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27 Jul 2017 17:11:36
I think we missed Calum McGregors driving runs and the impetus he gives us going forward in last night's game. Thought Ajer was excellent for his big debut. Things will open up next Wednesday and we will win the game. Keep positive!

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27 Jul 2017 18:38:48
He's so underrated.

27 Jul 2017 19:08:42
I wasn't at the game last night so maybe my opinion isn't worth much but here go's with my 3 points. (1) I believe that had the Green Brigade been there last night it might just have encouraged the team to a victory as by all accounts the support sounded like the prawn sandwich Brigade (bad choice of words) that Roy Keane used to talk about at Old Trafford and (2) sounded like we were lucky not to lose the game and (3) winning over there to a team who have only lost 1 game in the last 12 games is no stick on certainty. On a plus note we didn't lose a goal. ☘️.

27 Jul 2017 20:49:01
Yet more sense JFP. But we will beat them away. They think the job is done.

27 Jul 2017 20:50:29
JFP I was at the game and the green brigade not being there had bugger all to do with us not winning and them being there wouldn't have made a blind bit of difference! We didn't win because we played Shoite, it's as simple as that really! Our shape or should I say lack of it was poor to say the least and Sinclair and rogic were totally wasted in positions they shouldn't be in! So the fans not singing songs loud enough had hee haw to do with it! And the team didn't exactly give us a lot to be cheering about!

27 Jul 2017 20:50:52
I don't think that the Green Brigade would have made any difference last night, for whatever reason, too many of our best players just didn't perform.
Rosenberg were very well organised, but we weren't able to disrupt their system and playing Rogic up front made it easy for them.
I would have rather seen Sinclair up front, he might have been able to move them about a bit more and Rogic could have probed for openings, it might at least have given them something to think about.
In my opinion, The midfield that we played last night are decent players, but threading balls through a packed defence is not their strength, so most of the passing was from side to side, with the wingers doing nothing it just made it so easy for them to keep us at arms length.
I don't think that Rosenberg will play any different in the second leg, at least for an hour or so, from their point of view they have to stop us scoring, as good a result as it was for them, it's difficult for teams these days to win ties if they don't score an away goal, so with them failing to score last night, the tie is on a knife edge for them, so I can't see them being too adventurous.
I just hope Rodgers picks the right team next week, and we can hopefully put this tie beyond them.

27 Jul 2017 21:08:13
Might as well concede the away match now then, think there might be a majority of Rosenberg supporters there, in other words the bit about the green brigade is rubbish.

27 Jul 2017 21:37:10
Green Brigade are powerful good at drowning out the moans and groans that come from the Celtic home fans and doesn't support our players in any way.

27 Jul 2017 21:42:30
JFP, was there last night and the atmosphere was pretty dire. GB were undoubtedly missed . The boys at the top of section 111 tried their best but wasn't near the same, the performance by the team never helped to be honest. Another thing that was evident last night was the reappearance of the daytrippers the ones that only seem to appear for Euro games. It's one of my pet hates about CL nights when you get the tourists descending on you, the ones that get a 3 match package and are never seen again till the next years campaign. It's like we turn into some kind of tourist attraction on those nights, they even act like tourists wandering around lost with their newly bought half and half Celtic Barcelona scarf on trying to find where they're meant to be sitting.

27 Jul 2017 22:17:10
Chris, the performance last night had nothing to do with the supporters, the players just had an off night.
There were injuries, and the players didn't adapt to the system that the manager put in place because of those injuries, that is all there is to it.
You'll be telling us next that Dembele, Griffiths, Boyata, and Sviatchenko, are all injured because the crowd didn't shout loud enough.
If only it was as simple as that.

27 Jul 2017 23:39:35
It's a pity the green brigade weren't around in Ronnie's time, Ronnie's teams might have done better being driven on and inspired by the green brigade, if only they had been there.

27 Jul 2017 23:41:22
Stevie, get a grip! Think u need propanolol mate.

28 Jul 2017 11:59:59
If we take the point on, that the GB instil magical powers into the team, which they don't, although the support they provide is brilliant, then, would it not follow that the GB do not put themselves at odds with UEFA rules that leads to a ban?

We all might think UEFA are a shower of corrupt cants, and they probably are, but right now, they run a club we want to join. They have rules, crazy rules we may argue, but rules.

The GB refuse to abide, citing the attack on freedom of expression. Fair point, they do. The bottom line is, we either play to their rules or eff off. How many fines gave we had now? How many more will we have? What will the sanctions be? Is it worth it? The simple question is, why should the political, non football beliefs of any group of fans, ed told me there is nowhere near 3,000, be able to steer the club on a course of conflict for non footballing issues? Is that a democratic, fair thing. It seems to me there's an attitude if we are all equal, but some of us more so.

Why should well under 3,000 members of the Celtic support hold sway on how we are viewed?

We do need to GB to be the catalyst and beating heart of the atmosphere. They are second to none at that. This importance brings responsibility. Be effed off by all means, but, if you are missed so much, and you play such a vital role as you and others believe, then surely your duty bound to ensure you are there. That any action happens away from the game and don't give UEFA the ammo to harm us.

Why would any supporter of our club want to do something they knew would damage the club we all love?

That's my problem with this.

If there are any GB members on here who could try to rationalise that for me, I would be really interested to listen to your point of view.

We have enough enemies who surround us and wish us nothing but ill tidings. Feck them all. We need the GB, but we also need them to realise the potential consequences of any action taken that is politically motivated.

Or does Celtic bear the cost of an unjust world?

I don't think it should.

28 Jul 2017 13:09:59
Hit a nerve there CB? . Are you one of those daytrippers that turn up for the big CL nights worshipping Messi and co.

{Ed007's Note - Remember Iniesta being applauded off, Stevie? That was far worse than any GB banner or song.}

28 Jul 2017 14:01:26
Remember that ed, very cringey. It's the same ones that lap up the patronising comments made by Maldini, Ibrahimovic etc about the atmosphere at Celtic Park.

{Ed007's Note - You didn't get the memo either then? We're supposed to be grateful to be allowed into the CL and overawed that these players will lower themselves to play against us. You notice none of them will come and play for us for £20k a week though. Fuds.}



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