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25 Jul 2017 11:55:58
Right guys instead of the best goal you've ever seen Celtic score what is your favourite goal they have scored?
I always liked the Sutton goal in the last game of the whitewash.
Knocked Dr Boer on his arse then clipped it over the keeper.
Rangers fans were celebrating getting out with a draw up until that moment.

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25 Jul 2017 12:29:31
Henriks goal against boavista over in Portugal to send us to the UEFA cup final for me kev! Couldn't speak for days because I screamed that much lol! Followed closely by big Hartsons wonder goal at anfield! Brings back special memories! 😁😁🍀🍀.

25 Jul 2017 12:56:07
Asked my old man that question and he said colin Jackson OG in the 1977 new years game. 😂😂
Put us back on top of the league.

25 Jul 2017 13:00:42
Great shouts already. After Sutton's for the whitewash i remember staying singing for ages after that final whistle.

With Lh86 here, always been Hartson's at Anfield for me.

25 Jul 2017 13:01:26
Murdo's goal to make it 4.2 and clinch the league with ten men. I was only a teenager and went berserk as did the rest of us that night. A big rubbish brick house of a guy grabbed me and swung me about like rag doll. It was a great game and our nerves were frazzled after Russel equalised to give them the point they needed. We kept at them with ten men, scored the third the Murdo stepped up with a twenty yarder into the top corner that even writing this still gives me goosebumps. I think I actually lost my mind celebrating. Went feckin mental :)

That night I went around to my best pals who was also there but tragically for him in the wrong end.

I can't say he was pleased to see me.

25 Jul 2017 13:07:35
Big bad johns goal at anfield, made me believe we could compete at that level for the first time since I had started going to games in 1984, should have known uefa and the epl would move the goalposts lol 😁.

25 Jul 2017 13:16:42
Brattbaks goal to stop ten.

25 Jul 2017 13:17:08
I love Lamberts in the 6-2 game tae.
I had a broken leg at the time and sat up it the
When the ball hit the hit I jumped forward and forgot my crutches. Done a head dive right into the row in front of me.

25 Jul 2017 13:36:14
Agree Kev Lamberts to put us 3-0 up after 10 mins was something else, I ended up in row DD and I sit in FF still don't know how I ended up there, thought I was going to pass out at that game you were just recovering from one celebration and we'd score again. Magic 😁😁.

25 Jul 2017 13:43:15
I can't remember whether it was big Sutton or Liam miller who scored it but we scored a fantastic team goal against Lyon in 2003 or 2004 in the champions league at park head. Must've been 20 passes in the build up.

25 Jul 2017 13:43:32
I could have typed Lh86 post and to have had my feet on the ground witnessing both first hand was extra special too

For an extra and a bit of banter Tommo's first goal @ Ainfield we were sitting in the very back row of the main stand and my best mate said as Thommo ran up to strike that daisy cutter " Bend it like Beckham Thommo" which as soon as he said I FELT like punching him the scouse fans weren't too pleased with his statement and growled accordingly! Then the ball went fkin IN! I think the thing that saved us was plenty jumped up to celebrate in that main stand

My fav all time game (y)

25 Jul 2017 14:26:57
I wouldn't disagree with any of the previous selections, but I also remember Tony Watt's goal against Barcelona.
Up till then in the match, I still expected Barcelona to equalise and even go onto win the game.
When Watt scored, it really hit me that we were going to beat arguably the greatest club team that has ever played the game.
It was a really special night.

25 Jul 2017 14:33:01
Di Canio's goal at Pittodrie when he controlled a long ball beautifully with the left foot chipped the keeper with the right foot then placed it into the net with the left foot, in the golden boots. Think there was only a few mins left the celebrations were incredible.

25 Jul 2017 15:00:43
My favourite 'goal' was Jozo's tackle on Miller last season.
Not technically a goal in the real sense of the word but I cheered as much when it happened as I would have for any goal. HH.

25 Jul 2017 15:17:08
Few belter in there bhoys.

25 Jul 2017 15:47:45
Andy Thoms screamer at the Bigotdome was some goal.

Does anyone remember Mike Galloways goal at Paradise v Dundee Utd. I was just a young lad sitting on the railing in the jungle roughly in line with the half way line just memories of it being from a good 25-30 yards out. I think we won 4-0.

25 Jul 2017 16:37:12
Morten Wieghorsts rabona to the back post for Regi Blinker to slot home against the sheep at Pittodrie in a 6-0 trouncing. Anyone who hasn't seen this or forgotten about it you get it on YouTube. Class.

25 Jul 2017 16:52:25
I mind that. Was first player I ever seen do it.

25 Jul 2017 19:29:10
Naka v Man U. I think i ran two miles after that one.

26 Jul 2017 11:41:00
Scrappy scrappy goal but in terms of importance it was Larsson's late winner away in Boavista.

26 Jul 2017 11:45:05
Larsson chip over Klos, most celebrated go of all time for me is Albert Kidds without a doubt.
I was 20 at the time and actually predicted a 5-0 nil and a Hearts loss (and I have witnesses lol) , yep if only I was Timalloy and put a bet on it.



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