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14 Dec 2016 07:14:17
Is anyone else peed off with all this talk about us going the whole season unbeaten? We're good enough to do it but surely it's just giving the haters something to gloat about if and when we do slip up and have an off day. It'll probably happen somewhere. HH.

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14 Dec 2016 08:08:17
think i'm in the minority bob but honestly don't care if we do it or not.

14 Dec 2016 09:18:09
These kinda 'records' end up putting pressure and stress onto players and supporters, where relatively easy games become more and more difficult if we don't get that early goal, or have a setback or two and its counter productive.
It's much more important to play well, enjoy ourselves and see what we have achieved at the end of the season.
We are in tremendous shape, with the best players in Scotland - playing the best football for tears - and a tremendous points advantage in the league, with another cup to play for and that is good enough for me.

14 Dec 2016 12:16:27
It speaks volumes that us losing a game in Scotland would give others something to cheer about. We're capable, it would be fantastic, but there's a long way to go and not doing it would be so far from a disaster that I don't think it should be drummed up either.

14 Dec 2016 15:43:48
I would normally agree, but in this case with games being played mainly in second gear it can also act as a bit of a motivator as well as just putting needless pressure on players. I do agree though that although a lot of us may be quietly thinking it we shouldn't have people talking about it in papers ect.

14 Dec 2016 16:09:07
I'm in the don't care camp. Was thinking about this a couple of weeks back, with the likely gap (chasm? ) between us and second by the start of the year, I wouldn't be overly annoyed if we dropped points experimenting with systems and fringe players. Wrapping up the title and bedding in new signings/ developing systems that will put is in good stead for Europe next year are far bigger priorities than a treble or an undefeated season.

14 Dec 2016 16:51:41
Would be a great achievement no doubt about that. I'd be more impressed with the treble tho that has to be the main target for me.

14 Dec 2016 20:46:17
Lennon got dog's abuse in certain forums, for trying to remain unbeaten until end of season . I always want Celtic to win and am very bad company when we lose domestically, so I would want the unbeaten season and more.

14 Dec 2016 23:13:13
I absolutely hate that talk.

Its all faux hype by the Meejits
(media eejits - TM Digibanger Inc. )

Its like a mic appears and they say, will you win the Treble, Quadruple - then the same feckin mic appears after we loose 1-0 away to eg Inverness on a wet Tuesday in the cup immediately after a Friday night in Aberdeen in the league with a win.

They always ask all teams this tho - its just the usual pish.
Good writers write books,
okay writers write in the papers,
mmmheh writers write blogs (sorry eds)
shite writers write posts like this
and then there is Scottish sports writers.
what's lower than shite?
Why did Traynor suddenly jump into my mind!

14 Dec 2016 18:44:48
It would be great to do it, but any team to go unbeaten is extremely unlikely.
And in a mangers first term, unrealistic for me.

Enjoy each game, some great football being played.

15 Dec 2016 17:27:54
Treble for me any day.

Have to be honest tho if it gets to the 30 odd games and still unbeaten it would be nice to go for but not a priority.


15 Dec 2016 21:55:04
If we get to 30 domestic games unbeaten the league will be virtually won . Should
B R try for an unbeaten season or should he rest up stars to prepare for short summer break due to E Champions league qualifiers . Thus given squad members decent opportunity to show their ability .



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