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03 Jan 2017 22:00:45
A video has surfaced of Dembele's goal at the weekend from behind the goal at "Ibrokes". Racial abuse get shouted from one irate Zombie illiterate. My understanding is it was a Celtic supporter who was recording from his phone. If true that man must have some serious thick skin to sit and listen to all the bile being spouted that day. HH.

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03 Jan 2017 22:17:55
Absolutely disguisting Michael that's probably the reason he loves scelping them I have never wanse heard a racist remark shouted at paradise ps . hopefully this new lad is in the wanyama a mould a ball winner.

03 Jan 2017 22:42:36
Also sounds like a women aswell just what u want you hear from your wife or mum saying that that's the norm from over that neck in Brendan wee trust let's keep hammering nails into this carcass of a tribute act of a club different club same hate filled knuckle dragging fans.

03 Jan 2017 23:24:48
@weecraigywhite - thankfully Griffith's has mended his ways and Tonev has been punted or that could have been one disgruntled changing room. 😉.

03 Jan 2017 23:38:11
@ Union Jack thankfully your new club employ Catholics unlike the oldco.

04 Jan 2017 00:21:58
UJ: Good to see that whether it's the old club or new, whatabouterry remains the go to stance for Rangers fans.

04 Jan 2017 01:55:12
It to right hugh.

04 Jan 2017 09:08:55
@TPP - just pointing out the hypocrisy when you are willing to sweep similar sins of your idol under the carpet.
P. S. Before you all get a wee bit precious, I don't condone any form of discrimination. When Rangers started again in the 3rd devision we had a chance to try and get rid of the sectarian nonsense by employing a zero tolerance approach but choose not too.

04 Jan 2017 10:42:42
@weecraigywhite - Did the oldco not employ MoJo and numerous Italians? And there I thought all Celtic fans ' knew there history '?

04 Jan 2017 11:29:02
Which is exactly what I said you said: whatabouterry.

If you think it's unacceptable, you could always just say "that's unacceptable".

04 Jan 2017 11:35:13
Must be great to know that nothing like this would be heard from our fans. Sad, but no real surprise. This language is part of most groups of fans. I have always been disappointed to hear women swear like that (way I was brought up)

04 Jan 2017 11:42:57
You only need to watch the saltcoats video to know what they're female support are like.

04 Jan 2017 11:52:27
@Union Jack-by raising the issue of the minutes silence in a subtle (not very) attempt to claim the moral high ground last week then going down the whataboutery route with regard to racism while seeming to condemn it from all sides thou art losing credibility fast! Do you or do you not have a moral issue supporting a team who (to quote you) had the opportunity to get rid of sectarian nonsense 'but choose not to'? With regard to knowing our history Celtic FC made the decision that a players religion would not be a consideration in 1888. It took your old club a bit longer to get there with MoJo me thinks. (1) name a stand after a Roman Catholic who played for you (2) lose the paratrooper flags (3) stop the phoney help our heroes stuff which we all know really means and (4) condemn your club for being photographed with the Shankhill Defenders then we can discuss whether one side is as bad as the other as the press would wish us to believe. I always thought the intensity of the 'old firm' game mirrored the intensity of the Irish troubles hence the 1980s being the height of each (ie. 1980 Cup Final and 1981 Hunger Strike) . It appeared not to be as intense since thank god peace broke out. But in all my time watching Celtic I have never seen your club or supporters as angry as they are at the moment. Financial doping (cheating) saw you liquidated. Your own clubs fault and no-one else's nor was it your fans fault. But you really need to embrace the 21st century and move on UJ. No one likes you (as a club) true because of what you are.

04 Jan 2017 12:07:39
Couldnt have put it better myself jfp they are spossely the peoples club as they keep spouting really? How they keep a straight face is beyond me how.

04 Jan 2017 12:21:45
Spot on JFP couldn't agree more.

04 Jan 2017 12:26:01
WCW-they are increasing becoming an emabarassment and an irrelevance to Scottish football and society in general unable to compete with or accept that Celtic FC as a club has moved on while retaining all that is positive about our history.

04 Jan 2017 12:48:33
Irrelevance beeing the operative word my bhoy.

04 Jan 2017 12:56:10
It couldn't be guaranteed that some clown wouldn't shout something similar from our stands but it certainly wouldn't be put up with. Whoever shouted it wouldn't see the rest of the game. Jfp well put ma man, will be interesting to see uj response.

04 Jan 2017 13:08:08
@jfp88 - you obviously choose not to reread my post and have come away with the 'moral high ground ' nonsense again. I think you'll find I slate plenty of things that are morally wrong with my club but take issue with the fact you're quick to condemn the above Dembele issue ( and rightly so ) but have still to pass comment on LG. Is it because LG said sorry? So if the arsehole in the crowd says sorry you'll forgive her right away? So who has credibility issues now?

04 Jan 2017 13:43:44
@Union Jack-dissappinted in your very weak response which does not address ANY of the points I raised. I will now however respond to your points (1) the reason I never passed comment on LG is because it is IRREVANT. What LG or anyone else said or did has no bearing on the racist comment made by one of your supporters being unacceptable, wrong and worthy of condemnation. That's the whataboutery I accused you of initially and once again your guilty of (2) to answer your question of a more ethical and moral nature yes I believe both in forgiveness and the potential for redemption. So yes (again to quote you) 'if that arsehole in the crowd said sorry' I would indeed forgive him or her right away. That does not make his or her actions acceptable though hence the need for forgiveness. Quite the opposite forgiveness says 'what you did to me was wrong but I'm not going to hold onto it or be resentful-I'm going to let it go' as Dembelle has done by simply retweeting the 'show racism the red card' tweet. The very act of forgiveness is a reaffirmation that an action was wrong. Hope that clarifies my eithical stance on forgiveness and I look forward to your response to my initial points with regard to your clubs current position and why it is viewed in such a negative light by others given its obvious continued sectarian stance. To reiterate-no ones liked you (true) because of who you are.

04 Jan 2017 14:57:38
@jfp88 - in reply to your points:-
1/ they never really name stands after someone who has contributed greatly to the club as a player - hardly think Mo fits that bill?
2/ don't know what you mean by paratrooper flag so you'll have to educate me on this one?
3/ I believe the intentions to raise money for H4H is genuine but if you have evidence to the contrary I'm open minded enough to listen to it?
4/ I think you'll find I condemned the pictures with the flute band at the time
5/ I've never related the ' old firm ' to the NI troubles as I've no interest in any of that nonsense ( though I know it's a passionate issue for many ) .
As for ' I need to embrace the 21st century ', sorry to disappoint you but I've never been a member of the Orange Order or Masons. And I don't need to justify myself as a person but my wife was brought up a Catholic, my sisters husband is a practising Catholic, my wife's sister and brother in law are practising Catholics and on the numerous occasions I've been to church for first communion etc I've yet to be struck down by lightening as I've entered or left the building. Maybe you're needing to come into the 21st century and realise that not all Rangers fans have the mentality displayed by the numerous arseholes that do. None of my friends who are Rangers fans do but that's probably down to the way we were brought up.

04 Jan 2017 16:21:55
Union Jack-you seem a really nice guy but you've lost me with where you've taken this discussion and sill haven't answered my one question. My points were (1) I accused you of whataboutery by introducing LG into the racism argument and I stand by that accusation which is not for debate (2) I quoted you and asked whether you do did or didn't have a moral issue supporting a team who (to quote you) had the opportunity to get rid of the sectarian nonsense 'but choose not to'? No need to justify yourself I accused you of nothing as I knowest thou not. My accusations (including dragging yourself into the 21st century and being angrier than ever were aimed at YOUR club and support in general) . Given the Roman Catholic friends and relations you have I'm even more intrigued than ever and will reiterate my question whether or not you have any moral objection to supporting a team who 'chose not to get rid of the sectarian nonsense' or to listening to the anti-catholic bile that spouts forth from your stands? I'm proud to say I sit next to a non-Catholic at Celtic Park and never ONCE in all the years of doing so have I heard a comment or song that would offend him and make me cringe. Can you say the same UJ? I would contend that Celtic FC does not have a sectarianism problem unlike (The) Rangers and thus my objection to the press tarring both clubs with the same brush. Celtic FC and their support have moved on but I would contend your club have not. Are you happy to support the reincarnated version of them in that knowledge?

04 Jan 2017 16:57:48
Agree with JFP yet again, would basically be repeating a what of what he has said on this string. Rangers need to own the behavioir of their fans as this is disgraceful. I for one disowned Di Canio after his views became public knowledge and he was a proper hero of mine. Had a mixed view of Bitton in terms of his up and down performances but disowned him after his tweets a few years back. Indeed, even if he had become a new Keane, I would still have wanted him binned. No place in modern society and even if it is an isolated incident or a minority view, it should be condemned by ny decent members of the support. In my younger days, I have expressed horrible views in the stands (Nacho Novo? ) of which I am now personally ashamed. It needs to be addressed and the constant bile we hear most weeks from the Rangers stands is undeniably documented in TV broadcasts before we even get to social media exposés.

04 Jan 2017 18:23:35
@jfp88 - I'm not responsible for the behaviour of Rangers fans I don't even know ( and wouldn't want to know ) as I don't socialise in that type of company. I started supporting Rangers at 6/ 7 years old when if you're brought up properly ( and I was ) then you never knew / heard of any of the sectarian nonsense.
Its not my problem if you can't accept that not everyone who follows Rangers lives up to your perception of wearing a sash, bangs a big drum and shouts obscenities at anyone who isn't Protestant ( which I'm also not ) .
None of my in laws has an issue with me supporting Rangers - maybe there faith makes them more tolerant than you? So maybe the whataboutery also refers to your good self?

04 Jan 2017 19:08:51
UJ, not sure if you're a regular at ibrox but if you are you could maybe answer this. Is the shout you clearly hear in the video above the norm and accepted at Ibrox? I'm not trying to point score here but if i was to shout similar from my seat at Celtic Park i would be hounded out of the ground by my fellow fans and probably end up with a lifetime ban .

04 Jan 2017 20:50:56
Charles Green couldn't wait to tap into the seedier side of your support, as with King, a good business model has no conscience. You only have to look at your pre season visit to Belfast and the pictures of YOUR manager posing with the Shankhill Road Defenders Flute Band! Why alienate a large section of your knuckledraggers, willing to splash the cash? Your club has a very nasty, hardcore element associated with it and what has your club done to erradicate it? Absolutely zip mate! So before you give it the woe is us crap, take a look at your fellow 'supporters' and ask yourself if they have toned it down over the years. As with any support, there are bams following but for 20-30,000+ fans to suddenly burst into 'We are the Billy Boys' just shows how deep rooted it is. You might not participate yourself UJ, you say you don't but thousands do, every week.



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