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24 Jul 2017 15:14:39
Been well documented last few days people thoughts on the gb so posting this isn't so people can bring it all up again.
As u know I'm not in the gb but I am like many others one of the bhoys banned from next 2 home games. That ban has now been extended to 5 games (2 home 3 away) .
Now I'd like your thoughts not on the gb but on how Celtic have handled the situation.
Situation being that 900 fans have been banned most of which aren't in the gb which Celtic have put us all under one blanket. Now here's the repercussions and I speak only of my own Csc bear in mind many will now be affected. Over 20 season book holders and run a bus to all games now some of us banned some of us not we have bus booked for hearts game and bus booked for Sunderland away ( which is included in the ban) bus still has to be paid for now if all of us banned don't go costs club more or members going more as numbers are down now think if that scenario for many of the other clubs that include the 900 banned. It's a joke I spoke with lad who runs a bigger club than us and just for the Sunderland game with not knowing exactly what's what if he cancels bus it will cost his Csc £1700 which wipes them out before season starts.

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24 Jul 2017 16:25:14
Complain to the GB then. they constantly let the club down with political and IRA rubbish . they are excellent when it comes down to the football support so concentrate on that and leave the rule breaking to the other mob. fines are now up to the hundreds of thousands of pounds . give it a rest.

24 Jul 2017 16:26:18
Maybe the GB should think about the implications for others when they start their nonsense carry on. They have been warned before and the club needs to come down hard on them. HH.

24 Jul 2017 16:45:58
Lack of sympathy for situation of Weshbhoy and the likes is disgraceful. This blanket action could wreck a lot of CSC's funding for good part of the season. Not everyone gets a bus or walks up Gallowgate for the game. For some people there are coaches, boats, trains and hotels costing 100s before the ticket. Haven't said much about the GB situation as more than enough opinions shared, reckon most on here know where I would stand anyway. If your outrage about some displays outweighs your concern for a fellow fan, you're not really up to the mark in terms of what should be expected of a Celtic supporter.

24 Jul 2017 16:50:18
Welshboy 'Better to punish the innocent than let the guilty go free' would appear to be the old adage which applies in this case. Seems an over the top reaction to me but I don't think that Celtic have much option to be fair. Without getting involved in the rights or wrongs of the banner again it doesn't seem to take much to offend people when the shoes in the other foot in Scotland but the thing that does worry me is the GBs unrepentant attitude particularly with regard to the Rodgers banner which I really don't think he appreciated and if it continued I think the man is prinipled enough to resign.

24 Jul 2017 16:50:34
I would check it out with the Citizens advice bureau or something similar Welshboy.
I can't see how the club can ban you from an away ground when you have bought your ticket quite openly and legally, and you have broken no rules. Surely at least it should be the away club that imposes a ban, and then only after explaining what reason they have for banning you.
I would guess that the club has every right to refuse to sell a ticket to you, they can sell tickets to whoever they like, but once that ticket has been sold to you, I would have thought that the club would need to have a reason to stop you using it.
At the very least, you should contact the club and ask for an explanation.

24 Jul 2017 16:55:55
It's a sore one for fans like your self Welsh bhoy! When it's putting fans who aren't even associated with the GB out of pocket and restricting them supporting there team then there's something seriously wrong there! But on the flip side it shows how serious the club is about stamping this nonsense out! I'm not going to go over old ground because Im tired of it and have made my feelings clear about the GB! But I do have massive sympathy for u and the bhoys in your club mate, it leaves a bad taste to be honest! And it puts the club in conflict with regular fans like yourself who have nothing to do with all this!

24 Jul 2017 17:06:24
WB i think the club have been looking to do this for a while. They are now in a position where all season tickets are sold and for the 1st time in years there is a waiting list so for them its now easy to say do as your told or you don't get to follow Celtic, tickets will be sold elsewhere if need be. Its unfortunate guys like yourself miss out because of others. I said my bit over the weekend on the IRA issue and individuals. I think this ban is just the start and season tickets will be removed completely if the Club are fined again. The GB bring so much to CP and will be a massive loss on Wednesday. The football songs/ banners at 99.9% of games are incredible. I said yesterday the only ones to benefit from this will be Rosenborg but i can now add your liver to the list.

24 Jul 2017 17:25:23
I wasn't looking for sympathy in my post I personally will take the ban on the chin and see what happens moving on. Pretty clear for the most part how people feel about the gb actions on here I'd be hypocritical if I didn't stand with them on this as although the banner wasn't my doing I didn't disagree with it at the time and joined in with the singing etc and no doubt would again.
What I do disagree with is how the club have handled it and the timing. Not disputing that as a club they have to be seen to take action but surely there was a better way to go about it.

{Ed007's Note - I'd be asking the Club for full disclosure of any information regarding you they have provided to any authorities or 3rd parties and remind them of the Data Protection Act, are you on any police lists now as a potential troublemaker at football, that kind of thing. This could have serious implications for all of you mate.}

24 Jul 2017 18:30:04
I feel really sorry for you WB And all others in your position Celtic have got it so wrong in this I can't see the logic of it all celtic must know who is in the GB.

24 Jul 2017 18:41:16
Spot on Ed007. Letter from Welshboy should be very brief. Dear Celtic. why am I banned? ☘️.

{Ed007's Note - It's a stupid decision and is quickly becoming a PR disaster for the Club. I'd want to know what they were accusing me of doing and how they can punish me when they can't provide proof I broke any stadium rules.}

24 Jul 2017 18:46:42
All tickets in that section had to be got through the green brigade hence the stance Celtic have taken so that's making some sense. There are talks due this week so hopefully get sorted.

{Ed007's Note - I didn't know that, I'd say that was a bit stupid of the Club to allow that. I hope you do get something sorted out mate.}

24 Jul 2017 19:13:05
A few weeks ago I was ecstatic after a unique season of record-breaking successes, trophies-a-plenty and some of the best football I have seen from a Celtic team in decades However, in a few short, recent weeks we have unsettled players, squabbling support and divisions in the ranks; amid bans, fines, controversy, criticism and self-harming.
Our rivals are light years behind us and we have one of the best young managers around with a sincere love of Celtic, so is it not possible to screw the nut, focus on what's good about supporting and playing for this magical club and stop stockpiling our detractors, enemies and objectors with ammunition that drags our good name down to their levels.

24 Jul 2017 19:21:29
Spot on Ed with your point. On what is a very important game the attention drawn to this decision is unbelievable. What must BR be thinking to himself?

This has been a PR disaster but I also think the GB's attempt at taking ownership has also been a PR disaster with their half baked apology. Look at the backlash from other fans.

I have totak sympathy for fans like welsbhoy and the like who happen to be in that section. Why Peter Lawell couldn't wait until after this fixture to make a decision I'll never know.

Time out, a clear head and an open dialogue with the GB to make them fully aware that they have gone too far may have been the answer after the game and saved penalising those who don't deserve it.

The GB are a fantastic element of our support but they risk undoing all their good work if they don't toe the line.

On a final point, what are the leaders of the GB doing? Are they going to be leaders or just cheerleaders!

24 Jul 2017 19:27:57
Although I voiced my opinion on the banner I think your situation, and that of others in your section, is disgraceful. It is ridiculous that a blanket punishment has been dished out. The Club must have CCTV footage covering every inch of the stadium that would make it easy to identify those holding up the banner. At the very least the CCTV would identify those they have found guilty by proximation to the GB. They should be reimbursing every person in the section. **** sake it isn't 1971 and this isn't Operation Demetrius.

24 Jul 2017 19:47:55
WB Just looking for clarity mate

All tickets in that section need to go through GB? Surely not?

That would class everyone in there a GB Member? plus even more daft of the club to have given them that powerbase?

24 Jul 2017 20:37:51
I heard at time that about green brigade having say in ticket.
Thought it was mental decision by the club then and still do.
They gave the GB to much power and it's came back to bite them on the arse.

24 Jul 2017 20:43:17
Welsbhoy its unfair supporters like yourself are being penalised. I never knew full extent. Hope you get it sorted.

24 Jul 2017 20:55:25
Only the front section ie the 900 banned
No doesn't make everyone a member it was a choice for those of us wanting to be in the "singing section" so to speak. No offence but I'm not one for just sitting watching the game the atmosphere in there is electric at times and can't wait for things to get back to the way it should be so we can get back on track and support the team.
I wouldn't say it was a powerbase jamie remember if celtic didn't want what the section brings then why would they have gone through with standing in 1st place, why would they build a stand for the capos as i've said before it suits the brand when all is going well.

24 Jul 2017 21:37:17
It seems a bit ott but GB boxed the club into a corner with their statement of defiance. You can't just state you will continue to do what you want and expect the club to sit back and hope that UEFA will not increase the next punishment if what the GB does is against the competition rules. I for one, would be extremely pissed off if the club played closed door games or worse because the GB or anyone else decided THEY were above the rules. Love the GB but there are other places and forums where they can do as they wish which will have no effect on the club or its supporters.

24 Jul 2017 21:38:10
WB That's even more confusing mate!

What 52k season ticket holders? 900 in that section, one would imagine the ratios more would want in?

Who decides who gets in ( no in )

Do you tick the "am a good singer" in your application? do you get kicked out for not being lively enough / or not renewed?

Who DO YOU apply to the GB?

Ed tell me this is not the case please? It cannot be?

{Ed007's Note - It's the first I've heard of it mate but WB will know what he's talking about. It seems a bit crazy to put that power in any fans group hands and is a bit of a recipe for disaster - never mind can you sing, do they ask if your asthmatic, WB? ;)

24 Jul 2017 22:11:10
Tbh I'd be lying if I knew the exact process I buy my ticket through my Csc and asked to get in that section bhoy who runs it in turn asked who he asks and I was in. Can't really shed anymore light on it than that.
Asthmatic ed? Ooft I could do with an inhaler after 67 lol.

{Ed007's Note - Ah the old 'I know a guy that knows a guy' ruse ;) Got you, say no more squire.}

24 Jul 2017 22:19:04
Feckin Madness Ed, WB not a pop at you buddy but they have a parent n child section, corporate section, disabled section it's just accommodating a section mate

If you need to go through the GB, somebody has to be vetting / deciding that? Who is that? Jeez Oh is it a committee?

What you seem to be suggesting means your application is being passed for someone else to decide!? FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT THAT CANNOT BE? Come on Ed you have done this long enough mate! how n who made this possible?

{Ed007's Note - Well it wasn't feckin' me!! Gerry Adams?}

24 Jul 2017 22:27:11
Haha good answer ed.
Jamie yer like a dog wi a bone here lol the ins and outs I really don't know and that's me being honest mate.

{Ed007's Note - It's the only bone he gets since he done his back in lifting his wallet.}

24 Jul 2017 22:31:04
well whose Unseen Fenian Hand is it pmsl

You can't blame that one on the good Pedro he would never let that power slide lol

Hoopy get the final say he's cuddily after all? (Y)

{Ed007's Note - I'm amazed that walloper Ronnie Hawthorn allowed it.}

25 Jul 2017 00:32:01
I think it is ridiculous that Lawwell is linking up the GB behaviour of the last league match in May and Our Qualiflier in middle of July . Although I was behind the other goals I thought the lighting up and creating a blaze was decidedly dangerous . Celtic should have blacklisted G B immediately and had meetings before any decision on them getting Season books this season .
Could they not have been allocated seats at the very rear of a stand in a less prominent position until Board would be happy about their on going behaviour .
Getting off with the Hearts fire display must have given them a false sense of security and untouchable.

{Ed007's Note - If I can remember right, Chris, I either read it or someone told me that all banners etc are made with or covered with a fire retardant chemical type of thing.}

25 Jul 2017 13:06:01
As ever WB is right mate my back is goosed :- (

But can you imagine the damage I would have done if I had lifted Ed's wallet?

Feek me that's got more big NOTES in it than Beethoven's symphony :-P (Y)

{Ed007's Note - They're only big because they're old five bob notes!}

25 Jul 2017 23:56:07
the club can't pass any information onto any agency without informing the individual concerned that they are about to do so unless of course the authorities specifically inquire about an individual in the line of persuing a criminal investigation or the club believe that a criminal act has taken place.

just to supply a list of 900 season ticket holders would not be accepted by the procurstor fiscal and if it happened the club would be open to civil claims under data protection act. So that's not going to happen. I love what the GB bring. However the GB need to understand that they don't speak for all supporters or the club.

You can't put Brendon Rodgers image or anyone elses image on a banner regardless of what the meaning of the banner is without permission especially an IRA assosisted banner. If the national newspaper did it or you printed it on this site he could bring a claim and he would probably win.

An apology at least would need to be issued. so no matter what, that particular banner is out of order. This is a decent man who as far as i know has no political agenda. Its wrong. BR has asked the GB to behave as required by the club. If their view is we will continue as we see fit then its going to end up with a ban for a season or for life.

don't agree that its the way forward but they can't dictate what they will or will not do. If they want to assosiate the club with para military organisations then its not for me and i would support the club and BR on further action to stop this.

25 Jul 2017 23:54:30
the 900 of you should turn the tables on them welshy, don't buy anything out the club shops, don't use their food outlets, don't the stadium bookies, that mob don't like losing money, they wouldn't have dared shut the jungle down for banners or chanting as that held 9000, encourage other fans to boycott club outlets too, this ban is just a disgrace.



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