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22 Jul 2017 22:26:57
After almost 60 yrs following Celtic the weakness of our board is driving me into depression . We had trophy less years in the 90's but then we could rely on wee McCann to get us what we deserved from SFA and he fought for us in Europe as well.
Wednesday night. Was a disgrace from the outset . I can't believe our board allowed the number of police inside our stadium . Our Board should have discussed numbers at least a week before hand .
Our board make no attempt to keep us supporters up to date in what they are doing to make right the wrongs. Did our board discuss the racist chants during Linfield match with UEFA . What did UEFA say to Board about ref booking LG for handing him bottle that had just missed his head .
The non communication is the worse part, fans think Board is doing nothing .
In our last match v Rangers our Captain was attacked on the pitch and objects thrown at players . Nothing has happened.
What's happening re stripping of titles, does board want them to go away .

It's my opinion based on our board apparently unwilling to question UEFA and SFA, that we are not far away from the day either SFA or UEFA will reverse results on the bases of bigoted decisions.

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23 Jul 2017 00:12:53
Excellent post. At the rate of some of our hippy do gooder fans they will soon be flying union jacks.

Bunch of sensitive middle class girls.

If it offended them so much how come i've never once seen anyone ask someone to stop singing rebels at Celtic park? Cowards. Totally spineless.

23 Jul 2017 04:02:57
£2.2 million roughly is how much its going to cost the club if Celtic park closed for european tie and its edging closer all the time. How accomodating will the club be if that eventually happens.

23 Jul 2017 07:18:46
The Green Brigade are out of control and full of their own importance. PL should ban the lot of them for life, let them start up their own team over in Ireland and they can sing their songs and show their banners until their hearts are content. The don't represent the Celtic I and many others support.

23 Jul 2017 07:59:29
I would just like to point out a few points that seem to be getting overlooked in this discussion.

1. Most of the recent UEFA charges were not a result of the Green Brigade's banners and were in fact caused by Celtic themselves. For instance the bibs containing sponsor logos and the blocking of the isles by stewards and police.

2. That a lot of people condemning the banners were more than happy to join in with a few rebel songs being sung on the night. I was at the game and I can assure you that a high percentage of our support were singing Broad Black Brimmer. Did they consider the possible consequences when they sung these songs? If not they have a cheek to try and pin the blame on the Green Brigade.

Personally I will not let Lawwell and the rest of the board marginalise a section of our fans.

23 Jul 2017 08:21:37
Dafabet, I am not looking to provoke here, just trying to get an understanding of your comments, and my perceived reasons for supporting CFC in comparison to someone else who is also a fan. So may I ask you, why you support Celtic?

23 Jul 2017 10:53:28
Malika again by the same token you seem to be suggesting that if your not into Irish politics, freeing Palestine or social justice then you shouldn't be supporting Celtic? You know some people believe passionately about all these things but do it through other avenues and go to Celtic park for 90 minutes of escapism, where they can leave all these troubles at the turnstiles and enjoy FOOTBALL . I've never heard a Celtic fan ask that question, there are so many reasons to love Celtic , from it being passed down from generation to generation to loving the history of charitable foundations to just loving the way we play the game . I thought it was only our rivals across the city that made sure you follow followed a certain ( ahem ) tradition's or where you had to be a of a certain political persuasion or had to hate a particular group or religion before you could support them . Can I ask, why do you support Glasgow Celtic Malika?

23 Jul 2017 11:18:50
Malika, I would like to gain an understanding of why you support Celtic, so why do you support the green and white? I assume by your comments that you may believe that the GB are a true representation of the majority? What is your perception of the banners that were held aloft on Wednesday, banners that insult our manager and appear to be pro IRA?

The BG's statement is utter guff and is a true reflection of their ignorance and arrogance.

23 Jul 2017 11:36:59
Guys, the GB have been warned about their behaviour and displays of certain stuff in the past. Don't forget they were 'disbanded' for a while a couple of years ago.
They need to learn that Paradise is for football and nothing else. They should be there supporting the team, not political (or any other) causes. HH.

23 Jul 2017 11:37:30
There is absolutely no provocation intended in my previous post, just simply trying to understand. I have made No Assumptions or statements on Political preferences of anybody. I Am not given to general sweeping statements, which seem to encompass a lot of the recent posts on here, your contentious attitude is very commendable and is indeed one of the reasons why I support CFC.

23 Jul 2017 11:37:50
Good question Malika. No provocation intended from here either but would also be interested in Dafabets response to your question after what sounds a fairy angry post aimed at the Green Brigade. Without their input over the last few years the stadium would have been dead with the atmosphere of a funeral and as well shut. Last year 50,000 singing Grace gained plaudits from many apart from usual places where approval would not be expected.

So I too look forward to Dafabets reply. There is obviously a lot unites the Celtic family but increasing it appears much divides us. I don't remember this being the case years ago when Celtic political allegiances were more controversial during more politically sensitive times. Has some of the Celtic support increasingly become increasingly upwardly mobile and wishing to pander to political correctness in a Scotland that we will never FIT INTO due to its institutionalised anti-Irish and more so anti-Catholicism.

23 Jul 2017 12:04:35
Ballochi nobody is saying you have to be anti irish politics to be at Celtic park

But people are pointing out irish politics have been in the stands since before any of you were born. To deny this is revisionism and totally false.

Irish republicanism has been tied with the club. The club used to sell records with rebels on them

Its fine people like you don't want to sing it but don't have the cheek to tell others not to.

23 Jul 2017 12:14:30
Been reading posts now for a few weeks so this is my first everyone seems to b calling out the board an pl for not defending our club but why should they go to uefa or fifa with complaints when our own fans will just let them down by singing these types of song and chants maybe if for once when we go out to europe or against rangers these songs don't get sang it might give the board the incentive to take action but as long as the minority keep doing it then its a waste of the boards time even thinking about taking action we all have plenty to say about other teams maybe we should focus on leading by example rather than lowering our selfs to their level.

{Ed007's Note - What songs or chants did Celtic get in trouble over, there's no mention of anything like that in any the UEFA charges? Are you seriously suggesting that it was only a minority singing Rebel songs on Wednesday because that's just complete made up bollocks.
Why would Celtic go to UEFA to complain when the cowardly and spineless multi-millionaires won't even complain to the SPFL or SFA about a player being racially abused, our captain being confronted on an away pitch by a violent drunken bigot or our players having to dodge coins and a battery during a domestic game?
The sooner the SFA/SPFL install strict liability the better off the whole game in Scotland will be.}

23 Jul 2017 13:05:52
Not suggesting that at all just saying its the minoroty that let the rest down and i do agree that spl/ spfl need to do more to protect the scottish game and no person should go to work and recieve that kind of abuse reguardless of what strip they pull on or what their religion is all im saying is that we call for change on these matters then we should lead the way by starting with our own fans lead by example rather than lowering ourselves to their level.

{Ed007's Note - You should apply to be a steward then, that way you'll be able to tell people at the game what they should and shouldn't be doing, it's heartening to know we have supporters like you to keep everyone else right about how they should behave, how we've last so long without people like I'll never know!
Do you feel responsible for everyone else is doing in the stadium or is it just the GB, do you worry about the guys having a fly smoke in the toilet, I've even smelled weed in there sometimes? What about some young lad that's been lifted for being drunk, do you think he's letting the Club and every other fan down? If you seen someone drinking a can of lager he had sneaked in would you alert the nearest steward, surely you should be leading by example and it's the only way we'll ever weed out these ruffians and rascals that are upsetting you.
The GB are responsible for themselves and have rightly taken full responsibility for Wednesday banner, the sanctimonious bs from other fans is vomit inducing.
It seems everyone likes the GB as long as they're doing what that person wants them to do and to see so called supporters turn on others and literally celebrate innocent people like Welshbhoy being banned is wrong on so many levels.
The Celtic family - don't me me laugh, there's Celtic supporters out there I wouldn't piss on if they were on fire. I dread to think what our support will be like in 5-10 years time.}

23 Jul 2017 13:48:58
Your right people like welshboy shouldn't b getting tarred with same brush shouldn't lose there seat for two games because of someone elses actions as for the gb not got a problem actually think its quite funny that their being slated for the exact same banner that got them so much praise worldwide last season and as for people smoking drinking at cp isn't getting celtic fines so no i wouldn't report them and you are right some of the abuse our players and fans get is disgusting and don't condone one bit of it from their fans or ours mate and as for what the fans will b like in 5/ 10 years mate that's down to us.

{Ed007's Note - It's not looking good. Games at CP will end up like a soulless EPL match with a $hit atmosphere and filled with a bunch of PC happy clappers taking selfies and tweeting during the game - and Lawwell will be delighted. Remember why was the singing section introduced anyway, that's where we'll be back at and also remember it's a singing/standing section with a minority of them GB members, it's not a GB section.
There's a guy and his son who were on holiday last week and came home to find that their tickets are banned for 2 games and that they won't be offered alternative seating, is that the kind of example the Club should be setting or is that too political or controversial to get involved in?
And we could lose our safety certificate for people smoking in the ground - if we lose that the stadium shuts not to mention the dangers of passive smoking or is it only pyro that affects the Asthmatic CSC?}

23 Jul 2017 14:46:16
Ed is clearly an intelligent critical thinker

Someone literally said they would accept union jacks at Celtic park and i've seen a few say this now.

As you say, its certainly never been a minority singing the rebels

I stopped supporting Scotland after the referendum. Sitting amongst people singing flower of Scotland while rejecting independence just seemed too ridiculous

Sadly i feel it will be the same at Celtic soon. A bunch of irish loyalists.

23 Jul 2017 15:11:59
No tesla your lying to fit your agenda now, which is the sign of a desperate man, you asked if we would be offended if you brought the union jack to a game, what do you want us to lie, to many of us it's just a piece of cloth it means less than nothing.

23 Jul 2017 18:00:43
Fair shout ed never even thought about the legal implications of the smoking and drinking the man and his son should b given alternative seating and i can see why there is such an uproar about it n that's what i mean by the minoroty ruining it for others when i said that earlier its shocking that the actions of the few determen the cosequences of the many.

24 Jul 2017 18:44:27
Tesla agree 100% with your last post mate🇮🇪✌️.



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