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18 Dec 2016 13:54:47
I thought yesterday's display was understandably a bit disjointed given no. of changes. Good to see Sinclair getting a run out and like Lennon before him you don't miss Broon until he's not playing. And Biton is a big girls blouse. Question time- predictions for Hogmanay game against the forces of darkness and evil in the asbestosdrome? I fancy 3-0 Celtic as I think especially with Sinclair, Forest and/ or Roberts there's too much pace in the team for the Huns back line. It will be a first for a lot of our players in terms of being an intimidating atmosphere though. There will be 40,000 screaming angry Huns well up for it πŸ€.

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18 Dec 2016 15:34:51
It doesn't matter how many of em scream and shout that's just there universal language.

You hit the nail on the head to much pace in our team for them to handle.
Someone made a good point on here a day or so ago that we have goalscorers throughout the team.

I fancy 2 - 0 they will make a game of it but expect us to win.

18 Dec 2016 16:58:10
@JFP1888 - the Hun's are gonnae get you! 1 - 0 to the Gers. Interception in our own box by the referee who plays a beautiful forward pass up to the MSSM who squares it to Miller who trips over his own feet and is awarded 2 penalties, one he scores the other he misses with the ref blowing the whistle for time up with only 74 minutes played.

18 Dec 2016 17:14:24
That would make a good bet at the bookies uj do you have inside info? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

18 Dec 2016 17:40:25
@delbhoy1888 - waiting on Elvis getting back to me with confirmation the plan has been approved by the Masonic Lodge for Referee's. Currently busy counting there winnings from the bookies after the Brexit and US Presidential race.

18 Dec 2016 19:30:09
Union Jack-you sound as if you've got a sense of humour. Are you sure you're a Hun? πŸ€.

18 Dec 2016 19:23:26
UJ that scenario is your best chance of a victory and so you better hope something similar transpires

I will be coming for a draw (2-2) given your current form and our current injuries and deficiencies in conceding ( added to your 33 game unbeaten run at home ) PLUS it's your cup final and we are there to be knocked down ( or chopped down depending on your persuasion )

I expect an ugly bruising game and lots and lots of controversy but it's a score draw for me.

18 Dec 2016 20:20:46
Can't agree paradise. i would be genuinely shocked if we didn't come away from that dump with anything other than 3 points! And that's not the green tinted specs on. we are head and shoulders above that lot in every department! And a large percentage of that unbeaten home run was against diddy teams! If we can draw away to Man City and gladbach then there shouldn't any problems with the tribute act! So its win all day long for the champions, put them firmly in there place! There last 3 games have in no way changed my opinion on them. a team full of journey men and rejects who are many levels below where we are. i for one cannot wait to wipe the floor with them in there crumbling ruin of a so called stadium.

18 Dec 2016 21:07:29
Agree Lh86 got to be a win although paradise is also spot on it will be a bruising encounter but the players will be fully aware of that.
Current form generally has no impact on these games so no concerns that have one a couple games on the bounce.

18 Dec 2016 21:14:06
the thing about is its all true.

18 Dec 2016 21:43:06
Agree it will be a bruising match. but if we play to anything like the level we know we can then it's a win all day long. few wins for them and the delusion about closing the gap and we're far from unbeatable and all the other garbage there players and management spout! It's actually laughable! the champions will show once again what the pecking order in this country is on the 31st!

18 Dec 2016 22:28:32
@lh86 - but surely if the worse team in that CL group can get draws away from home then the Gers can win against a team that is currently off the boil, injuries etc?

18 Dec 2016 23:13:46
@lh86 - 2 words, Red Imps. No one is unbeatable.

19 Dec 2016 00:10:38
My point is Union Jack is that we left Germany and England with points and if we can do that then playing a team who when we beat Partick 2morrow will be 14 points behind us having played a game more before Xmas is even here shouldn't be a problem! And u say currently off the boil, but I'm sure we've won 19 games out of 20 domestically this season! If that's off the boil I cannot wait for us to really get going lol. and I never said we were unbeatable! Of course anyone can get beat, and I mean anyone!

But if we do what we've been doing since the start of the season then there only one winner! And deep down u and the other deluded bears know it! And no amount of fighting talk from your players or management will change that! Because we now have a manager who will not let standards slip or levels drop!

19 Dec 2016 00:55:08
Red imps and we still skelped your mob 5-1, that says more about your team than ours.

19 Dec 2016 15:50:19
@tick67 - our season won't be defined how we perform against Celtic as we already know where we stand but a wee lucky win would give us bragging rights until the next fixture.
Our season will be defined by how we perform against the other sides in the top 6 and after a poor start I would say we have the beaten of them now especially with a Hun in charge of the Sheep and a rookie in charge of the mini Huns.

19 Dec 2016 17:18:28
Your right UJ except the season is defined by trophys and if memory serves me right were you guys not searching for your 55th title this year?

It's not even January mate there's still time for the sheep and mini huns to catch you πŸ˜€.

19 Dec 2016 21:55:42
Rangers are 8 wins and 2 draws and 1 defeat and unbeaten at home in 33. Anyone who thinks this will be shooty in are disregarding plain facts

Respect the opponent

Perform to our optimum we win (IMVHO)
But there is a part of me that thinks it will be a slug fest and when that happens it becomes a question of luck, temperament, judgement etc

If we play the team opposite us we win
If we play the fixture, there is that concern that events overtake and we don't play our game on our terms

( referee will have a huge responsibility )
Early bookings for silliness and stern talkings to will help CFC but will the referee show up?

20 Dec 2016 17:19:51
We will weather their huff and puff then our class will batter them into red white and blue jam.



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