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05 Jan 2017 22:53:40
Hi guys,

First time posting and it could be a dangerous subject But imo I would jump at the chance of £20m/ £25m for one of our player. I know we need to have ambition (retain our best players) but surely some things are to good to refuse.

Be gentle.


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05 Jan 2017 23:07:30
I don't think any offer has been made, however, if there were to be one made it really is all about Celtic being brave enough to knock it back. You would have to applaud if they finally showed some real ambition and guile. Be brave i would say, we could get really silly money if the boy keeps going the way he has.

06 Jan 2017 07:11:47
£20m is nothing these days. Villa spent £15mil on Kodija and £14mil on McCormack in the Summmer, 2 players who had never played higher than the Championship. Dembele has succeeded at that level and now at champions league level while also scoring 5 against them, a few for france u21s and goals in cup semi/ final. Plus he's only 20! Teams won't just be paying for current ability they'll be paying for future potential. I'd say we are on a par with Basle in terms of budget, big fish in small pond etc. They sold Breel Embolo to Schalke for £25mil in the summer. Dembele is worth at least £30mil.

06 Jan 2017 10:04:37
West Ham have apparently upped their offer for Jermaine Defoe to £13 million. Defoe is 34. If they are willing to pay that for someone who probably last no longer than this season and next for them, they can treble their offer for Moussa!

06 Jan 2017 10:08:13
Why are we even contemplating a bid for Dembele.

06 Jan 2017 10:28:18
I totally agree - even if they offered £60 million, if still say no - he can help get to the champions league again, and hopefully, make an impact in the group stages, which will more than compensate financially and in the meantime, his value will only continue to saw.
I was only pointing out that their comparative values of Defoe against Dembele were nothing more than insulting.

06 Jan 2017 11:14:40
Agreed in principle RM17 that we need to accept we're a shop window for EPL and that that should be our business model ie. find raw talent and nurture it then punt it at the right price with sell on clauses as we did with VVD and Wanyama etc. But agree with the troops it's too early to even consider a bid for Big Dembelle the Hunskelper! Few seasons and plenty of time for that. We need to get the balance right in getting the best out of them first for a few seasons or BR is just a glorified scout 🍀

06 Jan 2017 11:23:24
Like all of us I always want to keep our best players as long as possible and find it disappointing when we lose someone to diddy English teams who flirt with relegation or hope for a decent cup run in between perennial mediocrity - just as long as they can be paid enormous wages.
Unfortunately thanks to the piss-poor standard in Scotland and the lack of competition and the pittance paid by SLY, we are onto plumbs when a significantly big offer is made.
The situation is even harder to take when the player has made no indication or desire to leave, but the offers are accepted nonetheless because of desperation or lack of ambition. Hopefully BR can influence things differently?

06 Jan 2017 11:27:35
Good points there LM. I was talking to a mate who asked me about price for Dembele, if he was sold who would I want etc. Embolo was the name and price I quoted as he's the most similar replacement I could think of. It's all pie in the sky atm, I just hope if any bids do come in the club show a bit of resolve as his price tag is only going to go up.

06 Jan 2017 11:50:57
@PT-perennial mediocrity- I liked that! Could see me hoovering that one up and passing it off as ma own. Did anybody ever write a song called a wee bhoys dream that said 'I dreamt I played for Bournemouth? '. PS: Think I bettered you're description of Biton yesterday though and appreciated you appreciated that 😀👍🍀

06 Jan 2017 01:58:46
Ed, it is interesting that Celtic Supporters fluctuate between believing we are one of the worlds biggest clubs, to suddenly experiencing Orgasmic pleasure at the thought of 20 Million pounds being bid for one of our players.
I am a pragmatic and realistic person personally and socially. I understand the temptation to accept such a seemingly astronomical amount for any player in our league, but I would urge caution!
First of all, I do not think any club would start bidding with a Scottish club at 20 million.
Secondly, I would hope that as a club we are now at the stage, with a recognised, sought after manager, a turnover coveted by 90% of clubs in Europe and a history second to few, that we can at last dictate our terms to supposed suitors.
Thirdly. The days of supposedly big clubs from the utopia of England courting our talent for bargain basement fees should be over!
I hope The powers that be in our club have ambitions on a par with the supporters, and that the future is one of competition and not submitting.
Ed, to summarise, I hope you agree, we have to accept that there are bigger leagues and a few bigger clubs, but we can still compete, by buying wisely, building sensibly and asking clubs if their 20 million bid is in Lira!

06 Jan 2017 15:52:16
I'd personally be gutted if they accepted that bid, which I don't think for a minute they will. The other point is dembele had multiple options during the summer including spurs who are a much better option than West Ham . After him personally saying he is both very happy at the club and came to get game time, champions league experience and experience of winning things, I personally don't think he would contemplate moving to them. He seems like he has his head screwed on regarding his career and can obviously see us as a stepping stone to a massive club. Not a tin pot club like them. When he leaves us I presume it's going to be a real top side . ( and for bigger money than 20 million

07 Jan 2017 14:10:07
I think the point is - would it be a good move to sell moussa if the price is right?
For me if a bid of 30 to 40 million came in then the club should sell, on the provision that the cash is re invested (a big if)

Remember when bitton was going to be a £12 million man
Izzy and Kayal £10 million? What did / will we end up getting?

If the money from; CL revenue, the VVD sell on, increased revenue, normal transfer budget plus Moussa? That would be some war chest. (Roberts, McCarthy, new striker, GK? )

As a supporter I want him to stay, BR to continue to progress the team and hopefully do something special maybe Europa league final?
However if Moussa will wants to go at some point we won't be able to stop him so maybe accepting a massive bid is the smart move?

Either way it's a good problem to have - keep a top drawer striker or have a massive amount to transform a whole team.

Hail Hail



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