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13 Sep 2017 02:18:30
maybe that result will wake people up to this clown rodgers being viewed as some kind of messiah, stein, mcneill and o'neill's team's would never be beat 5-0 at home in europe.

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13 Sep 2017 06:23:57
you don't half talk some pish.

13 Sep 2017 06:37:18
Jamesbhoy what could he have done? We are playing against some of the best players in the world PSG will be in the final we need a reality check there a great team yes we made them look better as Armstrong and Ntcham were missing we should have bought a centre half in the summer window but think calling BR a clown is a bit ott mate.

13 Sep 2017 06:51:02
Got to be the worse thing u've came out with to date Jb, what level did u reach playing the game?

13 Sep 2017 06:55:37
Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but some need a reality check! That was a strong, strong team that clicked lastnight.

13 Sep 2017 06:57:51
we've played top ranked teams many times and come away with our reputation more or less intact. Something went badly wrong last nite. I don't get how we failed to show in the first half. All too similar to away to Astana: we seemed traumatised.

13 Sep 2017 07:07:28
My god mate, what a load of crap! One duff result and you call him a clown? We were outplayed last night by a team who have spent millions of pounds to win this competition. Their movement was simply awesome some times and the Cavani goal was one of the greatest goals I've seen for years.
Get a sense of perspective Jb. Last night was like us playing Cowdenbeath!

13 Sep 2017 07:15:52
2 months of neymars wage buys us ntcham, that's what were up against.

13 Sep 2017 07:24:06
This was a quality team who well beat us . couldve been 8 or 9.they made us look look slow cumbersome and plain average last night. i won't criticise (although I think wrong selection was made and some of our players aren't euro level capable as some think ) anderlecht will give us a clearer picture of where we are in euro terms.

13 Sep 2017 07:37:41
nonsense jb

what we thought would happen is that they, as new players bought and put together, would take some time to find their feet and we would play out our skin and maybe catch them cold and get a result. (same way we played against man city last year) .

What happened is we saw what happens when an oil rich country buys a team and their transfer policy is a blank cheque. They player out of their skins - we played poorly = worst result ever.

Last night shows the world what £750m buys you. I think last night their opposition was irrelevant - they could have got this result against any Engerlish and Welsh Premier Leaugue Team - and probably will later in the competition.

Sad we didn't do better, annoyed we didn't make better signings, never ashamed of my team - ashamed at the nutter who ran on the pitch - what a tit. We are going to feel that worse than 0-5.

its as you were - need 2 results against anderleicht, same as we did before last night, nothing new.

The other 4 games, best we can hope is to see them as defensive lessons, learn from good teams attacking us as for 99% of the season we are the dominant team.

13 Sep 2017 07:49:27
also I didn't know much about the PSG team except for the forward line but I thought their goalie played very well, did everything he was asked, came for every ball and stopped a few shots but MoM for me was Rabiot. And then he was taken off for Draxler! says it all really.

13 Sep 2017 08:01:29
James has dangled a wee line bhoys don't bite they were as good as I've seen and will pump better teams than us.

13 Sep 2017 08:05:33
Maybe people are getting sick of the dangling mally, this clown never has anything positive to say, From his insider knowledge to his constant bitching, if you wanna dangle lines go fish.

13 Sep 2017 10:10:15
I did think Rodgers got it wrong tactically last night and while he was right to have a pop at some of the players for under performing, I think he should be man enough to accept that he played a part as well.

Perhaps the reason he got it wrong tactically was due to him having too much faith in what level the players are currently at.

13 Sep 2017 17:23:51
It seems JB is our very own Gordon Parks, just spouts whatever pish to get a reaction.

13 Sep 2017 19:08:08
Those you mentioned didn't have to face up against teams valued at the best part of £1b.

13 Sep 2017 22:29:12
we are celtic one of the biggest clubs in the world, not stenhousemuir.

13 Sep 2017 22:38:54
bbb209 how would you know what i post? i've never saw you on the page in my life, and i played to not a bad level, and bhoywonder what crap am i talking? last season we got beat with lincoln red imps and got thrashed with barcelona 7-0 you tell me when stein, mcneill or o'neill's teams ever got beat by they margins?

13 Sep 2017 22:35:45
digibanger we are not a run of the mill average english or welsh league side, we are celtic, former champions of europe sitting on a fortune and spending nothing.

13 Sep 2017 22:33:47
@jb67 - at last someone can see by the halo of the messiah / enigma that is Brendan.
Led Celtic to an invincible treble but.
Worst Euro defeat in Celtics history- Red Imps.
Heaviest away Euro defeat- Barcelona.
Heaviest home Euro defeat - PSG
Is he too good for Scottish football but not capable of taking Celtic forward in Europe?
Another poor transfer window where only Nitcham was signed to improve the team. The rest of the signings are Projects / squad players ( I haven't included PR as he was there last season ) . Never mind as is continually stated on here the £30 million will soften the humpings.

13 Sep 2017 22:42:56
clown? you want to look in the mirror bhoyblunder and you'll see a clown, i see you're still jealous of the TRUE info i get, and telling the truth in a blunt way is bitching is it? aye right!

13 Sep 2017 22:57:12
who cares what a team cost? it didn't stop jock stein's team thrashing the superstars of inter milan.

14 Sep 2017 06:51:26
Aw wee james llf, yeah jealous of your true info that never happened. personally think your just a wee daftie that wants everyone to agree with you, I was brought up to call bull when i see or hear it so that's what i've done, You change your mind and opinions more than a hooker wipes her snatch, Summed up perfectly with the petty you weren't there reply to other post, 2 pairs of socks today fella, itll be cold in the school playground.

14 Sep 2017 14:46:34
you're a clown mate, my info about the striker and the centre half was spot on as usual, if your not wetting your pants at something your not happy.

14 Sep 2017 15:34:57
Spot on lmao, yeah from celtic news a day earlier, your info is about as reliable as a plumbers estimate, just like musonda was a done deal, as was dembele to everton, its all there bud, just scroll back thru your mince, and if your going to reply ( as im sure you will ) start a new post, can't be arsed scrolling thru to see what pish you post.



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