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05 Sep 2017 11:48:44
Thought I'd bring a discussion up for today. Seen over last two weeks la Liga are calling for investigations into financial fair play. Bit ironic considering the likes of Real Madrid started crazy spending. This has came back to bite them.

I do agree with them, that the money is ruining the game it's causing teams without the financial power to fall out the game. Look at the likes of Celtic, Benfica, Ajax, Porto etc. Great teams with European pedigree can't hold onto star players long term never going to be able to compete for European prizes unless a run of luck.

Anyhow for a wee bit of discussion. Thought I'd hear some of your thoughts on how to curb ridiculous spending? Do you think big guns like la Liga will be heard by UEFA or be brushed off like kids saying it's not fair because we don't have as much money now?

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05 Sep 2017 12:33:07
Thing is 4leaf I think they really only want to stop clubs outspending them or buying the best from their league. to truly curb it and have true ffp they have to limit everyteam to the budget of the poorest team involved in all respective leagues.

05 Sep 2017 12:49:13
DRB I'd quite like to see for the likes of European competitions that to enter the CL you couldn't a register a side that cost more than £50 million say in one season. So straight up would rule out the EPL registering squads with players total £50 in a season. PSG wouldn't be allowed to field Neymar in the CL for over a year. Would curb crazy summer spendings. And teams who are in European competitions might be able to hold onto their best due players wanting to compete in the CL.

It would mean teams like Celtic with £60 million CL revenue and say sell a player at £15 million. £75 million along in these profits teams could gamble for a season. It might pay off it might not but at least everyone stood a shot at the competition.

05 Sep 2017 12:51:36
UEFA haven't helped, I get frustrated that the Champions League is still called the "Champions League" the Champions league should be for the Champions of each European Country, I find it disrespectful that ourselves and other Euro countries Champions have to play qualifiers to gain access to the completion. Suppose that that competition format doesn't make as much money than the one they use now.

05 Sep 2017 13:13:40
I think a lot of our fans only think the money is ruining the game because we're not getting a big enough slice of it. There's an attitude that comes with being a Celtic fan where we don't consider clubs "big clubs" unless they won European Cups etc. in the 60's and 70's before money was as prevalent, but even the historically big clubs need crazy money to do anything in today's game. Just look at Real Madrid and Man United.

05 Sep 2017 13:31:42
UEFA definitely haven't helped the sport with the focus on money over the variety of European football styles.

Only thing being if all champions qualified automatically it would mean teams from Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Wales would automatically gain a space and some of these countries don't have fantastic teams or even full time players.

It would be appropriate that the winner of the CL and Europa league are only teams to gain automatic qualification. Champions of nations are in the play off round (not against one another) and the rest play qualifiers to make the group stages. It would improve the equality of the competition and if the likes of a 4th place EPL or Italian team are good enough they'll beat champions from a country.

I think the comp definitely needs a revamp as it's becoming the competition of what league has more money and you can now try buy a trophy. Whatever happened to great footballing sides management, skill and tactics winning these games.

05 Sep 2017 13:47:13
If we had a multi billionaire throwing money at us would ffp be an issue? 😁.

05 Sep 2017 14:11:26
Probs not as bad as we're making it but for the sake of football yeah it would be. Look at the way stein worked on his team's. Taught them physical side of the game the tactical side of the game and pure motivation.

I once read that jock went to see his opponents and sat in the stand with a piece of paper with a drawn out football park. He would colour in the park where his opponents had the ball most and would understand where they defended and attacked so his team would be well prepared. Ahead of his time.

Now all you need to do is spend £200 million for the best LW in the world and not need to worry so much about tactics. This is my idea of ruining the game.

05 Sep 2017 14:21:10
You can't just stop clubs spending to give us a chance. Should we stop spending more than SPL sides?

The issue is businessmen and tv money providing a level of cash from nowhere to leagues and making small clubs rich also.

Clubs should be entitled to spend what they earn by winning tournaments and filling stadiums.

A cap should be put on tv money and businessmen handing warchests.

05 Sep 2017 14:22:51
Money rules football and that will not be stopped. Uefa themselves are all about maximising profits, so I cannot see how clubs can ever be meaningfully restricted in terms of who they buy.

What really annoys me is the way TV revenue is split. The likes of Barcelona and Bayern Munich may well come from larger countries with enhanced TV exposure, but they always need an opposition to play and TV money should be split 50:50 as far as I am concerned.

Clubs with larger stadia and better commercial and advertising / Kit contracts would still to be able to earn more.

05 Sep 2017 15:11:23
4LC there was a bit earlier on Christian purslow talking about how this is only phase 1 of the revenue deal that the EPL have hand how the money in 4/ 5 years the EPL teams will have will totally dwarf anything that any country or club has to offer it's a really sad state of affairs! Yes part of me is jealous but then I'd rather our club was ran within its means it HAS to burst sooner rather than later.

05 Sep 2017 15:24:48
Why not run salary caps? It works fine in NFL, MLB, NRL AFL! This ensures that teams cannot be loaded with the elite players and ensures free trade within the teams means!

Every now and then you do get breaches of the salary like the NRL team the Melbourne Storm and titles etc are stripped accordingly! This also leads to improvements in recruiting and ensures teams will not dominate for long periods such as the real madrids and chelseas of this world!

Teams such as Celtic could make this work as they have a very succesful academy which ensures the production of local talent!

05 Sep 2017 15:42:47
Perhaps with PL now on the ECA we might see something like 'you can only spend money if you play in green and white hoops'. I'm not sure what can be done to be honest. Clubs only spending what they earn is probably fair enough. If PSG are only spending x amount per year for Neymar, and they earn x per year, then that's their perogative. I just think the sanctions need to be more tough really, exclusion from European footy, points deductions, not a paltry fine or a transfer embargo that can be worked around.

05 Sep 2017 18:16:59
It's not to do with wearing green and white hoops. It's not to do with a Scottish team it's to do with the likes of Sky and oil rich investors turning the game into a millionaires hobby.

PR we put £8 million, and now if he gets a good CL run we'd be priced out a move for him. How are the likes of Celtic, Porto, Ajax etc. ever going to compete when the mega spenders come in and the likes of Everton and Southampton can price us out a deal for players we need for more serious competitions. It doesn't allow league such as the SPL, the eredivisie, jupiler pro etc. To get better when the quality of players dwindles through selling off. Just think massive revamp is now a the stage of being required.

05 Sep 2017 18:30:42
Pot kettle from Spain me thinks any time real Madrid have been in trouble the king of Spain writes off there debt.

05 Sep 2017 18:54:03
For a start, UEFA should get back to automatic qualification to the group stages for the CHAMPIONS of each member state.
Then we can start looking at the 2nd placed teams (and 3rd maybe) 4th place should NOT be given a place in the CL.
While I am blethering, I would like to see peace in the Middle East and Trump visiting North Korea.

05 Sep 2017 19:12:10
Easy solution for me is scrap transfer fees, if a player moves to a club on a 3 yr deal then he stays there after all its a contract.
If he wants to leave then he buys out his own contract, also have a salary cap so it doesn't get silly.
I know it prob won't happen but its the easiest solution for me.

05 Sep 2017 19:45:59
Thus annoys me. Is it not the same argument that spl teams can say about us? These teams get huge tv revenue so hench spend huge money. We have a huge following compared to spl teams so can easily outspend them. Im a bit on the fence about champions league football. Yes the money makes us a better team but we still should be comfortably better than the rest of the spl. I want the ten in a row but whst then? 15 20? With no challange? Does winning a league mean as much as before? Yes id say so. Does it feel the same as pipin the huns in last game? Definatly not. Do say we qualify for the champions league for next 5 seasons. Make us mabe 150-200million richer than any rival spl team. But an english team will still have generated a billion more than us. All that's really happening is that we are getting stronger and stronger than other spl teams. But weaker than other top league clubs. Something in football has to change. My outlook eould be a European league. Where teams like celtic rangers ajax psv feyenord leiga anderlect can play big matches every week.

05 Sep 2017 19:47:40
I don't like the way that money has hijacked the game in recent years, but in all honesty if s rich Arab country or individual decided they wanted to bankroll us would we refuse it?
I keep hoping that Sky and BT will eventually overstretch themselves and start to lose customers, if that happens they might start offering less for the rights to cover football and a bit of sanity might come back into the game.
I think that there is a fair way to go though before that happens.

05 Sep 2017 22:20:32
The US system of drafting players from college offers a potential model: here, the governing principal is that by taking the best college talent and allowing the lowest ranked teams in the league to contract them for the first time as professionals. The logic is that the league is therefore more competitive and surprising, and therefore more valuable to advertisers.

Obviously we don't have that uniform two-tier system to work with, but we do have football academies. If these could be induced to 'graduate' players, their first foray into the Champions League (say) could be be the subject of something like the inverse of the UEFA coefficient or whatever it is keeps landing us in pot 4.

The incentive for clubs to throw massive amounts of money at the younger players would disappear; we'd probably probably find that teams would have about equivalent resources, facilities, rostas. I can't think that a bit thing.

05 Sep 2017 23:53:52
Agree totally with salary caps as it makes for a more balanced playing field as if you pay Neymar etc you cannot afford to have three or four other superstsrs on your books. can't see it happening though as sky and the big money teams which everyone wants to watch would never go for it. Its like i would love to see Celtic in the EPL but the clubs would never go for it as it takes money away from them. On the other hand there is something to be said for the underdog especially when he wins against all the odds.



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