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13 Sep 2017 23:36:05
recent conversations have been aimed at the GB and how they could cause us to be forced to play behind closed doors if they don't behave more responsibly.
After all that, some wee sh*te decides to leap onto the park and attempt to have a kick at an opposition player. we could end up closed doors.
I have to ask though, what more could Celtic have done to prevent this act?
Its easy to blame the home club but if UEFA set down specific (great word they are rubbish scared of) rules and we follow those then it becomes a civil disorder and the authorities (police) now take responsibility and control.

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14 Sep 2017 02:11:05
Did he come from the STANDING AREA? Hh.

14 Sep 2017 07:39:58
Not sure if he came directly from the standing section but he definitely came into the pitch from that corner area. Who knows where his seat was. I was sat in the upper tier above the green brigade and what I will say is that when the stewards eventually brought him back crowd side he was getting it rotten from the supporters and rightly so. The moron in question was lucky he had so many police and stewards surrounding him or it could've got really nasty. What possess these fools to enter the field of play when they know we'll be punished big time for it. These morons who do enter the field of play won't be happy till a section of parkhead is closed on these nights.

14 Sep 2017 08:09:29
The wee guy was stupid but he's a kid, any of the grown men throwing punches at him are out of order too and should be banned.

14 Sep 2017 08:40:36
Tinytim I think you have it all wrong mate. It's all about people taking responsibility for their own actions. Everyone complains that the police are harassing the GB etc when they are trying to watch the game and want the police to leave them alone.

In England the police take responsibility for order outside the grounds and leave it to the stewards inside. Yet in Scotland every game has cops inside - barring the trial last year was it?

Unfortunately it seems that sections of the support are determined to cause trouble. From where I was sitting it looked like the bam came from closer to the goal, but I could be wrong. Also laying the blame constantly at the green brigade is wrong. It certainly wasn't them that started a rendition of a certain IRA song.

I think the guidelines are there and people need to take responsibility for their actions. We want police out the stadiums and to be able to have a swally in the stadiums, yet we have Neanderthals like this who albeit in the minority, are ruining it for the majority.

14 Sep 2017 08:43:36
Some Celtic supporters and their freinds at Radio Snyde and the red tops won't be happy until sections of the ground are closed and id go as far as to say some would like a port blockage on match days .

14 Sep 2017 08:47:34
A kid Stephbhoy? He is 21, 3 years older than the bloke he attempted to attack. He never came from the standing section SB he came from 2 sections along from that in the Lisbon lions.

14 Sep 2017 10:20:59
Yes definitely Lisbon lions end, what makes these aholes, think it's a good idea to run into the pitch, I also agree that the old guy punching him was out of order.

14 Sep 2017 11:31:23
Fair enough if he's 21 but a read he was only 18.

14 Sep 2017 10:30:43
Its irrelevant where he game from - he was on the pitch - his starting position is irrelevant. are we saying people in the standing section are more likely to jump onto the pitch because they are standing?

hes a tit. end of. we are hoping uefa see the actions of 1 and don't blame the many. But it happened with Dido. That's why we don't need palastine banners - because we are racking up the actions and we can't legislate for another tit next game or game after.

if you want to free palastine, join the un.

{Ed007's Note - So you think daft fines over logos on our kit and the Club's stewards and the police are going to affect UEFA's decision on our punishment?
Man Utd received about 7 or 8 UEFA charges during their run to winning the EL last season, do you think their fans and soaking their panties about it and worrying about ground closures?
Did you e-mail PSG to complain about their Palestine banner?}

14 Sep 2017 18:50:13
Id imagine the UN would be the last organisation youd join if you wanted to free Palastine.



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