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30 Dec 2016 16:03:42
I really hope our fans do us proud tomorrow when the minutes silence is held. I am more nervous about that than the actual game. I have no idea why they would have this other than in hope that the Celtic support are not silent. The newspapers will have this already typed up no matter what happens on the field. I hope our great support pay respect to the people that lost there lives that day then we can show them we are miles ahead of them on and off the field. Hail hail bhoys 🍀🍀🍀.

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30 Dec 2016 16:34:45
Probably due to the fact it's their closest home game to the 45th anniversary. I can't see why people wouldn't just stay silent other than to deliberately look to cause offence and give everybody else ammunition.

{Ed007's Note - January 2016 was the 45th anniversary.}

30 Dec 2016 16:35:30
Don't criticise them for having it
They want to mark it
It happened on 2nd January at Ibrox

We are a side show. They aren't having it to get at us or to embarrass us or to catch us out. It's their home game and their anniversary tribute

Don't be surprised if a few let themselves down. You ain't ever going to get 7500 respectful, dignified, intelligent, responsible people in any one space at any point in time when the main event is a west of Scotland football match

I won't be embarrassed by any of it because I wouldn't be any part of it and we should all be responsible for ourselves on such occasions

The match is what matters and their mark of respect will matter to all of them and the extreme vast majority of Celtic fans attending the game.

30 Dec 2016 17:50:50
Good maths Ed :D.

{Ed007's Note - I'm wondering if TRIFC supporters will show their staunch respect by standing pointing mobile phones at the Celtic fans......

30 Dec 2016 17:48:01
A minutes applause removes the attention seeking idiots.
Let's face it it's highly likely some tit will not respect the memory of the dead.

30 Dec 2016 18:37:54
Forgive my ignorance bhoys but I thought we done away with the minutes silence and went with an applause now?

30 Dec 2016 19:41:31
Got to agree with Kerzo that there will be plenty hoping that some of our fans disrupt the minutes silence, so when we wipe the floor with them they've got something to deflect from that! It's an absolute cert! And that's me in no way saying they'r not entitled to do something to mark what was a horrible tragedy! But like a few guys have said why not have a minutes applause and not give the the minority a platform to act like total idiots! Let's hope we're talking about a convincing win for the champions tomorrow and not hearing about a few who can't keep quiet for 60 seconds! But I have my doubts!

30 Dec 2016 19:47:40
It is what it is. You can't keep apologizing for people who show no respect. The fans in our end will stand silent through the minute because they are respectful. Noise usually come from people coming into the stand from behind, not realising the minutes silence has started. The last thing we want to do is give the MSM the excuse to bring us down. 66 people went to watch a football match that day and paid the ultimate price, that deserves a minute of anybody's time. I will be watching on TV and I will be silent for the minute. After that, I will be going mental shouting my team on to hammer the newco. That's football.

30 Dec 2016 20:18:44
Exactly BigRab. One minute will not be about football, becasue the team you support is a footnote to things more important. Things like life, and loved ones. One minute is where football isn't a barrier between men. The other 90 mins will be all ours.

30 Dec 2016 21:21:29
There'll be 80,001 ears pricked up listening to be offended. There's at least 1 of them with 3 ears.

30 Dec 2016 21:28:46
The one thing about it is l hate is when people make excuses for these morons, one of my best friends died the day before christmas eve completely out of the blue, there will be plenty people in that ibrox crowd who lost best freinds and fathers and sons, in the ibrox disaster, showing a little respect to a fellow human, is what every one should be doing, at least a minutes silence let's us see who the morons are, whereas a minutes applause let's them hide, paradise, I don't get your comment about panty wetters,

30 Dec 2016 22:12:29
Dont understand how a minutes applause is any less respectful than a minute silence, respect is still been shown.

And if it drowns out a couple morons then it's an even bigger bonus surely.

30 Dec 2016 18:56:48
Well that would be somewhat ironic Ed. Funny, almost. It's a great point to be fair, and those more interested in pointing phones would be just as disrespectful.

{Ed007's Note - They tried to sneak it in under the radar to try and trap Celtic supporters who didn't know it was happening. It's actually quite deplorable the way TRIFC and the lowlife thugs attached to their board have manipulated this whole situation to try and show both Celtic and our support in a bad light.}

30 Dec 2016 22:33:11
Exactly tick, there is no difference in the respect shown by the participants, but it is the lack of respect shown by the panty wetters, who will remain anonymous if everyone is applauding, and who are so immature, probably nappy wetters is a better description, that they don't understand that life is about more than religion and football.

30 Dec 2016 23:08:08
I don't think you're wrong Ed. But bait is bait. You have to be daft enough to go for it. Celtic, like all clubs are represented by a sample of society. But the few you get in every sample will always make the headline. I had my own suspicions though along the line's you're going.

{Ed007's Note - I'm 100% sure they'll find something - anything - to deflect attention away from the scoreline. They're more interested in what our support get up to than their team on the park. #NoPyroNoParty

30 Dec 2016 23:10:26

You show a lack of respect by manipulating my posts on this subject so don't start me!

My posts are responsible and pretty obvious in terms of interpreting

I know I know you do t agree with anything I post. ( sad but true ) but don't try to glaze over my key points which revolve around

It's normal to mark an anniversary
In a crowd of 7500 visiting fans you won't get 100 obedience ever
Those who elect to denigrate the spectacle aren't worth the attempt to understand, nor are they worth re educating or rehabilitating
The majority will behave and the KEY is the match itself and we have a game to win


And when it comes around Aindoh, happy new year and best wishes and all that.

30 Dec 2016 23:26:50
Thats the worst excuse yet, ed, celtic will walk away from the new rangers by guite a diszance, you are just giving sustance to any wozldbe idiots, what's wrong?, just admit they are idiots, if they act like idiots and talk like idiots and look like idiots, but if they wear celtic scarfs, you have got to defend them,?

{Ed007's Note - Where am I defending anyone? You can't defend someone over something that's not even happened and the only thing I care about tomorrow is the result. All the bleeding hearts and panty wetters can deal with the rest.}

30 Dec 2016 23:48:04
I didn't mean to disrespect you paredise, but i can't see anyway to justify any disrepect for people who are mourning their dead freinds, or relatives, or whatever, football is just a game, or the opiate of the masses as whatshis name said, you are the one that mentioned pantywetters, i asked you to explain, i have just lost a good freind, my point was, there must people in the rangers support who lost people in the ibrox disaster, and they should be shown some respect, i know is probably because i am emotional, i give up you are right.



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