSG. Doesn't know how to defend. Possession football when your players don't have the quality means we will always concede lots of goals.

14 Sep 2017 12:45:46
So should PSG not have bothered showing up for last years CL as they got pumped 6-1 off barca? Every year now there are very good teams on the end of a hiding and we have been no different, and now we're questioning Rodgers ability? Is every manager on the end of a heavy CL defeat "naive"? Lawell and Desmond are stealing all the money are they?

I didn't like the result but I enjoyed the game, i'll enjoy the next 5 too, and we have every chance of being in Europe after Christmas, for which we might have our shiny new CB.

14 Sep 2017 14:42:13
CL is driven by tv money in turn driven by advertising. All of us fans of so called lesser teams contribute the majority of that. Maybe time to strangle the persons with their own rope and stop.

In a few years the CL will be like one of those pre season invite only affairs and when people get bored the advertisers will pull the plug. Honestly think some sort of Northern European league would pull in more cash as it would at least be a true competition, least until greed kicks in again 🙄.

14 Sep 2017 14:51:38
Losing can be a good experience in short and mid term. Our defence and goalkeeping is average to poor, depending on the calibre of our opposition. If we lose sloppy goals to Patrick, and I mean no offence meant to the Jags, we cannot seriously expect to be resolute against a team that has possibly the best attacking front line in the world. Some people need to get some perspective.

14 Sep 2017 14:52:10
Islegreen psg also beat Barcelona 4-0. They bottled it but have a good enough team

The gap is too big for a club like us though

And im happy with Rodgers but doesn't mean u can't point out faults. He isn't perfect.

He had the EPL money with Liverpool and couldn't get past Basel.

With us in Europe we concede a lot of goals. All im saying is his tactics are too open and honest.

The like of Ferguson and Mourinho were good at having squads comfortable switching from attack to defensive styles. We don't have that at the moment.

14 Sep 2017 15:20:55
Forget about the "gap", talk about the gap, when Celtic play well and get beat 5-0,



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