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21 Jul 2017 23:00:30
Jb67 did u not listen to what Brendan says seems lawells an easy target so get real if u want a top manger and top players that we can attract i think the least we can do is play our part so do you think brendans wrong?

{Ed007's Note - Lawwell might be an easy target but not as easy as Celtic fans or players it seems. We went to Ibrox, a player was racially abused, another player was confronted by an opposition fan on the field of play and there were missiles including a battery thrown at our players.
We went to Belfast, the game was moved to accommodate an anti Catholic 'celebration' where a player has been racially abused via an anti Catholic bonfire and the opposition or police couldn't guarantee our fans safety - why not, were Linfield and PSNI labelling Celtic a Catholic club, what was their explanation for not being able to guarantee our supporters safety? At the game the same player was racially abused again, missiles including a bottle were thrown at our players - not just LG, why throw a banana at LG? - and there was a pitch invasion to attack LG after the game, what did Lawwell say about any of that?
His million £+ salary, public profile and power not to mention his heated driveway is plenty of pay for him being a target, it comes with the territory, the pay and the perks.}

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21 Jul 2017 23:20:27
lawell out ed007 in.

{Ed007's Note - SPFL board meetings.....

21 Jul 2017 23:37:14
Yes, Ed, but what do you want Lawwell to do,?, go through it but by bit, who moved the match, I thought it was the psni, he was powerless, I have sympathy for LG, have always been a big supporter, even when you were saying he wasn't the kind that should ever wear the hoops, or whatever words you used, but I never seen the match and if he was giving the crowd the old how's your father, he must have known what the response would have been, the tying around the goalpost could have been avoided as well, but hardly Lawwells fault, as for this banner stuff, what is it with the GB, are they plastic Paddy's or what, why do they have to try and ram ira stuff down people's throats, are they insecure in their irishness, or something, there are plenty good causes in the world at the minute, why hark back to the black times when children were getting blown up, young men and women were getting killed and disabled in pub bombs, and car bombs, there was a feel good thing about the club at the minute, but they have taken away from it, they go on about the occupation of Ireland, well I have news for them, Ireland is occupied, and I am not talking g about the north, Europe occupies Ireland now, we have more in common with the Brits whether we like it or not, than the europeans.

{Ed007's Note - I want Lawwel to stand up for the Club, it's players and fans, is that too much to ask?}

21 Jul 2017 23:59:53
When hasn't he done that?, don't the players and fans have responsibilities as well,?,

{Ed007's Note - Well did he comment on any the things I listed? LG has had a battery and a bottle thrown at him during matches, our captain was confronted on the park by an opposition fan at their stadium and we've had nothing from him. LG booked for having a bottle thrown at him meaning we have 5 bookings which brings a charge and what? Hee feckin haw, that's what and there's plenty more over the years he's bottled it to take UEFA, the SFA and SPFL to task over.
Let's just hope that Celtic fans don't follow TRIFC fans lead that they need to invade the park to protect their players when they're having missiles thrown at them or opposition fans confront our captain on the pitch - imagine how those pro Israel Tory voters that loathe the IRA but still sing the songs and who make up 50% of our support would react! ;)
In all seriousness though mate, the Oglach banner was stupid and I've never said otherwise but it's really not that important in the bigger picture. We'll get a rap on the knuckles fine and TRIFC fans will talk about it for years to come while we'll forget all about it in a couple of weeks.}

22 Jul 2017 00:00:23
Aindoh, there was no IRA reference on banner, only your interpretation. People who want to be offended can be by anything.

21 Jul 2017 23:32:42
Hard work all work is what? Easy work mate we should not compare us with others we should have are standards.

21 Jul 2017 23:42:00
the guy is a clown. he panders down to that huns time after time, and wheres these top players you are talking about? they sit on a fortune year after year and lay out next to nothing on players, and has sat back and been complicit in sevcos cheating, who cares who the manager is at the end of the day he is just an employee of the fans.

22 Jul 2017 00:44:56
Feck sake Chris. There was an Easter Lily on the beret. You know right well the Lily commemorates Ireland's patriot dead. I also haven't read too many posts, if any, claiming to be offended. I certainly didn't find it offensive, I found it foolish.

{Ed007's Note - Is the Easter Lilly offensive now? I wish someone would produce a monthly list of these things. What about poppies commemorating dead British patriots, will it be OK to wear them at football games this August to mid December as per usual in Scotland? What if wearing poppies offends heroin addicts? Won't somebody thiink of the junkies!!}

22 Jul 2017 01:00:36
Old man Chris, we are separated by a common language.

{Ed007's Note - Txt spk m8? ;)

22 Jul 2017 01:08:19
Old man chris. Talking rubbish. Everyone knows the meaning of the banners. They were wrong so Stop trying to put up a case as if they were harmless. Makes you look silly. its a sectarian statement. You know it is so stop trying to minimise the issue. Face it up. don't try to make it less than it was. I agree the treatment of LG was wrong big time. However that was in Belfast. Let UEFA deal with it. So you don't like how UEFA deal with it. So what. Its the same for everyone. We know the rules. If it upsets a team so much then withdraw from the competition. We have a first class manager. We all talk about supporting him but in reality some of the supporters want their agenda regardless of what the manager wants. There are rules. You don't like them? Tough shit. grow up!

22 Jul 2017 07:21:22
Ed, for the record, my answer to your question is an empathetic 'NO'. Now that is definitely my final contribution on the subject. The book is closed on it for me. GRMA.

22 Jul 2017 07:58:54
Johnny mac the meaning of sectarian. Seperating ourselves from a group

Rightly so. Their bigotes fans are not a minority

Our irish banners songs are political not religious. Against eatablishment not people

Theirs however are sick racist and bigoted banners songs and attitude. that's the difference and that's why we should be seperate from them.

22 Jul 2017 10:14:10
We know the Hun media love it when we sing ira songs to make an equivalent comparison as to, they are both as bad, argument. Why give them the opportunity?

Ed makes good points of things we need to make a stand in. A banner of a paramilitary fighter to goad the knuckle draggers I don't comes into that category. It was ill conceived and yet again we are getting a fine from UEFA.

I have no problem with political beliefs, but don't feel Celtic Park or away games is the platform. We were all on a high about the new season and still are but giving ourselves these issues isn't helpful.

If you want to make a political statement re Ireland then go on a republican March. The numbers at these is always in the low hundreds, where are all the passionate, politically motivated republicans then?

We are always pulling the Huns up about living in the past. We should maybe think about ourselves in that regard. I have never heard an ira song sang at an Ireland game. They seem to be able to manage it, why not us? I love what the gb bring re atmosphere but the songbook needs tweeking IMO. Won't happen though.

22 Jul 2017 11:57:23
I think the Celtic board should be backing the club. Batteries
Buckfast Bananas and racial abuse. THE BOARD HAVE NOT SAID A WORD

22 Jul 2017 12:02:34
Ok Magicpole. If you want Celtic park to be totally impartial politically that's fine

So i assume you will be ok with me bringing a union jack to Celtic park?

Being a British club, nothing political about it. So would you accept that? Based on your logic u would be.

22 Jul 2017 12:02:01
Lawell does not protect our Club. He is silent in all the things Ed has mentioned. Not good enough for a Man who takes more than he gives.

22 Jul 2017 13:30:35
I am lost past the time when I would bother with that. I would despair if it caused you to get beaten up. I would probably consider the mental health of such an individual and what motivated them. I would balance that out by what motivates me and not going to to when I see something I would rather avoid is right up there.

I like being in the CL more than I like singing some songs. We are not the sporting wing of the ira. If anybody wants to be a true supporter of the republican cause then belting out rebel sings at a game, or going to to at a guy with a union flag doesn't get near it.

I just don't think the cause of Irish republicanism is a football related issue.

Opinions are split with the Provo song book. I am a passionate lover of animals and detest cruelty to them. Should I bring along banners of fox hunting? No, but I do go on marches and support groups who fight it.

It gives our enemies ammunition and that pisses me off. Also, it's UEFA rules and if we want the cash then we abide. Is it really that hard to go through 99 minutes without singing a song or raising a banner that we all know will cause us grief?

What about loving Celtic as much as Ireland and singing for Celtic at the games and getting involved politically with the plight of the north through politics?

I know many disagree and I respect your reasons, I just don't agree with them. I'm a Celtic man going to see Celtic to support Celtic. My political life happens away from games.

{Ed007's Note - So you think songs like Grace, TFOA and Let the People Sing should all be banned from Celtic Park? I actually think there's some in our support think Grace is a love song from some Disney film.
Why was Rod Stewart's daughter singing a song about an IRA man at the Lisbon Lions 50th Anniversary show at the Hydro - an official Celtic event?}

22 Jul 2017 14:23:02
I wouldn't ban songs. I would ask we think about how they are manipulated to attack us and ask, is singing about the Irish troubles why we are there?

I don't think it is.

Some obviously do, so its up to the club to say, what is allowed, to keep us in the CL.

I'm a Celtic supporter not a republican supporter. If I was, I'd March with them and sing there. At Celtic games I prefer Celtic songs. I can't remember getting a fine for them, or a banner with the lions, or Henrik on it.

{Ed007's Note - So you think it's OK for the Club to promote songs about Irish Nationalism/Republicanism? If the fans can't do it then the Club should lead by example and ban these songs outright, but that might affect the balance sheet so that'll never happen. Irish Nationalism/Republican is a big money maker for Celtic because everyone and their dog knows they are intertwined throughout the very fabric of the Club:


22 Jul 2017 15:18:14
So there you have it. An actual admission that he would have a union jack at Celtic Park.

Magicpole avoided the question. But did say he would avoid songs because they can be used against us

Against us by who? Loyalists? Anti fenian politicians?

Thats the same attitudes that lost us our language. They keep telling us we should be ashamed of irish history and people like you fall for it

Its all part of removing pride and heritage from minorities. Bet they don't ask you to forget ww1 and 2 or the holocaust?

No chance so why should we put our history aside?

22 Jul 2017 22:56:24
Johnnymac when is UEFA going to deal with LG treatment. . So far they allowed the yellow card to stand . The one he got for handing the referee a bottle that just after it missed his head . For tieing a scarf on goal posts in front of Celtic fans and whenLinfield fans were heading out of stadium, except those who had thrown missiles at Griffith's half an hour earlier

So will we wait until next season for UEFA to act.

23 Jul 2017 10:40:44
Ed no I don't think they should promote something they then turn around and say we should cut out. That is not a strong position, although I don't think I've heard any Provo songs, but, it's sending mixed signals I agree.

And Telsa, what I said was I wouldn't get apoplectic over a Celtic fan bringing a union flag. I would be surprised but I wouldn't batter the guy. Burn it, act like a Hun. That scenario as you know is beyond likely. That kind of analogy isn't realistic to defend the promotion of a political agenda that causes the club problems in the CL.

The statement from the gb was full of arrogance and threat. We will do what we like. I'm sorry but get your feet on the streets with your heartfelt political beliefs.

As Billy Bragg might say, Banners is Not Enough.

We are a football club. Not everyone wants to be associated with the gb views. I have no problem
with the gb having views, it's just how they promote them I have a problem with.

I heard there are over 3,000 members, why don't they swell the ranks of the next republican March to 3,200 and maybe then I will believe their passionate support of the republican cause. Until then singing songs and banners inside our ground or at away games will be hammered by UEFA.

What's wrong with wanting them to stop endangering our reputation and ability to compete in the CL?

{Ed007's Note - What the hell is a 'Provo song'? The Celtic Symphony that's video shows the Wolfe Tones outside and inside CP singing Ooh ahh Up the Ra and filmed with the Club's permission? You're not of those morons that differentiates whether songs are acceptable or not depending on what version of the IRA they're about? That's just people trying to make themselves look better and justifying their singing, they're still singing The Rebs, TFOA, Grace, Let the people sing - all Rebs mate.
The Club released an album in 1967 to commemorate winning the EC which included We're all off to Dublin and Sean South but people are saying Irish Republicanism isn't part of Celtic's history, have these people never heard of what Michael Davvitt or Eamon de Valera done for Celtic in the past? Why did Jock Stein take the EC to Dublin in 1968 to meet de Valera?
And whoever told you the GB has 3000 members is pulling your leg.}

23 Jul 2017 12:28:33
You're right they have included songs about the Ra. It is also true that UEFA have decided to hammer us for this. Maybe the board have realised that the environment has changed and what they used to do they can't anymore or face penalties.

All I am asking is the gb also recognise the changed environment and continue their political agenda in other ways.

{Ed007's Note - When have UEFA hammered us for it? December 2011: Celtic are fined £12,700 by UEFA after fans make pro-IRA chants during a Europa League clash with Rennes in Glasgow.
And that's it nearly 6 years ago and that's all I can see from our UEFA charges plus there's no way you can't lay the blame for that at the GB's door because just like Wednesday against Linfield the big majority of the crowd were singing/chanting them. What if the GB said it was part of their culture?
I'm just thankful the SFA are not trying to stop us flying the Irish Tricolour like they did in the 50s, there's more than likely Celtic supporters that would agree with it today and who would encourage it's removal.}



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